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Hawaiian Sleepover - Coconut Drinks & Fruit



December 2006


Sophie & Taryn in Perth, WA, Australia

Special Mention

Sleepover Party

We wanted to hold a really cool sleepover, so we decided to have a hawaiian theme. It was really good fun and we hope this idea will help you. 

INVITES: For invites, the host drew a palm tree on an A3 piece of paper, and drew on some coconuts, then she (the host) got a brown balloon, blew it up, (it looked like a coconut) and wrote the details on it, then deflated it, stuck it to the palm tree picture, and mailed the whole thing with instructions on how to read the 'coconut'. A follow up phone call might be a good idea if you're not sure that the writing will stay put. 

DECORATIONS: It was going to be only the hosts responsibility to do decorations. She painted a massive palm tree picture and put it up in the main room of the party- the village. She scattered a few semi blown up brown balloons around the base of it, for fallen coconuts. There was also some shells either side of the tree, and a bit of a pathway from the door to the village 'shops' (more about that later). There was also a big 'Hawaii Town' sign on the door- like chinatown, but hawaiian. The decorations are pretty open really. The host put up pictures of franjipanis and a picture of a sun as well, but some other ideas might be to put fresh flowers everywhere, and maybe hang leis, necklaces, grass skirts, etc up around the room. 

FOOD: The food was good, simple food. We made hawaiian pizzas ourselves, using pita breads as the base, and cooking them with toppings in the oven for around 20 minutes. We also had fruit cocktails- half orange juice and half lemonade. For dessert there was icecream, with fresh fruits, etc on top. We also had a special coconut drink, which we made by buying a coconut (one between 2) and cutting it in half. We threw away what was in it, and instead filled it with a mix of 1 cup coconut milk/juice, 1/2 cup pineapple juice, some brown sugar to taste and a little mango sorbet, which we blended, and poured into the coconut shell (half a shell each) and decorated with an umberella, and sclices of fresh fruit. We had a midnight feast of fruit shaped lollies covered in sugar, chocolate which the host had melted, poured into palm tree moulds and set, and we also had a pineapple smoothie, which we had prepared before hand (fresh pineapple, pineapple juice, and a little lemon sorbet, blended). For breakfast we did pancakes with lemon and sugar, and lots of fresh tropical hawaiian fruits. 

-HAWAII TOWN VILLAGE- the host gave the guest a lei at the door,  before she came in and was given a cheap wallet with 3 large shells and a small handfull of small shells in it. The large ones were worth one doallar, and the small ones one cent. There were small trinkets like special coloured stones, pretty shells, stickers and special hawaii town surfboard souveneirs which we made out of small scrap pieces of wood- quite cheap.

- SWIMMING- as the hostess had a pool, we swam for about an hour. We played some hawaiian type games like 'knee surfing' on a body board, relay races on our blow up turtle pool toys, etc.

- PIN THE STALK ON THE PINEAPPLE- we drew a large pineapple on A3 paper, but without the stalk, which were drawn seperately and cut out. The game works like pin the tail on the donkey.

- SLIP n SLIDE- we tied plastic bags to our feet, put a detergent and water covered tarp on the lawn and ran up and down in our bathers. Young kids might need supervision- it gets pretty slippery!

- HULA DANCING- simply put on some music, and have the guests and hosts make up a routine. We did a routine each, put them together and danced them to a spice girls song wearing grass skirts and leis. Young kids might like to do a performance for adults.

- HULA MAKEOVERS- Obviously just for girls (!). Get all the bright coloured eyeshadow you have and give eachother pretty, butterfly inspired masks (over eye area only)for boys, face painting might be a better option.

-MOVIE- choose a hawaiian type one- we popped popcorn, added shredded coconut, took the portable DVD player outside and had a Lilo&Stitch movie marathon outside. (all lilo and stitch movies, in order, in a row)

-SUNBAKING- older girls will like this opportinity to chat, younger kids and boys might prefer a water fight.

-SPRINKLER RUN- turn on your reticulation system and go wild!!! (if water shortage permits)

-CARPET/GRASS SURFING- take a very old towl, and take turns pulling each other along (hold on!) the grass, carpet (clear ornaments!!!) or even smooth tiles. This activity only lasts for about 15 minutes to half an hour, depending on the kids attention span, and their age. 

SLEEPING ARRANGEMENTS:We had a hawaiian style camp out in a tent outside, which we moved inside at about midnight. Our tent was only a play tent, so it was more suitable for indoor use. You can use a proper tent, or better yet have your guests make their own. Make sure there is plenty of room, and the midnight feast has to be had by torchlight, in the tent. 

PARTY FAVOURS:the guest got to take home her lei, one of the coconuts (balloons sprayed with coconut scented spray) and a cheap, small blow up animal, as well as her purchases from the hawaii town store. 


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