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January 2007


Isabel in Crawley,West Sussex,England

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Sleepover Party

When my daughter asked for yet another sleepover party for her 11th birthday, I decided to go beyond the traditional movie and junk food routine. Avoiding truth or dare" dances and other common sleepover mishaps was going to take some planning and creativity. The girls had sleeping bag races made pillow cases door knob hangers and pizza. Of course there was the traditional late night giggles a movie and nail polish application. As usual there wasn't a lot of sleeping...but the party was superbly fun!

INVITATIONS:Send invitations 2-3 weeks in advance. Purchase matching personalized invitations or make your own.  Make little pillows by folding squares of felt or craft foam in half to make pillow cases. If you don't sew use a stapler or glue gun to secure the side and bottom edge of the pillow case. Stuff with a little cotton. Write the invitation on a 3x5 card and slip it into the pillow. Text: WHAT HAS 12 LEGS GIGGLES AND STAYS UP ALL NIGHT? MY PARTY AND YOUR INVITED When making the invitations for your party use the amount Of legs for your invited guests and change MY to the Birthday girls name.

DECORATIONS: First be sure to designate a large space in your home by arranging furniture and other items. Provide several floor pillows couch cushions and blankets for a comfortable hang-out space. Cover the some of the windows with black butcher paper. Hang twinkling light strands all around the party area. Scatter inflated balloons in the birthday girls favorite colors ALL over the floor the girls will definitely make use of them later.  Cover the main party table to look like a bed. Use a twin sized bed sheet and a blanket. Fold the sheet back like you would when making a bed. You can add a real pillow to the head of the bed or use a large white frosted sheet cake as a pillow. As the party begins... Upon arrival give each guest a personalized flashlight and a pair of slipper socks. Your local dollar store will have plastic flashlights. Use a permanent marker or gel writer to personalize the flashlights. The slippers can be purchased or make your own with the birthday girls help. Decorate a pair of sports socks with felt and fabric paint. Suggestions: Animals with felt ears nose and fabric paint features. Bright flowers with felt and fabric paint. Stripes spots and doo-dads with the guests name written in fabric paint. 

SLUMBER PARTY CRAFTS  Make your own pillow case It's easy to do with die crayons purchased at you local fabric store. The girls will each receive their own pillow case to color with the dye crayons. Fix the dye with a hot iron according to the instructions. NO DRYING TIME REQUIRED!!! If this party is for older girls you can provide fabric scraps needles and thread to sew items on as well.  Star Lights You'll need: Frozen juice can rubber bands flashlight & dark paper. Fold the paper and cut small stars diamonds and circles… Like making a snowflake but with less holes. Cut both ends from the juice can. Wrap the star paper around one end securing it with a rubber band. Insert the flashlight into the open end of the can. Turn out the lights. Turn on the flashlights and shine it towards the ceiling or wall. The girls can make as many as they wish Sleepover Graffiti Keep a container of gel pens by the black paper-covered windows for the girls to doodle on throughout the evening.  Other Ideas Provide supplies or kits for for beading candle decorating door hanger kits etc. Craft Party Projects 

SLEEPOVER PARTY GAMES Sleeping Bag Obstacle Course Create an obstacle course with couch cushions chairs tables whatever is in the room and not breakable. Make two teams. The first player of each team gets into a sleeping bag. On "GO" the 2 first players from each team will hop through the obstacle course while staying in the bag. This is like a sack race. If the sleeping bag comes off then the player must start over. When the first player is done the next player on their team takes a turn. The first team to finish wins! For an extra challenge have the girls scoot like inchworms through the course as opposed to hopping.  Sleeping Beauty Lay out a bed with a blanket on the floor. Designate a player to be "IT". That player lays down on the blanket and pretends to sleep. The other players try to wake her (make her laugh) with funny noises songs jokes or phrases When IT wakes she then chooses the next player. If she stays asleep for the allotted time usually one minute maximum then she wins a prize to add to her bag.  Something's Glowing Hide Several Glow in the dark items around the room or house. Turn out the lights and set a timer The girls must find the items before the timer runs out. Tips: It's easy to find bags of glow in the dark stars bugs and other creatures at your local Dollar Store. BE SURE that this games is played with a clear floor space for safety.  The players can use flashlights to maneuver around the playing space. 

FOOD FOR YOUR SLEEPOVER Most often at this age the girls just want to munch. Provide a variety of munchie foods not only at the table but throughout the party room as well. Try not to over do with sweets to avoid upset stomachs. Veggies and dip Chips Juice water and soda. Serve chocolate and cheese fondue. Kids love it! The night before the party make ice cubes with juice. Add to 7-up for a special drink.  Slumber Party Cake: It's easy to make 9x13 sheet cake look like a bed. Frost with white frosting for the sheet and a solid color for the bed spread Frost snack cakes for pillows and graham crackers are added for a head board or bed frame. To go all out add some miniature toy animals for stuffed animals or a doll head laying on the pillow.  Don't Forget breakfast in the morning French toast cut with fun cookie cutter shapes. Make your own fresh Fruit Smoothie 

PARTY FAVORS FOR A SLUMBER PARTY At the beginning of the party give each guest a paper bag with their name on it. For this party many of the goodies are made or given during the party so the guests can keep adding the items to their bag. Sleepover Party Favors from Birthday In a Box  Additional Favor items to select from: Flash light night light hair brush toothbrush with travel sized toothpaste travel size lotions or other toiletries bag of chips nuts a digital photo taken during the party hot cocoa packets small bags or boxes of breakfast cereal. 

Sleepover Party Tips You want the girls to have fun but it's still important   to have a few rules or guidelines.   Discuss them with your daughter before the party! Get contact information for all guests in case of emergency. Be sure you are aware of any allergies or medicines.   Especially for younger girls. Encourage your daughter be a part of the planning she'll know what she and her friends like to do. Send Siblings to Grandmas or friends. They deserve a good nights sleep. Don't plan on doing anything the next day You will all be tired. Try to have your party on a Saturday. That way the girls will   have had a restful day before the party. Provide ample time for the girls to simply "hang-out".   Of course you will be around and supervising but they all   love to be away from the Grown ups. Be prepared plan ahead and most importantly HAVE FUN!  "

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