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Hollywood Movie Star -12yr- Talent Show



June 2009


Christa in Richmond, VA, United States

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Sleepover Party

INVITATION- You can either buy cool stationary and write the invitations, or you can just type and print them. Here's what they should say: The Celeb (Birthday Girl's Name) is turning 12 and she is hosting her party at the (her last name) Theater. The address is (your address. We will party on (party date) from (time guests should arrive) to (time guests should leave) the next morning. Please bring a pillow sleeping bag and any other sleepover gear. Call the theater at (your phone number) to RSVP. Thanks and hope to see you there!"    

DECORATIONS- Party City has a whole section dedicated to Hollywood/MovieStar decorations but if that's out of the budget here's some other ideas: use black and gold streamers and balloons to decorate the house cut out stars (from posterboard one per guest) and on each with a Sharpie write the guest's name and their years of life (ex. 1997-present) then line them up leading to your house (on a sidewalk or driveway or even up the yard) to imitate Hollywood's Walk of Fame.You can also have a piece of green posterboard (about the size of a street sign) that says "Hollywood BLVD" either on the door to the house or on your mailbox. A red carpet (just a long strip of red fabric) leading from the entrance to the main party room should complete the Hollywood look.   

ACTIVITIES- As guests are arriving hand each of them a special VIP tag (a business card- sized piece of paper either with a safety pin or some type of necklace attached) and have out art supplies for them to decorate with. They should already have the name of the guest on it and the guests can decorate with cool stickers. Also have a few "teen magazines" out (think TigerBeat or Popstar) and scissors so each guest can cut out a picture of their fave Hollywood star and use that as their I.D. picture.    

DINNER- Sometime in between the games would be a good time to have dinner. Dinner should be served buffet-style. A "waiter" (a parent or older sibling) can take drink orders (water milk or sparkling cider).The food should be a shrimp platter (if the girls like seafood) fruit kabobs a vegie platter and finger sandwiches (PB&J ham and cheese turkey and cheese). The drinks can even be served in fancy glasses if you're willing to take the risk of them breaking.    

CAKE- for the Hollywood cake you'll need to prepare 1 and 1/2 circular cakes. (they dont need to be large) It's easiest just to prepare 2 then ice the unused 1/2 separately (as a treat for the parents maybe). Place the 1/2 cake on top of the whole so that one side is twice as high. The higher side will be the Hollywood Hill. Cover the cake in light green icing. Using icing (or glue if they're not to be eaten) attach a toothpick to candy letters to spell "HOLLYWOOD". Then stick the letters on the "hill" part of the cake. On the lower side write (with any color icing squeezed out of a tube) "Happy Birthday (birthday girl's name)!"   

GAMES- "Fake Talent Show"- Have everyone write down (on two separate slips of paper) 2 ridiculous fake talents (examples- "do 3 somersaults in a row while singing a Hannah Montana song"). Then hold (and film) a talent show in which each guest draws 2 slips of paper and must attempt to perform them. "Makeovers"- All preteen girls love makeovers. Have the girls get into pairs of 2 or 3 and each one of them gets a makeover. Don't forget to take Before and After shots of all the girls! "Photo Shoot"- Now that all the girls have beautifully made-up faces it's time for a photo shoot! Set up a backdrop (could just be an oddly-printed sheet) and set up some big fans around the backdrop. Also have a big bin full of costumes (what can you find in your closet moms?) and weird props.

Then give each girl a chance to be a Hollywood model and take lots of pictures! "Scavenger Hunt"- print out a picture of two very famous actors or Disney Channel stars that all the kids would recognize (eg. Zac Efron Miley Cyrus) then cut each picture into puzzle pieces (9 is a good number). Split the kids into 2 teams. Then send the kids on a scavenger hunt in which they find clues to the next clue and with each clue there is a puzzle piece. The clues can be hidden all around the neighborhood or simply around the yard. One your team has found the last clue they must put the pieces together and tell the adult host who the star is. First team that puts the puzzle together and guesses the star wins the game. "Never-Before-Seen Movie"- Split the kids into 2 teams. (maybe the same teams from the scavenger hunt?)

Then have each team draw out of a bag the title of a movie. (beforehand write several titles down and put them in a bag. These titles should be weird and funny such as The Attack of the Green Gummybears) Each team then has 30 minutes to plan assign characters practice etc. Then have each team act out the movie (it should only be about 10 minutes per team) and video tape it. "Movie"- After the kids are tired out from all the fun games it's time to relax and watch a movie. Set up the movie-watching room as a movie theater. (Black curtains hung around TV lots of seating) Pick a fun appropriate movie that the kids will like and then they can watch it. After that it should be about time to go to bed so the girls can go to the room they'll be sleeping in and talk until they fall asleep.    

COSTUMES- Costumes are not necessary but are sometimes fun. If you'd like you can have eaqch girl dress up as her favorite movie character or actress.   

PARTY SNACKS- Have a small tabe (like a card table) set up near the movie theater to be the Concession Stand. Sotck it with small Ziploc bags of popcorn individually wrapped (or small boxes of) candy and mini cans of soda for the girls to enjoy during the movie.   

BREAKFAST- For breakfast the next morning prepare cinnamon rolls juice and fruit.   

FAVORS- The main favor should be a DVD (plain DVDs are fairly inexpensive) that has the fake talent show the before and after makeover shots the pictures from the photo shoot and the fake movies. (If you can’t load all this before the guests leave just include a note in the goodie bag telling them they'll receive the DVD ASAP) Also include a couple small party trinkets (lipgloss nail polish etc.) and some candy. (either a large candy bar like a Hershey's or an assortment of small indiv. Wrapped candies)and put them all in a small goodie bag (found at Dollar Tree). I hope you have as much fun having this party as I had planning it!"

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