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Traditional Slumber Party - Truth or Dare



August 2009


Ashleigh in Pleasanton, California USA

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Sleepover Party

Traditional Slumber Party! :) For almost every birthday party that my mom and I have planned in the past, an eleborate theme had to follow. They were fun, don't get me wrong, but for this year, I wanted a traditional slumber party, like one of the hilariously fun ones in bad chick flicks!  

INVITATIONS*   I chose a design with a graphic moon that rose with stars twinkling around it on a blue backround. The message didn't give away much but the theme and all the usual details (who, what, when, where) and to bring a sleeping bag and maybe a CD and some make-up along with the normal sleep-over materials. I also let my guests suggest a day for the party to me, so I could be 100% sure that everyone could come, since my guest list was so short.

DECORATIONS*  I pushed all of my furniture in my living room against the walls and covered the floor in soft blankets, pillows, and worn stuffed animals. To make for a dim, comfortable enviroment I hung old white christmas tree lights across the ceiling and stood small lamps on the floor here and there. The effect was really nice, and it was made even more so by how different all of the lamps were in color, style, and height. If you'd like to make your party more colorful, I'd suggest hanging thick multicolored christmas lights from the ceiling and lamps wrapped in colored celophane. I experimented with this idea for a while, but I decided in the end to go with the quiet, comfortable feel above since not everybody in my party knew one another. :)

I also put some stuffed animals on the matelpiece and draped another christmas light above them. I put on some chick music at a low volume for backround music and stacked up some CD's next to the stereo for later. The dining table was covered in a blue cloth and set with blue plates, cups, napkins and silverwear. It's centerpiece was a white stuffed bear wearing pajammas. All my friends thought it was adorable as it was clutching a small stuffed animal to it's side. I also piled the snacks onto the coffee table which was  pushed into one corner to make space in the middle for the girl's sleeping bags. I blew up what seemed like 100 balloons of all different colors and spread them thoughout the living room.

ACTIVITIES* When the girls arrived I had a bunch of multicolored slips of paper on the side table. I asked the girls to write come random questions that you could ask in a game of Truth (A variation of truth or dare, but without the dare part which can be humiliating when you play it with new people. Truth is much more relaxing and more of an ice breaker game.) When all the girls had arrived we sat in a circle and picked the truths out of a hat. The game was fun as most of the girls had an awesome sense of humor and the questions set us off into laughing fits more than once.

Next we paired up and did one another's make-up. After we took some pictures we walked down to the main street (luckily I live very close by) and we went into an expensive store and tried on clothes that we could never afford and modeled them for one another in the dressing room. The shop keeper got really mad at us, so I wouldn't advise that you do this. We got some ice-cream (courtesy of my big brother) and walked back home. Next we played some games (specifics below) and I had bought some men's plain white cotton shirts and we drew on them with fabric pens. The shirts were way oversized do we'll probably have them for a long long time. :D

Next we ate a big dinner of pizza and soda.

Next we had cupcakes and opened presents. Then we changed into some comfortable pajammas and settled in with a big bowl of popcorn and candy to watch some original chick flicks that kept us laughing till Midnight. We ran into the kitchen then to melt some chocolate from the store (it's very cheap fondue that comes in little pellets that tou can melt in a bowl) and we ate anything we could find dipped in the chocolate. Next we told scary stories by the flashlight until we were too freaked out to sleep anymore. We watched another movie that put us all to sleep though, so all was great there. :D

In the morning my dad made us chocolate chip pancakes and we cracked open the pinata. At noon, the girls had to go home though :( It was a fantastic party though.

GAMES* One of the favorite games that we played was ImagineIff, a game we found at ToysRUs. It's an awesome game, and it cracked us up. And we played a round of Would You Rather, a teen's faorite game where you give two impossible choices to a teamate and they have to chose the one that they could live with (For Example, Would You Rather live in outer space alone for two years or live in a cave with one other person for four years?) It's a game that keeps you thinking and looking for loopholes that make one of the choices harmless (Would you rather jump off a cliff or into a tank of sharks?" The other player would say "I'll jump into the tank because nobody said that they were man-eating or even had teeth at all!) We also had an epic pillow fight - we split up into two teams and made our fort out of pillows and furniture in the room. The catch was that you're not allowed to throw any pillows at the opposing team from behind your fort so you had to run out from cover to try and hit the opposing team. If their fort fell that was all the better!! :D

PARTY SNACKS* I kept to orininal here and set out popcorn Twizzlers M&Ms Mike-and-Ikes Pretzles Trail Mix Gold Fish Root Beer and Sprite. The Pizza was from Papa Murpheys and there was cheese peperoni and hawaiian. :D

CAKE* Instead of eating cake we got half a dozen cupcakes from Cold Stone. They were filled with ice cream so each girl got a resonably sized dessert for half the price of a full sized ice cream cake. :)

FAVORS* The party favors were the shirts that we all made a soda flavored lip gloss from the small bowl on the coffee table and some candy from the pinata. I did give out loot bags though with a few amusing yet pointless items like a small bottle of nail polish a digital watch that was set on a silver ring more candy and a few pictures that my mom printed out of the party. We looked over these as guests left and cracked up at a few of our facial expressions and poses. A good tip on picture taking at parties do a few posed pictures but have someone sneak around with a camera to capture all the perfect moments of laughs silly expressions and strange looking poses that most cherish as a momento of the party. XD I hope that you like my party idea! "

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