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Starry Skies Sleepover -12yr- Games & Crafts



December 2004


Jillian in Pompton Plains, NJ, USA

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Sleepover Party

I have a wonderful idea for a sleepover!  This was my 12th birthday party and we all had sooo much fun!  It's called a Starry Skies Sleepover!  The theme is dreams, clouds, stars, and moons.  Have fun!

INVITATIONS:  1)Have pretty themed (themed as in the shapes of the party, moons, stars, clouds) stationary and put at the top "You're at a're having're not dreaming, you're at YOUR NAME HERE's Starry Skies Sleepover!" then down at the bottom put "Why:YOUR NAME HERE's AGE Birthday! Where:Cloud 9 (YOUR ADDRESS) When: Date/Time to Date/Time R.S.V.P.:DATE/PHONE #" or you could have...2)A piece of plain paper and then cut out sponges or take stamps so they are in the shaps of moons, clouds, and stars, dip them in the shapes' color (moons are blue, clouds are white, stars are yellow, but that's just how I did it), and decorate around the edge of the paper.  Put the information in the middle.  Or you could have...3)A card.  On the front, have a girl sleeping and a BIG dream bubble.  In the dream bubble put "You're at a're having fun..." and then on the inside, decorate it with the themed stamps or sponges and put the information on the inside. 

DECORATIONS:  Take black construction paper and cut out big moons, clouds, and stars.  Paint them with glow-in-the-dark paint and tape onto walls and hang from ceilings.  You could also put blue, white, and yellow Christmas lights.  On the tablecloth, put confetti that matches the theme. 

FOOD: Bake a big brownie sheet, and take cookie cutters in the shapes of moons, stars, and clouds, or make your own.  Cut the brownies out, and take vanilla frosting and put some in to 3 bowls.  Take the vanilla frosting and decorate the clouds.  Add blue food coloring to another bowl and decorate moons.  Add yellow food coloring and decorate the stars.  Add sprinkles or any extras that you want to.  Have regular snacks and pizza.  For the cake, put blue moons, white clouds, and yellow stars.  For breakfast, have "theme shaped" pancakes. 

1)When the guests arrive, give them a piece of paper that says STARRY SKIES SLEEPOVER at the top, decorated with the "theme shape", which you can just draw in markers.  See how many words you can make out of those words.  Whoever gets the most words, gets a prize!  Or you can make it like Scattergories, the game.  If you have a word someone else has, both of you cross out that word.  Whoever has the most words that nobody else has, that person gets a prize. 

2)Get blue and yellow fabric paint (and if you want, add additional colors) and have guests decorate t-shirts, bandanas, or pillowcases with the sponges or stamps in the "theme shape". 

3)Have a Constellation/Star/Moon Trivia game.  Ask questions like, "What is the Earth's moon called?" and "Name one constellation" or "Who was the first person to walk on the moon?".  The person who answers the most correctly gets a prize. 

4)Play "When You Wish Upon a Star" or "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and play musical chairs. 

5)I have a bracelet making kit I got at TARGET, and it has star beads in different colors and sizes.  You could go to a local craft store and buy "theme shaped" beads. 

6)This activity counts as food, too.  Get sugar cookie dough and have guests mold with their fingers, a face in the cookie.  Bake, and them use frosting to make it look like "A Man On The Moon". 

7)Make dream catchers (you can buy kits from 

8)In the morning, have guests write down (or tell) their dreams and try to decode them.  Award prizes for weridest, funniest, scariest, and coolest dream. MOVIES: Apollo 13 (which is about how these astronauts go into space to land on a meteor that is coming towards earth) or Contact (where this person goes into space and lands on a star). 

MUSIC:  If you want music to play in the background, use the same music you used for Musical Chairs.

PRIZES:  Anything you can find that has to do with the theme.  Also, print out certificates in the theme shape or decorated with the theme shape that says things like "Best Astrology Knower" or "Coolest Starry Shirt". 

GOODY BAGS:  Same things as prizes.  You could also get Starry Sunglasses from and look around craft shops for little theme shaped notebooks, beads, etc.  You could also print out dream decoding sheets. Put it all in these cool 3-D Laser Star boxes from…………………I HOPE EVERYONE HAS A TERRIFIC BIRTHDAY AND I HOPE I HELPED PEOPLE OUT.

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