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Super Movie Sleepover -12yr- Red Carpet



December 2004


Jillian in Pompton Plains, NJ, USA

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Sleepover Party

A great sleepover party idea would be a Movie Sleepover!  But not just any Movie Sleepover, a SUPER MOVIE SLEEPOVER!!!!!!  This party was meant for a 12 year old, but all preteens will enjoy it!  I find that parties where you go see a movie are quite boring, because you can't talk or have fun with your friends, because you are supposed to be watching a movie!  So instead, you could have your own movie theater at your house!

INVITATIONS:  Take a toliet paper roll that doesn't have any toliet paper on it.  Take cardboard and draw 2 identical circles.  Decorate one side of each of the circles to look like a movie reel.  Glue the toliet paper roll in between the two circles.  Then, take paper, and roll it around the movie reel, glueing one end to the toliet paper roll so it stays.  Then, write all of the information on the paper.  I would suggest hand delivering these, as you would have to spend extra to get big padded envelopes. 

Another invitation would be to have a big ticket that says ADMIT ONE and have all of the details on the back of the ticket.  Give your theater (your house) a fancy name.  For instance, if your last name was Smith, you could have THE SMITH THEATER.  Put that on the invitation, but make sure to have your real address, too.  Ask guests to wear movie star clothes, such as boas or big glasses.  A great way to dress is to play "dress-up", because dress-up kits always have "fancy" stuff.  Make sure your guests know that it's not formal, just funny! 

DECORATIONS:  Lay out a red carpet (can be fabric or paper) throughout the house.  Instead of spending a lot of money on big movie posters, raid magazines for them.  Hand them up on the walls.  Also, have red, silver, red, and gold balloons, streamers, plates, etc.  Sprinkle star confetti on the tablecloth.  For the movie watching place, set up comfy chairs in rows, like real movie theaters, or spread pillows around and sit on those. 

FOOD:  Have a Snack Bar for kids to get food before they watch the movie, like at a real movie theater.  Take a long table (like a card table) and decorate with a pretty tablecloth.  Make a "Menu" that tells people what they have to eat and drink, such as LARGE POPCORN, SMALL DRINK, GUMMI BEARS,  etc.  Of course, make everything free!  Have a parent be the person "working" at the Snack Bar.  Also, spread out a buffet of things, such as mini subs, regular sleepover snacks, etc. for kids to help themselves. 

Also, I found in a book called "Super Slumber Parties" by American Girl that has a whole theme on movie stars, and I found a way to make napkin tuxedos to hold utensils.  Have regular pizza, hamburgers and hot dogs, etc. and for cake, make yellow spotlights on the cake, making sure to "shine" them on the birthday girl's name.  In the morning, have a waffle buffet, with already-made waffles, and toppings like butter, syrup, strawberries, etc. 

ACTIVITIES: 1)When the guests arrive, play the game "Who Am I?".  Tape a piece of paper with a FAMOUS person on it, someone EVERYBODY knows, like Britney Spears, on each person's back.  Have guests walk around asking people YES or NO questions about their person.  The first person to figure out who they are wins!  Keep going with 2nd, 3rd, etc. etc. 

2)If you have trivia games that have to do with movies, play those.  But if you don't, make up trivia questions about movies and movie stars.  Some could be straight-out questions, some could be 3 statements about a celebrity, 2 true and 1 false, and you have to find the false one, and some could be Truth or Tabloid, where you have to figure out if a statement is true or just a rumour. 

3)Ahead of time, write out a small, easy, script.  It could be a made up movie, scenes from real movies, etc., and hand out parts to guests.  Let them look over the scripts for a few minutes, and then video tape the performances.  While eating breakfast or dinner, whatever comes next, play the tape.  Later on in the party, give out awards to people for the performances.  Don't give out ones like BEST ACTRESS, because those could hurt people's feelings.  Give out awards like BEST SCRIPT MEMORIZER or BEST AD-LIBBER. 

4)Watch the movie!  Have the kids go to the snack bar and "purchase" their food, then sit down and watch the movie.  For added fun, have people get into groups and make up "Coming Attractions" for the audience.  They could be for a made up movie or a made up product, like Robo-Chore, who does your chores for you.  This will have kids laughing before the movie starts.  Pick a movie that a lot of people like.  But don't pick a movie that is so popular, everyone has seen it multiple times, because then, kids get bored. 

5)The movie will take a while, but if you have time leftover, play other related movie games, like Movie Charades, where you act out a scene from a movie, or Movie Star Magazine Hunt, where you look through magazines for famous movie stars. 

GOODY BAGS/PRIZES:  For prizes, you could give out little clapboard keychains, star sunglasses, etc.  For goody bags, have big popcorn boxes filled with popcorn, movie theater certificates, and movie posters. 


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