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Winter Indoor Picnic - Backyard Bingo



January 2001


Betsy in Beavercreek, Ohio USA

Honorable Mention

Snow Day Sleding Party


We love summer, picnics, camping, and all of the fun that would go with a summer birthday party.  That's unfortunate for my son, because he was born in February, during cold and ice!   I had a brainstorm idea today that I think we are going to RUN with.  We are going to move the furniture out of the family room/den, put down some picnic blankets and plastic table cloths, bring in the picnic table and some lawn chairs, and have a WINTER INDOOR PICNIC! (NO TV OR VIDEOS - WE ARE "outside"!)  My son LOVES this idea because it's different and it's at home - not the usual arcade, bowling, skating, pizza, movies, etc.

FOOD:  I am going to move the grill just near the patio door (still being safe, of course) so that I can cook hot dogs and hamburgers.  We're going to have chips, lemonade, baked beans, veggie sticks, and even build a fire in the fire place and let the kids roast marshmallows (with our help!) to make s'mores! Also why this is better?  Use plain ol' paper plates!  

GAMES:  We're going for the old fashioned games, bringing on the basics of pin the tail on the "picnic ant", musical chairs, and I thought I'd have my son help make up a "backyard bingo" on the computer, etc I can't wait!  

CRAFT IDEA:  I am going to get a red-and-white checked fabric table cloth.  I'll ask each guest to use permanent marker to sign their name, maybe draw a picture and write a birthday note!  

GOODIE BAGS:  I think I will attach handles and make them look like picnic bags or lunch sacks they'd bring on a picnic.  I'll especially get some of those fun and cheap plastic ants for their bags -- what's a picnic without ants?  OH!  I'm also going to look for some bubbles or something a little outdoorsy (a jump rope or jacks) to get them moving a little differently this winter.  

INVITATIONS:  I am going to look for some clearance party invitations from spring or summer that might have "Picnic" or even "Bar-B-Q" on them to keep the theme going.  Getting an invitation like that would sure peak my interest - especially in the middle of February!  We can jazz them up with stickers and notes and even encourage the kids to bring sandals and shorts to help with the atmosphere!  :-) 

After about 2 hours of fun, food, gifts, cake and ice cream, I think they'll have a ball!

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