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Winter Tubing Party -9yr- Marshmallow Roast



November 2004


Karen in Courtenay, BC Canada


Snow Day Sleding Party

Winter Tubing Party (for a December Birthday) 

My son turns 9 in December and we have planned a winter tubing party.  The local mountain offers night tubing on a lit course, with a bon fire as well. 

Our invitations were found at the local dollar store a frame card with penguins going sledding.  We plan to take pictures of the kids for their thank you cards which they can then slip into the frame in the invitation. 

We plan to meet at our house and then drive up the mountain, arriving an hour before the course opens.  We will go to the lodge and have birthday cake, juice, and open presents.  

The cake is a white 9x13 inch cake, which I will cut a strip off of lengthwise.  Then I will stack the cut pieces on the flat piece to make a "hill".  I will ice the whole thing white.  On the tubing course part, I will line it with candy, and use peach O candy for the tubes, with ds's Lego people riding in them.   

The goodie bags are functional for the party the kids will be receiving their own travel mugs, which they will use for the hot chocolate and soup offered later on in the evening.  They will get a candy cane, more of the peach O candy (the course is called the Ozone), a glo stick (making them more visible for me), snowman "Poop" (marshmallows) and stickers.  The mugs will each have a label with the child's name on them.    After the cake and presents, the course will open. 

We will then move down to go tubing, and I will remain by the campfire with thermoses of soup and hot chocolate, as well as cheese buns and juice.  The hot chocolate drinks will be made extra special with whip cream and the candy cane from the goodie bags.  They will be able to roast their snowman "poop", eat them plain, or put them in their hot chocolate. 

Yes, it's a sugar-fest....but after all that activity, I think they will sleep well that night!

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