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Surprise Party - Restaurant Dinner & Sleepover



August 2006


Danielle in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Honorable Mention

Surprise Party

Birthday Dinner/ Sleepover I threw my friend a surprise birthday party and it was a blast.  I called her parents and let them know about the birhtday party, they lent us some money for the party and were very excited about the idea.  We picked up my friend with 10 of our other friends in a stretch limo.  She was so surprised. 

The 10 other friends received invitations that said "shh don’t tell, it’s a surprise" and the information.  Luckily noone told her and she was so surprised, she thought we were just going to a movie.  When she stepped into the limo we handed her a rose and yelled SUPRISEEEEEEE. And she was so excited she had never been in a limo before so it was lots of excitement we drove all over town and whenever we saw anyone we knew, they would look at us like they were very jelous they hadn't been invited. 

Then we went to a restraunt about a half an hour away from our town, so it was a long ride in the limo.  We blasted the music, it was the most fun ive had in a long time.  In the limo were a lot of balloons they were all over the floor and they were all different colors.  It looked so cool having a rainbow of baloons on our limo floor.  Then we got to this restraunt.  This restraunt is called the SAFEHOUSE (Spy Themed Restaurant in Milwaukee).  In order to get into the safe house you have to say the password.  If you don’t know the password you have to do something embarrassing in this entrance room.  That’s not it.  You are on a camera and everyone in the restraunt can see you most of my friends knew the password.  The birthday girl, however, didn’t.  She wound up doing a dance by herself and everyone in the restraunt was very entertained.

Also what we didn’t know is that from the girls bathroom people in the restraunt can see you through the mirror.  That was  a little embarrassing. The party was so much fun everyone there sang happy birthday to us.  After our fun night we headed home and opened the pressents in the car. We dropped off our friends besides for our five closest friends. Then five of our close girl friends came to my house for a sleepover.  We walked downtown at midnight and made a lot of noise screaming ITS MY BIRTHDAY it sounds immature but it was actually very fun. 

Ahead of time I planned a lot of activities to make the night a lot of fun.  My mom bought lots of silly string so we had a silly string war in our back yard and my sister got great pictures.  We all love the pictures and we all have at least 2 in our lockers!! We stayed up very late.  This was the most fun sleepover ive ever had.  We set up a huge tent that we all slept in. We each got a pillow case, victoria secret capri sweats and flashlight before entering our tents.   One of our activities was decorating the pillow cases.  Basically we all used permanent markers and put them on clip boards so they were easy to write on and we wrote messages to each other on the pillow cases. 

The flashlights were for them to keep, but they also came in very handy. The sweatpants were the goody bags.  We found them on ebay for a "lot" for like 40 bucks for 4 pair and I already had a pair.  They kepts us very warm when we were sleeping and everyone loves them, and were so happy they got a pair since they are in style.  The activities for the sleepover:: Beforehand I had my mom go to the store and get some bananas, we have this recipe that if you dip it in chocolate and put sprinkles on and then freeze they taste delicious.

For our 1 AM snack we all had frozen bananas.  They were a huge hit, everyone loved them.  We talked for a few hours, and played games like Truth or Dare and one of our favorite games Confess or Stress.  That is a game where you take a dice and if you roll even numbers you Confess a secret noone there knows, and if you roll an odd number you have to stress something.  Which is like a dare in truth or dare.  We did facials, before I left to pick up my friend in the limo that day, I set out in my bathroom all my facial stuff. 

My mom was even willing to buy me more face masks for the night, because she knew that it was a special occasion for me and my friends.  So we gave each other facials and makeovers.   We started by painting our nails, then facials, then hair and makeup. We did all of this inside, because there is no running water outside by our tents.  We also had a campfire, We roasted marshmallows and told ghost stories. Most of the food and drinks was eaten outside of the tent, so we didn’t ruin our tent.   We all eventually fell asleep.  We slept in very late the next day and had breakfast.  Well brunch.  We had pancakes, cinnamon rolls and waffles.  All my friends favorites.  She was soo happy I threw her the surprise party.  All my friends want me to help plan there parties now.  It was such a hit

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