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Surprise Swim Party -12yr- Limo to Beach



July 2007


Kristy in Gulf Breeze, FL 32563


Surprise Party

It was my 12th birthday!!! It was finally here! Friday morning I woke up to an early start. I invited my bff over and hour early. My parents were gone and it was up to me and her to decorate.

We went into the kitchen and set up food (chips, snacks.)to take to the beach. then we went into the living room and cleared the coffee table off. we set up makeup, fingernail polish, facials, etc. then we went out back. we cleaned that up and we put dye in the pool to make it a funky color. it had to set awhile so we went in the kitchen to get out plates and stuff out. my mom bought pink, purple, and blue plates, cups, and napkins. (our pool was pink.) we packed a cooler full of drinks for the beach. 

DING-DONG! Partay! when all the guests got here we all put on our bathing suits. then we all moved our trampoline beside our pool. we all jumped in together. then we played with goggles finding pennies. an hour later my dad came home. he put our cayak and surf board in the truck. he and my brother went out to the beach.

when my mom came home she helped us finish packing and we packed pizza for lunch. then my mom left. to the beach. without us! i tried to call my mom but she didnt answer. then i called my dad and he said catcha ride with johnny. (?) we were all in the front yard waiting for someone to come for us. then...a limosine pulled into my driveway!!! We all started freaking out. i walked up to the limosine driver and told him he had the wrong house. he said no he didnt and he showed his id (johnny) and we all jumped in! the 2007 catalac stretch took us to the beach. my parents were there waiting.

we all walked out to the beach and there was a folding table with my bday cake and presents on it! and my mom had brought the plates! we ate and played on the beach for hours. until dark. then we got back into the limo, it came back!, and went home. when we got there we turned on the pool light and got in. then we all got out and took showers 1 at a time. while the rest of us watched a movie.

when everyone was done, we started another movie, and we did facials, painted nails, and did eachothers make overs. we went outside where my dad had set up a tent. we all slept out there and when we woke up in the morning, we had waffles and went swimming again. when we got out we re did our make up and went shopping for new bathing suits. when we had all bought one, we came home and played volleyball. in our new bikinis.

Then parents came and we all said our goodbyes. (until next time!)

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