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Christmas Blacklight Dance -11yr- Paint Neon Shirts



July 2008


Olivia and Hannah in Florida, USA


Surprise Party

My friend and I are planning a party for her step sister. Shhh! It's a surprise! We are planning WAY in advance because we go to different schools and once school starts again than we'll never see each other except for a few times. So what we did to find out everything she would want at her party is a Perfect Party Internet Survey". She was at her dad's house so we called her and told her that we found this awesome party survey and asked her all kinds of questions like who are the 15 top friends you would want at your party? And What kind of things do you like to do in your freetime? (She answered dance)And we asked her- Holiday Parties~ Totally Hot or Totally Not? (She said Totally Hot) So with all that information we decided that we should have a Christmas Blacklight Dance Party!

We asked the birthday girls mom if she liked the idea and she said that she loved it! So it was settled all we had to do is make sure Kennedi never finds out and she thinks shes not even gonna have a party. Her mom is gonna tell her they're just having a family birthday dinner and she's gonna go to her Grandmas House and get her nails done and have lunch w/ her Grandma on the day of her party from like 12-6 p.m.

INVITATIONS: We cut out 2 snowflakes on white paper (one larger and one smaller) on the smaller one we wrote Kennedi's Surprise Party and on the larger one we wrote You're Invited and all the info and for RSVP wrote hannah's mom's number and said not to RSVP to any other number or tell Kennedi about anything. Those went inside a clear bag with red and green confetti and silver tinsel. We tied it with ribbon and attached the smaller snowflake to the ribbon.

DECORATIONS: All the lights inside will be black lights and we will have neon red and green streamers erverywhere. On the porch there will be Christmas Lights and streamers and it's called The Christmas Club it will have my friends popcorn machine and punch bowls and stuff like that. The party will be from 5-10 and since Kennedi is arriving at 6 we will give everyone a White T-Shirt (before the party we will write Kennedi's 11th Birthday in green and red neon puffy paint) and they will decorate their shirts and sign Kennedi's. When Kennedi arrives everyone will shoot off the poppers and shout SURPRISE! Then we will start the music and let everyone dance around and stuff. They will do little things like decorating Gingerbread Houses Contest and Make-an-Ornament. Everyone will go home except for 4 friends and they will sleepover. It will be an AWESOME party! Hope yours is too!!!  Olivia :P"

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