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Surprise Horror Party - Old Witch



April 2010


Katie in Auckland, New Zealand


Surprise Party

So my really good friend's birthday was coming up and she was planning the ultimate Horror Party. We had so much planned when she found out she wasn't allowed to have the party. She was devastated, and me and our other good friend decided to have a surprise party for her at my house that was exactly how she was going to have hers. 

INVITATIONS:We didn't give out invites as it would be easier for the birthday girl to find out about the party. We simply told the guests to dress up horrorfying and be there at six thirty. The birthday girl would be arriving at seven.

Decorations:  Dining Room: We pushed the table up against the wall to put food on, and hung cotton wool from the fan with a huge fake spider. I put fake spiders on windows and things, and put on a lamp with green cellophane over it to make the room look green.

Living Room: I put a simple white sheet up over the door from the dining room to the living room, and put a lamp with red cellophane in there. It was the room where we would be watching a movie so it didn't need to be decorated too much. Party: A few weeks before the party we told the birthday girl that we were going to a youth club on a Saturday night and the theme was horror. She thought that she would be staying the night at our friend's house and getting ready there before picking me up so that we could all go together. While they got ready my friend's mum snuk the girls bags into her car, as they stayed the night with me. When they arrived at my house my mum said come in, she is still getting ready. Then they walked up the hallway into the dark dining room and we flicked the light switch and all jumped up and said SURPRISE!  The look on her face was priceless. 

GAMES: Before she had arrived we had all hidden her presents around the two rooms where the party was taking place, and the minute she got there she had to find them. Then we played a whole heap of other games including: The old witch- where you put food in paper bags representing parts of an old witch who was falling apart and the guests had to guess what they were.

Find the birthday girl- she hid somewhere in the house and everyone had to follow my directions to go around the two rooms and then my bedroom completing tasks and on the way they had to find her and bring her back with them. Then we watched a bit of 'The Brothers Grim' and we had a really fun time until the guests had to go home. Afterwards four of us stayed behind at my house and had a really fun sleepover. 

PARTY SNACKS: I had a whole heap of really great ideas for horrorfying food.Mini quiches with gummi worms sticking out of the middle, sour spiders and gummi skeletonS and stuff, Snot Surprise- green jelly mixed with custard, were just a few. 

CAKE: My mum made a triple layer sponge cake with jelly,cream, and berries. We put some scary lollies on the top and it was delicious. We didn't give out favors as my mum wanted to keep it a cheap party as my big party had just been a few months before. We had a great time and I hope this gives you an idea of what you would like to do for any kind of party, not just a surprise.

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