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Salon Surprise Party -8yr- A Tropical Theme



September 2010


Lori in Westport, Ma USA


Surprise Party

For my daughter's 8th birthday she didn't want a party because I had been very sick, so I decided to surprise her with a salon party.

INVITATIONS: I found clip art of a very glamorous looking girl and printed that onto invitations with the bday info and an itinerary for the party 11am Meet at our house to surprise the b-day girl11:30 sharp we hop on the party busses to head to Kids Adventure Cuts for 2 fun filled hours of hairstyling manicures makeup and tattoos 2:00 we head home and your parents can pick you up any time after 2:30. Remember it's a SURPRISE don't tell V- anything!". Not one girl spoiled the surprise and my daughter was STUNNED when all her friends showed up at the door that morning!

DECORATIONS: At home I had green and pink balloons all over the floor of the living room. I had a low table set up with pillows all around it and had made coloring books with luau coloring pages for the girls to color while we waited for everyone to arrive. The party busses were my husband's my mother's and my mini vans. Each was decorated in different themes inside.

My husbands had mini beach balls and silk hibiscus flowers everywhere inside. My mom's has a dvd player so I rented a movie and had gold stars up in it and mine had crystals from an old chandelier hanging from the ceiling and colorful feathers all over the seats and floor.

The salon we chose caters to kids and has a party room with a tropical theme and black lights so I went with luau designs and neon pink and green to decorate. I bought purse wood shapes at AC Moore and painted each one in glow in the dark pink and green with each girls' name and put it on a necklace to make it easy to find my party guests at the salon. Since we were bringing everything with us I used decorated plates/napkins/cups (christmas tree shop) and brought pink and green candy in pretty containers to decorate the space.

ACTIVITIES: The salon did each girls hair nails makeup and gave them an air brush tattoo. While the girls were waiting for their turns they had music to dance to and I bought a ton of glow in the dark pony beads (AC Moore)for them to make necklaces.

SNACKS: Once they were all glamorized they had snacks like crackers and cheese mini sandwiches apples with caramel dip and baby carrot with ranch dip to nibble on while they finished their necklaces.

CAKE: I made a Wilton Doll Cake with pink/green/white frosing dress this went over really big with my daughter and all the girls. MORE

ACTIVITIES: Once the girls were all sugared up with cake we had a limbo contest to expel some energy. I had planned some other games like pin the lei on the hula girl and hula dancing but all the girls only wanted to limbo and dance!

FAVORS: I found pink and green makeup bags on clearance at Claires. Each was filled with nail polish lip gloss and bubble bath from Christmas Tree Shop temporary tattoos from Iparty and friendship bracelets I made for them. Back at the house they had fun watching a movie and comparing all their new looks until their parents came for them. My daughter said it was the best surprise she ever had!    "

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