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One craft was a headband, and I used those flowers I had clipped and quick-drying craft glue so that they could make a flower headband.  This was a very easy craft and the headbands turned out really pretty. 

Next, I bought little vial necklaces on ebay (inexpensive),and I had strung glittery pink and/or white ribbon through the caps beforehand.  I found "fairy dust" glitter (extra fine) on clearance at a craft store, so each girl got to pick what color fairy dust they wanted in their necklace.

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I also had a station for each girl to make a flower fairy.  Beforehand, I had folded wire into the fairy shape, so all the girls would have to do would be do put the flowers on and draw the face on (since they are only six - didn't want to make it too complicated). 

These are really cute - my daughter and I had made these before together so I wanted to have these at the party.  Again, we had some boys at the party, and knowing they wouldn't want to make any of the fairy crafts, I bought them t-shirts and patches with their names and a variety of activities, along with patch glue so they could make t-shirts.  The crafts were all big hits!

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The first activity the girls did was to decorate their fairy wings with flowers and jewels.  I had initially purchased a set of 12 wings off of ebay, but as we got closer to the party I worried that we wouldn't have enough, so I picked up another 1/2 dozen from our local dollar store. 

I also purchased self-stick jewels, silk flowers, and glue dots from Oriental Trading.  I found additional silk flowers at the dollar store.  When the girls arrived at the party, they were allowed to choose a pair of wings from our activity table. 

We had covered the main tables in the jewels and silk flowers… it looked breathtaking!  The moms who had stayed got very excited about this project, so there was lots of grownup help at the table, whether the girls needed it or not!  Each girl decorated her own set of fairy wings.

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After nibbling on some fairy foods, the girls went into another room to do a 45 minute dance class.  Many girls had already come dressed in their fairy best, but if they weren't dressed up enough, we decked them out in pretty skirts from the ballet studio's reserves. 

Most of the girls are in ballet together, so we arranged for their usual teacher to lead this class.  She did a lot of their favorite, familiar games and activities.  They were so precious, dancing and playing in the fairy wings they had decorated. 

During the dance class, I passed out disposable camera to the parents, and had them take pictures of whatever they wanted… that way, everyone made sure they could get a picture of their special fairy.  I also made sure to get pictures of all of the fairies dancing together!

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I wanted to share one of our family traditions with Morganne's friends.  Each night when Morganne sleeps in her own bed, she gets a sprinkle of fairy dust so that the fairies will visit her in the night, and bring her sweet dreams.  (The fairies are scared of grown-ups, and will only visit a child's room. Great way to encourage kids to sleep in their beds, not Mommy's!)  So... I made Morganne's Magic Fairy Dust necklaces and sachets! 

I ordered heart shape vials from ebay, filled them with glitter, and tied a purple ribbon to each for the necklaces.  I filled a small plastic baggie with glitter, tied it with a ribbon, and placed it in a pretty fabric pouch for the sachets.  I tied the necklaces to the pouches, and then attached a card with a picture of a sleeping fairy and a poem Fairy love and fairy light, Bring sweet dream to me tonight. 

Every night as I lie in bed, A sprinkle of fairy dust upon my head.  Fast asleep, I curl up tight, As fairies guard me through the night.  Each new day I greet the sun, Ready for more magic fairy fun.  Several parents thought this was a great idea, and said they planned on starting the same tradition with their girls (I guess I'm not the only one with a 6 year old who prefers Mommy's bed…)

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Large Fairy, on another peice of butchers paper one of my friends layed down while I traced around her, and then just drew on a skirt and some hair so that the kids can all decorate it.  

I kept all the scrap paper from making the decorations etc and cut them into mosaic squares so the kids can glue them onto her skirt and top.

I also got some wool and cut it up so that they could use it on her hair, and they can use leaves from the park as well as a tub of crayons which will be supplied to decorate her.

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Then, we all went inside and I read a book about Flower Princesses.  I also told them stories about how fairies liked to be mischeivious (hiding things, stealing sugar, etc.), and about fairy dances (ring dances), where fairies live, fairies riding on dragonflies, etc. (all info. I read about on the internet). 

I could not believe how much they enjoyed this! It really got their imaginations running.

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Final make a fairy house for their fairies to sleep in.  For this, I bought small flower pots, outdoor paints and a butterfly for each girl to glue to the top of the pot. 

The girls painted their "fairy houses" and were told that they could cut an old sock for a sleeping bag and use a cotton ball for a pillow (I had a fairy stories CD that I played while they were making their craft).

They were to place the fairy house in the garden that night and sprinkle their fairy dust and most certainly a real garden fairy would show up.

Back to the Fairy PageCopper Bubble Wands

Copper Wands attached to thin wooden dowels were waiting for the little fairies to wave(made by my neighbor)as they dipped them into the bubble solution from a silver urn.

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I played classical music during the entire party.  I set up our video camera and attached it to our big screen TV and we had LIVE FAIRY TV.   The girls were watching themselves dance on tv and playing in my daughter's room. 

They were just adorable watching themselves on TV and practicing ballet moves.  It served multiple purposes - entertainment for the parents as they sat and watched, entertainment for the fairies and recorded the whole event.

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As the girls arrived: Fairy Godmother introduces herself & fairy helpers –

DO THIS ON GRASS!   Blind-fold each girl  & Spin her around three times Ask her if she believes in fairies to clap three times Take off blindfold Fairy Godmother says as she taps the girls head with a wand "bippity-boppity-boo" & says she is a fairy, just for today.

Helper puts on her wings, blows bubbles & throws glitter Helper escorts new little fairy to the family room.

Back to the Fairy PageTink's Photo Opportunity

I had hung a blue sheet with cotton clouds on the fence to make a backdrop for pictures.

Some ferns & large tissue paper flowers were set in front and the kids could have their pictures taken with the Peter Pan cut out or Tinkerbell cut out.

Back to the Fairy PageDecorate Wings

DECORATE FAIRY WINGS (kids have earned their wings after adventure) wings from Target after Halloween discounted to $1 w/ wands too or you can find them if you're lucky at Dollar Stores. Decorated Wings with stick on gems pearlized flowers stick on foam flowers.


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