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I had made one 9" round cake, and used light pink frosting around the base, and light green frosting on top.  The frosting matched a Fairytopia cake topper I found on ebay that had a fairy in a flower that opened slightly. 

I then piped another matching yellow color around the cake and put sugar flowers around the base of the cake.  It turned out really pretty!  I also had a mini-doll cake pan (the same shape as one of those large Barbie cakes - just individual size). 

I made each girl their own fairy cake, using different color pastel frosting, sugar flowers, and little wings on their backs.  They turned out so cute, and the girls were just thrilled to get their own fairy cakes.

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I purchased a Fairytopia cake topper (ebay), and had a local bakery bake the cake.  The cake was a 1/2 sheet cake, chocolate with strawberry filling. 

The cake was frosted in purple icing, with a border of pink and purple roses.  (Because each fairy had to have a rose on her slice of cake, of course!)  It was beautiful, and very delicious!

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For the birthday cake my mom-in-law and I made a variation on a cake from Debbie Brown's 'Enchanted party cakes' which had two toadstool houses with fairies on and around them.

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She said she wanted fairy's and a castle on her cake.  I used Fairytopia land and fairies that we had bought her for Christmas. 

I made pretty green icing to match the toy and stuck it on a strawberry frosting (pink) covered cake. 

I used the leaf tool to make leaves coming off of the toy like it was covered in vines.  I put some all around the border.

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The castle cake idea.  We ordered a large cake from Costco, with a princess on it.  (I asked them not to add the other decorations.) 

We put blue frosting on 4 pointed ice cream cones, and put them, point up, on each corner.  Then put jumbo gumdrops around the edge of the castle.  We also put blue frosting around the cake for a moat. 

We cut pieces of fruit roll-ups to make the door, windows and drawbridge.  My daughter loved it (she also helped decorate it).

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For the cake I purchased a doll cake (the ones where the cake is the dolls dress) and had them frost the dress green and white, since Tinker Bell wears green.

I made wings for the doll out of heavy card stock and decorated them with pixie dust (green sugar crystals, I first cut the wings out, and then lightly frosted them with white icing and then sprinkled on the sugar crystals, just in case any fell off onto the cake) I then stuck the wings into the back of the cake behind the dolls back with toothpicks.

I also attached a wand (appetizer toothpick) to in the doll's hand with a small drop of glue and I put a princess Barbie crown on the doll's head (got out of my daughter's Barbie clothes collection)

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I made a pirate ship for the birthday cake. I first tried the directions 2 round cakes cut in half & set up on their side but I was not happy with it, too square & not much like a ship. My next attempt was from a parenting magazine using a 9X13 cake that I cut & stacked to look like a ship. This turned out much better. I placed it on a large platter.

On the ship I had little figures of Peter Pan & Capt Hook "fighting" & Tink & Jane "flying". I had written "Happy Birthday" on the sails of the ship. The boat was surrounded by water (blue jello) with a figure of the crocodile & had a small island (crumbled graham crackers) with a treasure chest. It turned out so cute!


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