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Lucia obviously was Tinkerbell complete with the outfit and slippers from Disney store.  My 4 year old son wore his Captain Hook costume, and my 5 year old daughter wore a blue nightgown, hair bow, and slippers, and became Wendy.   

When the kids Arrived: All the girls were transformed into Fairies, and the boys were transformed into Pirates.  The boys were easy, I bought each a red kerchief, eye patch, and clip-on gold hoop earring.  It cost about 80 cents/child.  The girls required some more imagination...I found fairy skirts (ribbon tutus) on eBay that were multi-shades of green with little Tinkerbell appliques as fringe.  They cost about $2.50/tutu.  In retrospect, I probably could have made them for less but it was just easier this way. 

I did, however, make each of the girls a set of wings, using wire coat hangers, light green knee hi stockings that I found at Wal Mart, tape, and ribbon.  If anyone is wondering how...bend each hanger into the shape of a wing.  Slip one knee high over each hanger and stretch it so that the hanger is completely covered...fasten two hangers together (I used duct tape...can use wire, whatever works), use a pretty wide green ribbon to cover the area where the hangers are fastened together using a hot glue gun to hold the robbon in place.  Use curly ribbon to make wide enough hoops to attach the wings onto your little girls shoulders. 

Now, I didn't do this, but as an added party activity you can have the girls decorate their wings with glitter, pom-poms, sequins, whatever.  The wings were a huge success and many people seemed very impressed that they were home-made.  Making them saved me a lot of money as these are not cheap.  They do have wings in the dollar store, but mine came out much nicer.  Anyway, as each girl came in, she was transformed into a fairy by being given a tutu, wings, and dabs of "pixie dust" (glitter and aloe vera gel) on her face.

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My mom and I had sewn the mermaid tails ourselves.  I thought it would be fun for the girls to have mermaid tails to try on at the pool, and it would be cute to have pictures of them in the tail looking like a mermaid. 

Luckily the fabric store had Halloween-type fabric out, and I found the perfect green, scale, mermaid-looking fabric.  I also bought a pink sparkly bathing-suit type material, and we made a total of three tails. 

Originally I had looked on-line for some sort of costume mermaid tails that could be worn in the water, but only found professional photographer tails for like $250.  This material cost me around $15 and made three tails (and were very easy to sew with no pattern, even for a novice like me!).   The kids all got really into the mermaid rescue, and had fun doing the little obstacle course to earn their fairy wings.

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We asked all of the guests to dress-up in leotards and tu-tus.  When they arrived at the party we gave them fairy wings and flower halos.  I decorated the fence around our backyard with white Christmas lights and fairies made out of cardboard.

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We will be handing Wings made out of tule, which are very easy to make, just get a rectangular peice of tule, bunch it in the middle and  secure with a thick peice of ribbon. then attach some elastic for the arm bands. We have also made tiaras out of plastic hair combs which have a cardboard tiara tops decorated with glitter stars and stuck in place with hot glue guns, these will be for the Fairies (girls). 

We also made Wands for the girls out of dowl which we painted chrome, topped with timber stars which I picked up in the craft section of our hardware store, I painted all the stars different colours, and then hot glued them in place on the dowl with some ribbon underneath for the "flowwy" bits. The Elves (boys) will have green elf hats with elf ears stuck on the side which we will make out of Green and neutral cardboard, and will have elf wands out of dowl painted chrome with different coloured stripes on the end of each, the elves/boys will also be getting wings but they will be green or blue wings.

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We decided each girl would become a special flower fairy.  We made headbands for each girl by wrapping ribbon around plastic headbands and hot gluing a special type of flower on each (i.e. rose, pansey, forget me not, sunflower, buttercup, etc.) 

We also ordered wings online and spray painted each wing with beautiful colors to correspond with their flower.  They looked awesome!   We made name tags with each of the flower names (so we could call each girl by their "flower name")

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The fairies will be instructed to come dressed with tights and leotards in light colors.  I have a friend that sews and she is making tutus for the fairies in the colors of the flowers I bought and I am picking up pastel colored fairy wings to match the tutus and will decorate Fairy Rose's wings extra special because she is the birthday fairy.  I am also making flower head pieces for the fairies with their special flowers to match.

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I made small fairy wings (25" wire for each wing, looped into an oval, and floral taped together.. each covered in tulle of a different color.  Blues, greens, navy's for the boys, all colors for the girls).  We even put the wings on the babies for photo purposes. 

Two of my girlfriend's offered to be the fairies.  They made their own outfits, of faux silk background with multi-colored tulle skirts.  They wore handmade floral/berry head pieces, and ribbon adorned their outfits.

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I ordered fairy wings from off of the internet.  I made my own wands.  It was Christmas time so I bought some irridescent glass like star ornaments, purple foam, wooden sticks all from Michael's.  The ornament had a little circle for hanging so I hotglued that end to the stick.  I had bought some clearance sea foam green skinny ribbon from Garden Ridge that I had in my art stuff.  I hot-glued a loop of ribbon at the bottom to wrap around the wrist. 

I hot-glued a piece of the purple foam just wide enough to overlap around the stick.  I criss-crossed the ribbon all the way up and around the stick and this closed up the gap.  I tied some extra ribbons and put a bead at the end with a knot on the hanging ribbons.  I also found that it gives a neat look if you put extra hot glue where I attached the star and sprinkle the "fairy dust" on it.  I put a bit of silver Christmas ribbon 2.5"? wide around the bottom of the wand near the wrist loop for a finishing touch.  They were adorable.

I made fairy skirts from some royal blue, sea foam green and purple wide ribbons that were like cellophane.  I took this stretchy furry string I had bought a couple of years ago from Garden Ridge.  I tied a circle big enough to stretch around their waist.  Then, I took around 2 feet long pieces of the wide ribbon and folded them in half, laid it on the waist band and bent the 2 hanging pieces back around the waistband and then back through the loop that it made.  I would say about 25 pieces or so.  I bought purple foam crowns from Michael's and wrote each girl's name in green glitter.

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FAIRIES: We bought a fairy costume and gold crown for my daughter. We got fairy wings for all the other girls online.  The homemade invitations said, wear your fairy best, so several of the girls wore fancy dresses, shirts with fairies, or Tinker Bell costumes.  We also gave each a star magic wand. 

WIZARDS:  I made black cloaks for each boy (1 yard of black fabric, gathered at the top, and sewn with black seam binding with extra binding to tie them.).


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