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I made an enormous banner that read "Neverland" and strung it across the opening of our front door.  Each letter was on a 8.5 x 11 laminated sheet of paper, and all the papers were strung together.  Just above the banner to the right, I hung two big silver stars (in keeping with the "second star to the right" idea...). 

On my front door, I taped two smaller signs:  the one was a picture of Tinkerbell with my daughter's face superimposed on it and it said "It's All About Me...Today!".  The second one simply said "Think Lucia" (like "Think Tink").  These 2 signs were recurring throughout my house.  I even taped several back to back and strung them up as mobiles in the kitchen area along with lime green, purple, and pink streamers,and large silver stars. 

The inside of my house was modeled after Neverland.  The foyer was transformed into Cannibal Cove.  I hung tons of green streamers hanging straight down from the ceiling and tons of green balloons suspended from the ceiling to creat a jungle-like effect.  There was no way to pass through there without having to push aside balloons and streamers.  The kids loved playing in this area, running through and letting the balloons hit them. 

At the entrance to this, I made a big sign that read "Cannibal Cove".  I did something similar but with blue balloons and streamers, in the hallway leading to our powder room.  I hung a sign there that read "Mermaid Lagoon".

On the door leading to our lower level, I hung a skeleton, and a sign that read "Skull Island" and another sign that read "Pirates Aplenty...Enter at Your Own Risk".  All the boys thought the skeleton was very cool! 

At the entrance to our kitchen I hung a banner that read "Tink's Garden".  In the kitchen, there were clusters of pink, lime green, and purple balloons everywhere, along with the streamers and stars and mobiles of Tink/Lucia that I mentioned earlier.  I had Tinkerbell tablecloths and the Tinkerbell plates/cups/napkins that are in stores everywhere.  My 5 year old daughter had been very excited to make Tinkerbell confetti using my Tink craft punch and she sprinkled that on all the tables.  The whole place looked amazing.

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For the Fairytopia area, I made around 50 large tissue paper flowers (cheap and easy to make) in different shades of pink, white, purple and yellow.  I taped them to the ceiling, and strung bright green crepe paper throughout to look like leaves and vines, and taped some butterflies around to look like a beatiful garden. 

I had ordered a Fairytopia table centerpiece and Fairytopia tablecloths, and had extended our dining room table with card tables and extra chairs so all of the kids (18) could fit in the same room.  Next, I had picked up a bunch of spring colored flowers in bunches on clearance at a craft store (90% off).  I snipped all of the flowers off of the bunches so I had a ton of free flowers.  I spread some of them around on the table. 

Next, at each place setting, I had a pink plate, Fairytopia napkin, fairy wings (ebay) and a chocolate wand (on clearance after a holiday at a cooking store).  The room looked so festive and pretty!  For the Mermaidia area (the pool), I had picked up some floating silk lilly pads with flowers at a silk flower store (also saw them on ebay, but less expensive here). 

We then had a bunch of those battery-operated swimming fish, so I put those in the pool.  With the fish swimming around, and the flowering lilly pads floating, it looked like a beautiful live little lake.  I also hung different shades of blue balloons up along our pool fence. I also put up our inflatable water slide for the kids to go on.

As a side note, I spent a long time calling around until a found a life guard who could monitor the pool the entire party - best money I spent!  I wasn't sure how many parents would drop their kids off and how many would stay, and I knew my husband and I would be in and out so this was a great investment.

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The room was already covered in a beautiful woodland fairy mural, so we focused on decorating the tables.  We pushed two large tables into the center of the room, and set up 3 smaller tables in the corners. 

One side table was designated for presents, one for food, and one for activities and favors.  We decorated the main tables with Fairytopia tablecloths, and tied a helium balloon (pink, purple, or red) to the back of each chair. 

On the birthday girl's chair, we tied a bunch of regular mylar balloons, as well as a special mylar Fairytopia balloon.  With the reflection in the mirror wall, it looked like we had a hundred balloons in that room!

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Guests were greeted by colored streamer ribbons from the front yard trees, flower decor from the dollar store, construction paper butterflies (that continued throughout the house), twinkle lights on the porch and door, a Welcome Fairies! sign, and dreamy music that felt as if you were walking through a magical forest.

Upon entering, fairies were ushered into the living room to await everyone's arrival. Here, the Sky Fairy and the Earth Fairy (costumed mom and aunt) helped them make their own magic amulets that would help protect them on their journey.

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So we will be holding it in a nearby park, that has a few gazebo's and is surrounded by a lot of tree's etc that we will be hanging lots of decorations off, which will just be cut out Stars held into place with Curling ribbon, lady beetles, which I will just be cutting out of Red card board and using a Nikko to put the spots on, large butterflies & Toad stools again made out of cardboard.

We will also have a couple of large signs in the shape of arrows, that will be painted pink and have written on them "Fairies and Elves This way!!!" and these will be placed in the carpark & along the path to the park.

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Because it was an outdoor party, I bought oversized paper butterflies in various colors, and large garden flowers stakes on sale from our craft store.  I hung the oversized butterflies around the deck and in the trees and chose a "picture" site where I placed the oversized garden stakes and oversized butterflies. 

In the house, I placed sunflower vines around the archways and hung smaller butterflies throughout.  Our table was decorated with a custom cake of a garden fairy surrounded by flowers, butterflies, and a pond with fish and lily pads.

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The party will be at my friend's house in her dining room and I am decorating the table in the following way. 

White lace tablecloth with matching napkins.  The napkin rings will be the different flowers chosen in the beginning for the fairies. 

The centerpiece will be an arrangment I am making in a basket with the different flowers chosen for the fairies. 

The table will be set with real china in white and we will sprinkle different real flower petals on the table with twigs.

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This was the fun part! I had a few of those pictures I took of my daughter blown up and framed. I also had printed 50 out of sticker paper (This can be done only if you have a picture quality printer) and on each napkin I put the sticker of the birthday fairy!  I used the colors Purple, Blue and pink. The napkins were pink the plates were purple and the cups were blue.

I hung balloons from trees outside where the tables were sat and I also hung balloons from the ceiling where the guest arrived to give it a kind of fairy cave feel. I also hung star garland that you can buy or make yourself. It was springtime so I had plenty flowers in my yard to cut and decorate with.

But if you don't have any the grocery store always has fresh cut flowers for inexpensive. We had invited 10 children and 40 adults (big family) on the children's table I had asked around and found out which kids would need a highchair and borrowed from family so that the parents could relax and let the younger guest enjoy their selves.

At the table on the back of each chair and highchair I used Velcro to place little wings I made out of coat hangers and sheer white fabric that I found at a fabric store in the clearance items. In front of the child's seat I had their plate and on one side I had the wand I had made them and on the other a thing of bubbles. Behind their plate was the gift bag I had made. In the center of the table I had fresh cut flowers and a doll dressed as a fairy.

On the adults table I had a flowerpot in the middle full of M&Ms with a silk flower in the center.  On the food table I had the pictures I had framed of my daughter. My daughter had on her fairy wings and flower halo and I had on a pair of wings myself along with some other adventurous moms.

Back to the Fairy PageBubbles and Willowy Arch

As, each guest arrived, they were showered with bubbles, as we purchased a small party bubble machine for the porch.  When they rang the bell, they were greeted by the two fairies, who put glitter lotion on their arms and face.  They asked each guest, their choice in color for their wings. 

After getting their wings tied on in our entry way, they walked through an arch that was built around the entry way to the living area.  The arch was made of curly willow branches (any tree branch will work) tied to the  entry way covered with white lights.  Curling Ribbon streamers (for wrapping presents) were hanging throughout the trees in the backyard, for a magical feel.

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I had my dining room set up with card tables with purple banquet vinyl tablecloths.  I had Tinkerbell plates and napkins.   I also had a Tinkerbell tablecloth I put on the kitchen table displaying the cake and with 2 vases with pink tulips in one and these pink fairy-looking bell shaped flowers in the other.   

I had fairy toys as center pieces with irridescent star confetti on the tables.  Pink and purple balloons and streamers.  We opened presents after that.  I forgot to mention my fairy trees. 

I have a collection of fairies that I have made from wooden beads for heads, pipe cleaners for arms,legs and wings, and silk flower petals and parts for fairy skirts and crowns and thread for hair. 

I bought 3 small trees at Michaels since her birthday is really Christmas Eve and put miniature sparkling lights on it along with the fairies in our foyer.  Actually, she hung them all on the tree, toward the bottom, all together.

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I turned my patio into a pixie garden by hanging flowers (cut out of various colors of construction paper) and pictures of pixies (printed off my computer) around on the patio fencing and walls. I turned the ceiling of my patio into a rainbow by hanging rainbow streamers that I found.

The streamers changed color every several of inches. I also had many multi-colored balloons hanging all around the patio. I then cut out silhouettes of pixies and hung these from the ceiling as well so it looked like pixies were flying around the patio.

On one side of the patio sat pixie palace (a rented rainbow colored castle bouncer) and on the other side of the patio was Mermaid Lagoon. I sat up my daughters kiddie pool, sat some of my large garden rocks in the middle of it and my daughters mermaid Barbie dolls on the rocks.

Floating in the pool were foam mermaids that we later used as a game. I turned my daughters swing set into the Lost Boys Hideout by hanging green streamers around the sides and around the fort and sand box area and down the sides of the slide. I enclosed the sides of the sandbox area with green streamers and latter hid the treasure chest inside.

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Most of the party was done outside.  I used pastel Easter basket grass in the bushes and 125 pastel balloons hanging from trees etc.  I concentrated on one large tree in the backyard that was designated the fairy tree and hung more than half of the balloons in it. 

I made a few banners generated from the computer with happy birthday etc.  I also printed some fairies, cut them out and pasted them around, on windows, on sticks in flower arrangements etc.

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Light Green Garden Flower Canopy / Mosquito Netting (from Heartsong) with flowers at top & bought some feather butterflies attached to the draping netting. Hung this canopy overhead the kids tables. Beautiful effect, looked like one was under a Flowering tree. Hung small Fairy Pinata inside the middle of the canopy (looks like fairy under the tree). Bought helium Butterfly shaped balloons for each chair/child.

Tinkerbell Tablecloths (only fairy theme i could find at the time)but you could just as easily use plain light green, purple or pink tablecloth). Fairy themed plates, cups, napkins (Dollar Store). Goodie bags(for the toys/candy from pinata)were also fairy themed. 

Using 3 rolls of light green Crepe Paper & pastel coloured construction paper made floating butterfly & flower curtains for the walls. Cut out tons of construction paper butterflies & flowers. Strung dangling tendrils of green crepe, stapled with different coloured butterflies & flowers on each strand.  Taped the 12-15 ft curtains to the walls. 

Made smaller version for the doorway. Made tissue paper flowers with pipe cleaner stems. You can wrap these around anywhere, I was going to do each individual chair or along the green curtains but instead just strewn them all around the floor. Using more crepe paper, stapled streamers to helium balloons attached to it were one or two paper butterflies or flowers (looks like butterflies flying).

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Music was Barbie Fairytopia, High School Musical & Nutcracker.


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