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The kids got their party favors during the scavenger hunt.  The girls got pens with green maribou feather toppers, bracelets, and rings.  The boys got pirate pencils, pirate tattoos, and pirate flags. 

All the kids got a home-made book of Tink/Peter Pan coloring pages.  (I find that these go over very well.)

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Finally, as party favors, I had bought these little fabric purses at a craft store (inexpensive in a pack).  I then ordered these little fairy buttons off of ebay where you could personalize each button with each girl's name.  I then attached the button to the bag, with matching tulle bunched up under the button like a flower.

Inside was a small Fairtopia fairy (found on clearance at McFrugals), a sparkly ring and necklace (Target), a couple of Fairytopia party favors (stamper and glitter pen -e bay), and a chocolate bar wrapped in a Fairytopia wrapper personalized with my daughter's name and "thank you for coming" (wrappers on ebay).

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I wrapped all of the favor boxes in colored tissue paper, with the star from the wands peeking out the top.  They made quite an impressive pile... the fairies had been eyeing them for at least an hour!   Each fairy (and fairy parent) left the party with a full belly and and armload of fairy treasure. 

The fairies took home their decorated fairy wings, Morganne's Magic Fairy Dust necklace and sachet, personalized candy bar, box of 16 crayons and personalized coloring sheet, Fairytopia tiara and blowout, butterfly bubbles necklace, a helium balloon, and their favor box, which was a pink heart shaped bucket filled with a sheet of Fairytopia stickers, a 3-D butterfly sticker, mirror, hairbrush, body glitter, and silver star wand.

This is the best birthday party I have ever thrown for my daughter… the decorations were beautiful, the food was impressive, the girls were adorable, no one had trouble with the crafts or games, the parents were wowed, everyone got along, and not a single fairy was unhappy!  Best of all, I have precious memories and a ton of photographs which will last a lifetime!

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Party bags I went to quite a lot of effort with these. I bought sparkly gift bags and made a personalised label for each on my PC. I devised some fairy labels using clipart and stuck these to bottles of bubble mixture, calling them 'fairy wishes'. I also personalised some tiny notebooks with each child's name on a label, e.g. 'Anne's Fairy Notebook'. I bought tiny fairy stampers and some fairy stickers for each bag.

As I was devising the fairy adventure game, I wrote down my ideas and then ended up turning it into a story. I took photos beforehand of the crown and wand, for example, and the baby fairies, and scanned them to illustrate the story. Thus each child got a little 8-page book to take home with the story of Sparkle and the baby fairies, a story that they had participated in. (Luckily everything went to plan and the story ended up mirroring the events closely enough!) 

Cost The most expensive part of the party was having the books colour photocopied. I limited the number of at the party to ten girls which helped keep the cost down.

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For party favours we will be making toffee apples which will wrapped in celophane as well as some star cookies, of course they get to keep their wings, wands and tiaras as well. 

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I purchased colored paper bags at a dollar store 5 for $1. On each bag I put a picture of my fairy princess and inside I put Pixie sticks (a lot) skittles, Fairy stickers and a small thing of party favor playdo. They also got to keep their wings, wands and bubbles.  

Directions for hand made items:

Wands- 10 wooden steak skewers (trim sharp end), Elmers glitter glue pens and paint glue, Construction paper or any thick paper. Cut out 20 small stars all the exact same size (use a example to trace by) Glue two stars to the top of the steak skewer and let dry. Once dry paint one side of the star with the glue pen. Once dry turn over and do other side. Then use the paint glitter glue and paint the wooden wand. 

Wings- 10 coat hangers, and some type of sheer fabric, strong packaging tape and a glue gun. Mold hangers into wings. Cover with fabric. Tape around the center to secure and glue once you have it just the way you want it. Decorate with glitter, ribbons, etc.

Bubbles- buy 10 of the wedding favor bubbles. They are plan and need decorated. Use your glitter paint and decorate! 

COST: Wands- $3 Wings- $5 Bubbles-$2 Party favor bags- $5 Food- $15 Decorations- $10 Total- $40   ( This is the cost of doing everything yourself )

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I made goody bags from pink and purple tissue paper and tied it closed with matching curling ribbon. 

I put a sheet of butterfly stickers, glow in the dark butterflies I found at Hobby Lobby, Hershey's kisses, bubbles, plastic necklaces and bracelets that I had bought from a wholesale store from parties before.  

They also went home with their wings, crowns, wands, skirts and necklaces.

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Favors included fairy dust necklaces, jewelry, Tinker Bell stickers, a small fairy bear, glitter nail polish or lip gloss, pixie stick candy, Pop Rocks candy, blue glow in the dark stars.  

Favors for the boys were the Harry Potter boxes which included magic wands, bean bag owls, a lightening bolt tattoo, Harry Potter stickers, and a golden house cup. 

And we added pixie stick candy, Pop Rocks candy, and blue glow in the dark stars.

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FAVOURS: Flower Ribbon skirt Butterfly Flashing Wand Jeweled Ring Fairy Wings Vial of Pixie Dust.

Favour Bags - in a giftbag with cloth flower in front had glitter lipgloss ring bodyglitter nailpolish tinkerbell pencil & eraser tinkerbell pink clear purse make your own beaded bracelet tube mini princess crown bubble wand butterfly tattoes fairy doll pink fairy figurine with star wand fairy themed colouring/activity pages crayons w/ self stick label featuring a pic of my child in fairy costume! Hope you had Fun!" Everything in favour/goodie bag was bought at Dollar Store.

THANK YOU NOTES:  Same Fairy Princess cutout as invitation on cardstock.

On the skirt wrote:  DEAR (blank line to write guest name)   Thank you FAIRY much for the (write gift rec'd).  Your gift was fit for a Princess!  Hope you had a FAIRY good time!  Thank you for coming to celebrate my b-day with me!  Your Friend  GL.


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