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1.  Had the Peter Pan movie playing in our lower level.  This kept most of the kids occupied for a while.

2.  Played Freeze-Dance using music from Peter Pan.  Mostly the girls were interested in this and kept asking for it over and over throughout the party.

3.  Played Musical Pillows (like Musical Chairs) using music from Peter Pan but instead of having a child be out of the game for not having a pillow to sit on, the object was everyone had to crowd onto the pillows that were remaining.  This was a cool idea because none of the kids felt left out of the game and I had a huge group of hysterically giggling kids all sitting on top of one another on 1 pillow.  It made for a good picture opportunity!

4.  Scavenger Hunt.  Each kid had to bring me something from around the house that I asked for (toilet paper, fork, piece of paper, ball, etc) and once I had them all, Captain Hook (my son) told everyone where he had hid his treasure (party favors).

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I decided a fun way to get the kids into the groove of the party would be to start with a little treasure hunt.  I made up little cards for each family coming to the party.  I had picked up these mermaid Barbie-like dolls at a dollar store - two dolls (mermaid "sisters") for a dollar.  I then wrote the name of each girl coming on the back of each set dolls.  We had some boys coming, so I bought toy dragons at a toy store and wrote their names on them (I had a bit of hard time trying to incorporate the boys into this theme, but this worked out great!). 

The cards, which we handed to each family coming in the door, said "To Earn Your Fairy Wings  The evil sorceress has locked the mermaids of Mermaidia away in a far-away cave!  It is your job to rescue them and bring them back to their home in Mermaidia!  If you do so, you will earn your fairy wings. 

1.Go to the cave (trampoline).  There are two mermaid sisters in the cave that have your name written on their backs.  Find your mermaid sisters and rescue them from the cave. 

2.Take your mermaid sisters, and slide them down the magical waterfall (water slide).  The magic water will make them feel stronger for their journey back to Mermaidia. 

3.Take your mermaids from the magical waterfall, and into the land of Mermaidia (the pool).  The mermaids will be so happy to be home, they will most likely want to leap and flip into the air, landing in the water.  Throw them up so they land in the water and return safely to their homes.  Try on a mermaid tail to see how you like being a mermaid! 

4.The mermaid sisters are yours to keep, so once you are done swimming in Mermaidia, please bring them inside with you and put them with your things.   

Congratulations!  You have saved the mermaids from the evil sorceress, and you have now earned your fairy wings.!  Good job!!"  My mom and I had sewn the mermaid tails ourselves.

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The first game we played was Pin the Horn on the Unicorn.  The girls whose horns were closest and furthest away got prizes.

Back to the Fairy PageFlower Pot Ring Toss

We played flower pot ring toss.  I glued silk flowers on green dowels, and planted them in flowerpots filled with foam and green moss, with pretty ribbons tied on each.  I also covered metal hoops with silk flowers for the fairy rings.  Each girl had to toss a fairy ring over the flower in the flowerpot to win her prize.  The prizes were fairy dust necklaces and sachets, which every girl received…

Back to the Fairy PageSparkle Fairy Hunt

Instead of having a lot of separate games, I invented one fairy adventure game incorporating a series of activities.

When everyone had arrived, I had all the girls sit in a ring and used one of my daughter's bigger, soft dolls to be 'Sparkle' the fairy. I made Sparkle be a puppet. Sparkle explained that she was supposed to be looking after the baby fairies, but she had got into a terrible muddle and had lost her fairy crown, her wand and her necklace (these were all craftily hidden in the garden beforehand). She then asked the children to help her find them and then help her do some magic to find the fairies again.

The children then enthusiastically went into the garden to search for the objects. I made sure to have the last one round the side of the house, and as we were finding it, my husband hid the pieces for the next activity.  Once the wand, crown and necklace had been found, Sparkle asked the children to find the next clue to make magic.

I had made a puzzle of a picture of the wendy house in the garden and we hid the puzzle pieces for the children to find (I put the children's names on them so that each child was in charge of one piece). Once they pieced together the puzzle and worked out the picture, they went to look in the wendy house which held a letter from the fairy queen and her 'wand' (one of these confetti wands you get for weddings, which shoot up biodegradable bits of coloured paper into the air). The letter asked the children to gather a variety of things (gold stones – painted beforehand, flower of various colours, etc.).

Once these had been gathered, the children stood in a circle and Sparkle asked them to sing a magic song: 'If you want to help the fairies, clap your hands...' etc. I had collected all the objects the children had gathered in a basket with a doily on the bottom, beneath which was an envelope. I had the children say some magic words and we waved the wand to create 'fairy dust'. The envelope magically appeared in the basket and it said that the baby fairies were so exhausted, they were sleeping on my daughter's bed.

The children rushed inside to find them. I had made one baby fairy for each child to take home as follows: I ordered cheap plastic little dolls (the ones with eyes that blink and movable joints), about an inch high, from a craft catalogue. I used lace to wind round them to make a bodice and three layers of pink net circles with a small hole in the middle to make skirts. I stuck on a pair of paper butterfly wings (I bought these in a pack but you could easily make them), and make twinkly shoes by dipping their feet in glue then glitter and a glitter halo on each little head. 

The whole 'game' took about half an hour and the children really enjoyed it. Especially when Sparkle asked them to each look after a fairy at the end. It was just the right age: they were totally prepared to suspend disbelief and buy into the story, and yet old enough to follow instructions.

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The good Wizard of the Woods made a grand entrance (Dad) with wooden  staff, cloak, beard/wig, spellbook (vintage-looking book from thrift store), and magic bag. He  welcomed the fairies and outlined the mission ahead, warning of the dangers, telling them to stay  together for more power, and to look for small fairies (cut-outs) to show them where to go next.

He  gave out special jobs to everyone: Mapbearer (to hold the map of the Briar we had drawn), a  Navigator to help decipher the map, three Spellcasters who would need to take the spell the wizard  gives them and chant it three times whenever evil appeared during the journey, and a wizard hunter  who would be on the lookout for the evil wizard's minions.

The birthday girl got to read the clues  which the wizard gave out in an envelop before each leg of the journey. The wizard of the woods  also gave out special glass vial necklaces (33 cents each online) and were told they would need  these later.   And with that, they were given the first clue, which led them downstairs (following the strand of  twinkle lights) to the Cave of Lightning (room with strobe light) in search of the emerald unicorn  horn (horn-shaped green lava lamp) where they would find magic rings (rave rings that light up  from OTC).

The girls exited this room through a second doorway that led into a tunnel (boxes piled  up on both sides and covered with blankets). They emerged in the Mystic Meadow which was  decorated with butterflies, flowers, and twinkle lights ad had magical music playing. Here, the  fairies were to make rainbow flower hair wreaths (silk flowers from OTC leis strung onto two  entwined pipe cleaners). This task, when complete, would help restore the magic to the flowers and  meadows of the Briar. To test this, at the end of the activity, the wizard took from his magic bag a  mystery pouch of jewel dust from the jewel mines of the north (pop rocks from OTC).  Fairies were  to taste the dust and if it felt alive in their mouths, the magic was coming back.  
Next, they traveled to an outside covered deck where we had created a fairy ring from upside-down  paper cups and painted paper bowls (looked like Wonderland toadstools). Decor included dollar  store flowers, butterflies, and a tree branch with a Halloween raven in it  the first of three evil  wizard signs. When the girls spotted it, the wizard of the woods consulted his spellbook and gave  them a spell to chant to protect them from the evil. With all the fairies in the ring, the wizard  explained what a fairy ring was and said that they would now have the chance to dance in the ring  to music (Celtic).

When the music stopped, they must stop and whoever didn't, would have to step  out of the ring. The remaining fairy would get to lead them all to the next stop. They had great fun  here and ended it by tasting the jewel dust again to confirm that they had restored the magic to the  earth.  The next clue led them down the steps of the back deck and out onto a forest trail.

Along the way,  they met the second evil wizard representative  a wood elf (ugly Halloween mask) who used to be  the prince. The fairies used their light rings and another spell was chanted, lifting the evil wizard's  spell and the elf turned back into the prince (took off mask). Everyone was relieved. Further along  the trail the fairies came across a patch of magic strawberries (chocolate-covered strawberries,  wrapped in plastic wrap and stuck in the ground on wooden BBQ skewers) that they got to pick and  eat to give them more good magic.

After eating, they continued to the Rainbow Bridge (an actual  foot bridge over a creek bed). On the other side of the bridge was a dragon (the king in a dragon  mask under the spell of the evil wizard.) The task, as the clue stated, was to go, one by one, to the  end of the bridge, where there was a small wooden treasure chest (thrift store) filled with magic  dust (sand and glitter). They were to fill their glass vial necklaces with this dust for extra protection.  But first, they had to chant a third spell (by this time, the girls were frantically using their light rings  and screaming to the Wizard of the Woods to give them the next spell quickly). Once chanted, the  dragon turned back into the king, who thanked them for helping and, in turn, helped them fill their  glass vials.  

They then got another clue, which guided them back along the trail closer to the house where the  sky fairy was waiting with two kinds of bubbles. One was edible (by PEZ) and the other was  catchable (Catch A Bubble  these harden in the air, making them catchable). The fairies had to first  catch as many bubbles in their mouths as possible (this was funny), then each catch one in their  hands in order to move on to the next stop. Again, the wizard tested the magic with pop rocks.  

At this point the wizard announced that the fairies had now restored magic to the flowers and  meadows, the earth, and the air and the Briar was once again safe. As a thank you, they would be  allowed to take away some of the Briar's magic to their own lands. They were led to an area with a  pile of soil, flowers, and pretty dollar store pots and were allowed to plant their own flowers to take  home.

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For games we have a fairy scavenger hunt, easy because we are in the park so we have lots of room, I told the children that the fairy princess is a bit upset because she needs a new house and can't get enough stuff to make it... So I made up a necklace for each of the guests with the list of items on each (parents will have to help their kids find the items)I made the necklaces by getting a piece of cardboard and decorating the edges with pinking shears, the list which I printed out on different coloured paper will be glued on top of the cardboard and then will have a hole punched in the top & a peice of curling ribbon strung through so that they can put in around their neck while finding the items from the list.

The list will consist of items like, 3 brown leaves (to help make fairy houses), 2 pebbles (for the fairy garden), something green (again for their garden), something shiny (to decorate their house) etc… We have also made cute bags for them to collect their "Fairy building materials" in out of Brown paper lunch bags which we have decorated with a stencil and some spray paint & some glitter, the first, second and third kid back with all the items receives a prize, all of the other kids will receive consolation prizes of Star cookies which we will be making and decorating with icing and cache balls, at the end, I will collect all the items that have been found and out them in a big envelope with the address of the fairy princess on it & mail it to her to help her build her new house.

Back to the Fairy PageMagical Fairy Parcels (Pass the Parcel)

I have found that the best way to do this so that you make sure that appropriate prizes go to each child (we will be putting lip gloss, glitter etc for the girls, and other toys for the boys, as well as some board books for the babies invited) is to keep a list of what and in which order the prizes are wrapped up in so that you can stop the music on the appropriate child, this saves the hassle of boys ending up with lip gloss and a girl ending up with a cowboy toy!!!.  We wrapped up the parcels with the same sort of butchers paper that we used for the table cloth and sprinkled some glitter in between the sheets.

Back to the Fairy PagePin the Wand to Tinker Bell

For the party games we played pin the wand in Tinker Bell's hand. I scanned off a picture of Tinker Bell into a poster format on my computer and glued it onto poster board. I then cut out star shaped wands out of various colors of construction paper and wrote each child's name on the star of the wand.

The winner received a candy bar and all the children received a Rice Krispie Treat star wands that I made by making Rice Krispie Treats cut into star shapes, putting them onto the end of a sucker stick.

Back to the Fairy PagePass the Wand

We played was pass the wand (hot potato) using my daughter's Tinker Bell wand from Halloween. The winner of this game also received a candy bar and everyone received a small toy prize. 

Back to the Fairy PageMermaid Fishing

Next we went over to Mermaid Lagoon. The foam mermaids that were floating there had paper clips attached to them. I made a fishing pole out of a yardstick with a long piece a curling ribbon attached and tied to the end was a magnet wrapped in a small piece of tulling. The children had 30 seconds to catch as many mermaids as they could.

The winner received a candy bar and everyone received a bottle of mermaid bubbles. (I made a bubble necklace out of a small bottle of party bubbles wrapped in green tulling and tied with a long piece of curling ribbon.

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Fairy-Freeze Dance:  Stop and start Nutcracker music Fairy Godmother to explain fairies are to dance under the magical fairy tree and freeze when music is off Helper to give fairies their wands to dance with Helper to blow bubbles 

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We had to get everyone ready to go to Neverland so I passed out the goodies.

The girls (7 of them) received Tinkerbell green wings (ebay), green tulle skirts (made by my Mom), & fairy wands (purchased at a local party store for $1 each), & Tink bags (ebay, nice plastic w/ handles in pink, green & blue).

The boys (4 of them) received black backpacks (local $1 store), pirate hats, hooks & eye patches.  Inside everyones bag: pixie sticks, Tink or Peter pens that would light up, butterfly wings, Tink necklace (ebay), stickers, playdough($1store) & a Tink blowout.

Then I sprinkled everyone with green glittering pixie dust. We took pictures of everyone with Peter or Tink & then the kids visited the different areas of Neverland. At Mermaid Lagoon you could blow bubbles. I bought bottles at the $1 Store & put "Happy Birthday" stickers with pictures of Tinkerbell, again created with the Disney print shop.

The kids had their goody bags with them to collect all the items at the different areas of Neverland. At the Indian Camp I had my brother painting faces- mostly the girls getting glitter & butterflies. At Treasure Island you had to walk the plank past Capt Hook to collect your treasure.

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Our party was a Fairy Quest for a group of eight girls (all eight years old). It went very smoothly!  This is the script to our fairy quest... (Merlin was the big brother, age 10, reading his lines from the script taped inside his Guiness Book of World Records.) 

Welcome to the fairy quest! I am Merlin, the wizard of the fairies, and I will be your guide through this mysterious trip through the land of the fairies. I have in my hands the laws of the ancient rune of the tribe of Flower Fairies. The rune tells us how to bring joy to the fairies, and if we make them joyful, they will provide us with a mysterious fairy gift.   You must complete a series of tasks. 

To succeed, you must not only do the tasks but do them properly.  The fairies believe that you must not rush,  They will only provide their gift if the whole group works together.  All of the tasks in this quest must be done with care.  If you find a clue, the clue must be read aloud with all of the questers present. A different person must read each clue, or you must read the clue together.  Does everyone understand the fairy's directions? 

1. Your first task is to find the magical fairy items on this list. You must find these things OUTSIDE in our yard and put them all in your bag. You may work in large or small teams, but everyone must be on a team. You may add other small but interesting nature items that you find. If you can't find everything in our yard, then an adult will take you further to look  (Hand out a copy of the list on the bag to all of the girls.) When you find all of the items, return to me.  - 2 y-shaped twigs - 1 straight twig - 1 piece of moss - 5 seeds - 2 pieces of bark - 5 pine needles - a feather - a flower - something curly - something empty - something flat - something scented - something soft - something that can be tied - something that floats - something smooth 

2. Excellent! Now, use the things you have found to build two houses for the fairies, on white table on the deck. Take care to build them well we want the fairies to want to come live in these dwellings. If you need more materials, you may add them. 

3. Decide with your counselors if the fairy houses are suitable. If not, then give the questors red sprinkles. If it is, then give them a spoonful of fairy rocks (pop rocks). Say: If your fairy house is suitable, the fairy rocks will sparkle in your mouth. Do they? 

4. Give the questers the clue to treasure map location. Say: Read the clue together OUT LOUD, then go forth and find the map  this clue will tell you where to seek.  The key to the garden is sunshine and air, And one other thing to keep all flowers fair. What could that thing be? Well when you find out You'll find a good map in a thing with a spout. (Treasure map in watering can) 

5. Treasure map leads to buried treasure box. In treasure box there are some Oriental Trading Company nylon butterflies and a note: Each person must carry five butterflies on the back of their hand to the fairy houses. They must be used to decorate the fairy houses. No two flowers or butterflies of the same color can be next to each other. When complete, ask the wizard for the next step. 

6. Say: Oh no! The tooth fairy was bringing her coins to the fairy house, but she crashed and scattered fairy coins on the sidewalk, which look a lot like pennies. Each person must bring exactly five fairy coins to the fairy house, and place them in a circle around each house. 

7. Say: Excellent! Now there is one last step to completing our houses: fairy dust. Go inside, remove your shoes, and await instructions for making fairy dust. After you make your fairy dust, each person must gently sprinkle some of their fairy dust over the fairy house to bring the magic to the house. (Fairy dust made in cups or small porcelain containers, including glitter, dried rosebuds, dried lavender, dried cinnamon, dried mint, rosemary, and other lovely smelling things.) 

8. Decide with your counselors if the fairy house is suitable. If it is not, then give the questors some red sprinkles. If it is, then give them a spoonful of fairy rocks. Say: If your fairy house is suitable, the fairy rocks will sparkle in your mouth.  

9. Say: The rocks have told us that the houses are complete. Now we must tell the fairies! You must write a letter to the fairies, inviting them to live in the fairy houses you have built. Each person must write at least one line of the letter and sign their fairy name by their line. Put the letter in the mailbox, and return to the living room.  

10. Say: Now you must call the fairies to the mailbox, in a way that they will hear. Find the bells in the living room, and make up a fairy tune and play it three times. Each person must have one bell.  (During this time, mom goes outside and puts out the fairy flowers and the message by the house.) 

11. After the song, say: Now, it is time to check to see if the fairies have come to the house. Go outside and check. We will know if they have come because they will have left a message there about where the treasure is. (Mom has meanwhile left the coded message there.) 

12. Ah good, the fairies are pleased, and they have left you a message telling you where they have placed their gift. But, their message is in fairy language! Fortunately, I have the key!  (Hand out copies of the key) 

13. Find the treasure (magical mood rings), eat fairy cake, and hand out pop rocks and fairy flowers/butterflies in golden bags as party favors, plus the containers of fairy dust.

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FLOWER POT BEANBAG TOSS (bought 5 flowerpots taped twistable flowers to the back)-kids tried to get at least 1 beanbag into any of the pots

Back to the Fairy PagePin the Wings on the Fairy

Handmade this game, like pin the tail on the donkey.  Kids earned jeweled flower rings.

Back to the Fairy PageFairy Queen Says

Played like "Simon Says" and the actions can be fairy flight training like practicing to swoop, glide, flutter.

Back to the Fairy PageFairy Fariy Pixie

Played like "Duck Duck Goose" with freeze wands or fly free wands and the kids earned flashing butterfly wands.


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