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We had pizza, fruit salad, ceasar salad, veggies, spinach dip, juice boxes, soda, chips, etc.  I had also found an inexpensive mermaid mold on ebay, and made mermaid-shaped ice cubes.  I then made a light blue punch and had the mermaids floating in the punch. 

My daughter and I also made mermaid shaped lollipops and had them sitting out for everyone to take.

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The food table was set up with a lot of fairy-friendly foods.  We had ranch dip in a hollowed out purple cabbage, with veggies and chips.  There was fruit dip (served in a hollow melon) with a fresh fruit salad, and an ambrosia fruit salad. 

The biggest hit was definitely the chocolate dipped strawberries.  I dipped strawberries in Ghiradelli milk chocolate, and then drizzled white chocolate over them... I made two cartons of strawberries, and still ran out within the first hour! 

I also made fairy punch and had several varieties of soda.  The cake was on this table, as well.  For a centerpiece, we had a dozen hot pink roses, with ferns and baby's breath.  I also scattered a dozen lavender silk roses onto the table.

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We will be making a variety of mixed sandwiches which will be cut into shape with Star cookie cutters.

There will be fairy bread and jelly cups with sprinkles on top as well as fruit kebabs which will be just cut up fruit on a bamboo skewer with the tip cut off & we will be tying a bit of ribbon on the end of each. And just some cheerios & Pink & Green lemonade to drink.

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The food will be tea sandwiches (peanut butter and jelly and chicken salad) cut into flower shapes with cookie cutters. 

Petit fours cakes in pastel colors, flower shaped cookies decorated with fairy dust (sugar crystals) all served on trays decorated with theme related flowers.  And we will serve pink lemonade as tea.

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Inside a hollowed out cabbage I had put the ranch dip and beside it the chips (in a flower pot brand new of course). I also took wooden steak skewers and put grapes and strawberries on them and at the top put a melon I had cut into the shape of a star with a cookie cutter. This made the fruit look like magic wands and made it easier to eat for little hands.

Inside a hollowed out melon I put a dip for the fruit wands. On the kids table I had 4 different flowerpots with items that children just learning to eat solid foods could snack on. Such as the Gerber graduate toddler items, froot loops etc. The parents appreciated this because at a birthday party those younger guest are often forgotten.

In a large metal washtub I put caned drinks on ice in the yard. And on a table I had lemonade with lemons sliced on everyone's cup already.

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For food we served, Pirate Ship Cannonballs (meatball appetizers), Peter Panwiches (Sandwich Tray), Wendys Salad (Potato Salad), Lost Boy Beans (Baked Beans), Smee Chips (Potato Chips) and Pixie Punch (Fruit Punch).

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All the children received a Rice Krispie Treat star wands that I made by making Rice Krispie Treats cut into star shapes, putting them onto the end of a sucker stick. I then dipped them in white chocolate and sprinkled on green colored sugar crystals. 

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Flower Shaped Cookie Cutter (Strawberry jam sandwich), Butterfly Shaped Cookie Cutter (Turkey & Cheese sandwich), Fruit Tray (Strawberries, Grapes, Pineapple), Berry Fairy Pink Punch, Fairy Pink Lemonade, Iced Sweet Tea, PIXIE Sticks, BARBIE FAIRYTOPIA (Plastic Fairy figurine sitting inside a pink blossoming flower)


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