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Back_to_PrincessMirror Mirror Decorations

For a sit-down activity, I had prepared hand-held mirrors for them to decorate.  I used puffy paint and wrote each girl's own name on a mirror before the party so they were dry.  Then I had them pick out gems and shells to decorate with. 

Back_to_PrincessDecorate Crowns Wands

After lunch we started with our first craft activity.  I had purchased foam crowns and wands for the girls to decorate.  Each girl was given a bottle of glue and then chose the color of crown and wand they would like.  I then had a divided container filled with different accessories for them to add.  We had rhinestones in all different sizes shapes and colors; self-adhesive foam hearts dots flowers and swirls; little pom-poms and all different colored glitter glue pens.  I wanted to do this craft first to give them time to dry.

Back_to_PrincessBracelet Kits

I purchased this craft kit at Walmart it included enough supplies to make 10 bracelets and was on clearance for $1.50.  Each girl was given a baggie with all of the parts that I had put together before the party.  It included one jelly bracelet a large plastic charm (either a heart or butterfly) two smaller heart charms and three jump rings. 

Each girl had to attach the charms to the jump ring and then slide it onto the bracelet.  We had to help them close the jump rings with pliers so it was good that there were a few adults to help.

Back_to_PrincessGet Ready for the Ball

Getting Ready for the Ball: In Enchanted Giselle enlists Morgan for some serious decorating help when she needs to get ready for the ball. You can transform a playroom your daughters room or any large room into a salon makeup store and dress shop. Use poster board creative fonts and clip art to make and design store signs for the different areas. Set up and partition off various areas to create the three different stores. In the salon have different wigs hair bows clips combs glitter spray and tiaras out to decorate each others hair.

Have chairs and handheld mirrors setup for the girls to admire their styles. Can also enlist the help of older sisters and their friends if desired to come and do some cute princessť styles on each girl. In the makeup store setup barstools and tables with eye shadow lip-gloss or lipstick nail polish body glitter glitter lotion and nail stickers.

Have each girl do each others makeup in beautiful princess styles. In the dress shop setout princess dress up clothes necklaces bracelets clip on earrings and dress up shoes. After your big dress up have the girls model their new styles. Take pictures.

Play the Enchanted CD overhead and have the girls dance to it. Enlist the help of an older sibling or yourself to come dressed up in princess attire and help the girls learn to walk talk and dance like a princess. Or put on a princess sing a long DVD or dance DVD in and have the girls dance to it.

TIP: To keep costs down look at your local dollar store. You may find clip in hair pieces dresses hair rollers and inexpensive makeup. Another area to look is in the clearance section at Target.

Towards the front of the store they have a clearance section with $1 and $2 items. Various items rotate depending on the season but you may find some neat finds there too. Check secondhand stores or post a WANT ad at places like Freecycle to see if others have dress up clothing.

Back_to_PrincessElegant Bobbie Pins

I bought beads of medium size to put on bobby pins.  I bought the most elegant beads I could find and used the same fine spool wire I used to make the choker and earrings.  It was simple to teach the kids to do and short enough for there attention span to complete. 

I bought beautiful pink draw string bags of translucent silk at a wedding supply section at a craft store.  They were under $1.50 each (that is Canadian money don't forget) These were to give to each guest as they left.

In it I put a foil pack of Disney Princess gummies. (available at your grocer's candy aisle) Some candy hearts with love messages on them (the party was close to Valentines Day) and was to be the final resting place for the bobby pin craft, so it would not get lost and the placecard that was on the table for the dinner.

Back_to_PrincessSugar Cube Castle

The children sat at a table and were each given a disposable tray and were given instructions on how to make a castle out of sugar cubes.....I had a model of one I had made the night they could see the finished product…

The trick is to spread the icing down first and the lay the first layer of sugar cubes....and then for each remaining layer to dip the cubes in the icing when placing them down...and then the last row were the gumdrops. I had extra icing tubs down on the table and food coloring for the kids to decide the filling color that they wanted for the layers.  They had a great time with this and it was very age appropriate for 4-6year olds. 

When the castles were completed we admired everyones unique design/color. I also had princess snacks if they wanted to decorate their castles with them. This was an awesome activity….it did take up a bit of time because the kids really put a lot of effort into it.

Back_to_PrincessDecorate Princess Hats & Crowns

I had premade the girls hats using pink posterboard and special see through shimmery ribbon that I hole punched each hat and attached....I tested one on my daughter to make sure the ribbon was long enough to easily tie under her chin.

The kids were told to unwrap their treasure and then I showed them the model hat and crown that I had decorated and they worked diligently on this.  The hats were so beautiful. I had premade labels and gave each parent one with their child's name so the hats would not get mixed up.  Also, we only had one prince and for the crown, I used gold posterboard and traced a crown design and he decorated it just like the girls with jewels, stickers, etc.

Back_to_PrincessRoyal Door Hanger Craft

I cut out foamboard door hangers and had the kids glue different foam shapes on them.  I told them to hang them on their bedroom doors because little knights and princesses needed there rest and could not be disturbed at home.

Back_to_PrincessDecorate the Crown

Crafts I purchased cardbaord crowns (Dollar Store)and had foam shapes scattered on the craft table.  The foam shapes were mirrors, combs, lipstick tubes etc.  I also had some stars and shapes for the boys. 

They were not the self sticking kind which would have been nice, but I improvised and used cupcake tin liners and put a small amount of school glue in each one and put out glittery paint brushes to be dipped in the glue. 

I didn't want a bunch of 5 year olds with full glue bottles so I thought that was the best solution.  The kids had fun decorating their crowns and I had a pen handy so their name could be written inside.  And clean-up was a snap since the paint brushes were really inexpensive I just tossed them all at the end and didn't have to deal with a sticky mess.

Back_to_PrincessPrincess Picture

Upon entering, each princess, who each came in their own princess attire, had their picture taken with the birthday girl (dressed in her princess wedding dress, a birthday present from her grandparents) by King Daddy. 

My husband was dressed in a homemade crown of poster board covered in silver mylar paper, a homemade medalian necklace from a plastic can lid, craft foam, jewels and ribbon, and my 6 year old son's magician cape I made him for school. 

I was dressed as the Queen in a floor length bridesmaid's dress, my long white gloves from my own wedding, pearl jewelry, and my hair up with one of my daughter's toy tiaras.  The girls were both surprised and tickled that I had dressed up, too, so I'm glad I did now. 

My son  dressed up as the prince (we had persuaded him to help). He wore his king's red velvet cape and crown that I had made him three years earlier for his "Old King Cole" party (his name is Cole).

Back_to_PrincessNecklace Station

The necklace station, I had several bowls of various beads of different shapes and sizes, all pink, purple, clear and pearl colored.  I used the stiff stretchy plastic cording and it worked well for all ages.  Knots were hard to tie, though, with this stuff.  Some only did this for 5-10 minutes, others went on for up to 20+ minutes.

Back_to_PrincessFoam Crowns

When the children arrived, the first thing they did was make their crown.  I sprang for foam crowns from OTC, as they looked nicer than cardboard, and they were also acting as a party favor.  The children glued their plastic jewels on their crowns and then set to work on their castles.  I bought little plastic castles from OTC.

Back_to_PrincessOpen Presents on Throne

For presents I set up two children's chairs in front of the cardboard castle.  I had simply draped a large scrap piece of red fabric over them (2 seconds prep time!).  They made very royal looking thrones.  My daughter sat in one throne, and the child whose present was being opened sat in the other.  They all loved it.  They felt very special in the thrones, and I got a neat picture of each kid with the birthday girl.

Back_to_PrincessDecorate the Princess Hat

I used plain pink party hats.  The princesses decorated them with glitter, sequins and stickers.  I then taped colored ribbon to the point to trail behind them. (I discovered that the netting that I bought was too heavy, hence lots of leftover net to drape from the castle towers.) 

Their names were on their hats in order to identify each princess!  The princes decorated shields with markers, glitter and stickers.  I made shields ahead of time out of cardboard and covered them in foil.  I stapled a cardboard handle on the back. 

Those princesses that were done decorating quickly could color princess coloring pages, have their nails painted, have body jewels applied or have their hair sprayed with glitter hairspray.  Everyone decorated a large paper bag with their name on it so that anytime they won something or made something, it went right into the bag so that it wasn't lost!

Back_to_PrincessRoyal Salon

Fairy godmother guides each guest to the royal salon (some special vanity (small table with tablecloth & mirror & stools for assistants white robes for costumes) with royal throne-like seat blue satin pillow shams on back and seat of dining room chair) where two royal assistants (niece & friend) who will paint their nails (assistant #1) and apply lip gloss to their lips & glitter gel to their cheeks (and hair?) and royal scented spray (assistant #2)

Back_to_PrincessMake Tiaras and Bracelets

When the princesses are not at the salon, they can occupy themselves with decorating their princess tiaras (tiara designs attached to headband which they decorate with stick-on jewels & glitter pens write princess name on bag and put extra stuff in their goody bag goody bags sit on counter) and making royal bracelets - this station will be at the kitchen table with a chair for each princess - until everyone is completed.

Fairy godmother performs the royal ceremony for each princess. She calls up each princess (Princess Claire is last) with their tiara in hand and has them sit on the royal throne-like seat with backdrop (printed out different shapes of stars onto paper.  Cut them out and spray-painted them gold. Attached iron-on adhesive applied to sheers made masking tape actually stick to it! -  stars to double layer of sheers hanging from yardsticks.).

She will have a certificate of royalty for each princess (all certificates but Claire's will be rolled up and tied with ribbon Claire's will be attached to a clipboard from which the Fairy godmother reads then hands the girls their own certificate) and will read each one for each princess after placing the tiara on their head Princess ________, royal status of princess has been awarded upon you by your fairy godmother.

You must be kind to all creatures, you must use the royal smile often (as this time the fairy godmother indicates that they are to smile and then their picture will be taken) and most importantly of all, you must behave as a princess at all times for this princess spell can only be broken by throwing a huge fit! This was printed over a watermarked castle clip art and signed by the Fairy Godmother with a signature font.

Back_to_PrincessPrincess Treatment

I had the girls (with the mothers help, as the girls were mostly three year olds) decorate the princess hats and gave them their purse and jewelry.  I then painted their nails pink, and put on glittery body lotion to their faces, hands and arms.  I then declared them all princesses and said that no princess is complete without her magic wand, and gave them all their wands.

Back_to_PrincessPicture Frames

Prior to the children arriving, I set out a white paper handled craft bag (to serve as their goody bag), a white picture frame (I made these myself using poster board and an exacto-knife), and sheets of princess and birthday stickers.  Both the frames and the bags had each child's name on them (printed on a white label). 

As the children arrived, they each found their place at the table and decorated their bag and frame with stickers. I had a card table set up near my entryway with a lavender table cloth and as the kids finished decorating their bags, we stood their goody bags up on the table and put their frames inside their bags.

Back_to_PrincessBuild a Cookie Castle

I purchased small, square, sugar wafer cookies at an import store (Cost Plus).  Each child had a foil-covered piece of cardboard with their name on it (prepared in advance of the guests arriving) waiting at their place at the table.  They were each given a bowl of cookies with assorted candies mixed in and a bowl of white frosting. 

They created castles by dipping their cookies in the frosting and building with them like blocks.  The frosting served as their "glue".  They were very creative and they loved this activity!!  We had plenty of wipes on hand to clean messy fingers and faces!

Back_to_PrincessMagic Wands

I helped the children make magic wands.  Before the party, I cut dowels to the length of chopsticks, stuck styrofoam balls on top, and spraypainted them with gold metallic spray paint.  At the party, the children decorated them with glitter, sequins, and ribbon. 

In the room with the stage, I had a CD playing of Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite, Sleeping Beauty Suite, and Swan Lake, for any princesses or princes who felt like dancing.


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