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To do the parrots activity I used toilet rolls covered in green card. The children then coloured in wings, head etc of a parrot design I found on the internet before these were glued to make the parrot.

A piece of black elastic threaded through the bottom of the toilet roll went around their arm so it looked as thought it was sitting on them. (One tip, it's advisable to cut out the parrot bits beforehand so it cuts down time on the day)

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INGREDIENTS:  clean, empty individual soda or water bottle for each child - label removed, and child's name pre-written on cap with Sharpie marker; vinegar (enough to fill 1/2 each bottle; for example, for sixteen ounce bottle you would need 8 ounces of vinegar for each child); vegetable oil (enough to fill 1/2 of each bottle); funnels (at least one for every three kids.  The ideal would be one for each child.);  glue or hot glue gun;  optional are blue food coloring (a few drops can color the whole batch of vinegar), glitter, plastic sea life beads that are small enough to fit through the bottle opening, and/or small shells that will fit in opening. 

DIRECTIONS: Have a bottle at each place with the oil already measured out and poured in.  Have the vinegar (already tinted blue, if you're doing that) pre-measured into paper cup at each place.  The kids get to pour the vinegar in (and watch the oil rise through it to the top).  They then can add any embellishments you might have -- beads, glitter, shells etc.  Then have them take the bottles over to a glue station where an adult glues the caps on (so when the children play with their ocean there are no leaks).

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They made treasure chests.  I used old cleaned out wipes boxes.  I painted them with brown plastic spray paint and added gold glitter paint to the corners and drew a little lock onto the front.  I let the kids decorate these with gems, gold coins and glitter pens.

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First, birthday dad & I explained to the kids that "real" pirates used individualized flags so that unsuspecting ships knew exactly WHICH pirate was about to board them. To illustrate the point, we directed their attention to our downloaded pictures of pirate flag designs used by real pirates through the ages.

We then equipped the guests with 14" x 11" pieces of black contruction paper, black & white pirate clip-art (hourglasses, cutlasses, skulls, skeletons, fists, anvils, etc.), scissors & markers and challenged each guest to create a pirate flag of their own ... something that would at once identify them (perhaps by making reference to their newly acquired pirate names) as well as inspire terror in the hearts of the potential victims.

Their finished flags were then hung on the walls to become part of the decoration.  As guests waited for others to finish up their flags, we offered face-painting services - a scurrilous selection of scars, beards, curling mustaches, and skull-and-crossbone "tattoos" to complete their piratical disguise.

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Pirate Hat/Spy Glass Decorating Station- With hats the kids made out of thick paper and decorated them with jewels, feathers, stickers (that I made by photocopying pirate flags onto colored paper, shrinking them and having the kids glue them on to their hats).  I also provided felts, crepe paper, scissors, glitter, and pipe cleaners.

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Decorated treasure chests.  We purchased $1-each wooden chests and spray painted them gold.  The kids glued on jewels.  We had butterscotch candies to fill them with, but most of the chests were too wet and messy to fill. 

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Days before the party I had premade the craft to cut down on time and keep it easy for four year olds. The kids just added the finishing touches. I made a toilet paper roll parrot, but I added a piece of elastic stapled to the bottom so each child could where their parrot throughout the party on their shoulder. With adult supervison he kids hot glued feathers onto their parrots.  I copied the pattern onto colored paper and assemled them. It was perfect for them. The kids thought the parrots were great. If the parrot would fall down they wanted it fixed right away.

Back to the Pirate Party PageMake a Pirate Flag

The child then went to make a pirate flag.  I cut the black fabric into rectangles and glued to a small dowel rod.  The kids used fabric paint and painted their pirate name on the flags and other decorations.  I had pre-cut skulls and crossbones, so each child just had to peel off the backing and place on the flag.

Back to the Pirate Party PageCigar Box Treasure Chest

The party continued with a craft session of "create your own treasure box". I used empty cigar boxes that I pre-painted before hand, (I got these at the Tabasco store).  I set up a craft table with glue, paint brushes, clear rhinestone beads for jewels, buttons, shells, feathers, and sparkle paint.  This kept the kids busy for almost 1 hour. Some of the creations were out of this world amazing!


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