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The treasure island cake was very simple, a red velvet cake (again for the sharks blood theme) covered in store-bought icing coloured blue for the sea around the edge.

I made an island shape of beige coloured icing with a bit of coconut around the outsides for the beach.

A few rocks were made by colouring the icing black and I used dark blue for the waves. I found a small model boat, a small plastic skeleton and used some lego men and palm trees to complete it.

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I also had a cake table.  This table was covered with a pirate themed table cloth.  I couldn't find an original looking pirate cakes anywhere so decided to make it myself.  I started out with a dark blue poster foam board as my water.  I made 4 cakes (1 rectagle and 3 circle cakes).  I cut all the cakes to look like islands with the largest being the rectangle placed in the center.  After just trimming off a little bit on each cake they really looked like islands.  I iced them with cream cheese icing for an off white look then added crumbled graham crackers to give the look of sand.  I hadn't tried it out prior to making the cake so I was very releived when it did indeed look like sand. 

I placed the larger cake in the middle and two of the smaller cakes on the sides.  I placed them off center to look like random islands in the water.  I added the last round cake (most of that cake was cut off) to the top corner.  The center cake had a small plastic boat (Landon's toy) in the water looking like it was docked right up against the island.  I had three pirates (toys) around a treasure chest (candle) and some gems around the chest (rock stick candy chopped into little pieces)  The gems looked really good and real.  I also had a captain and a pirate flag (toys) on this island.  To complete the island look I added about 4 palm trees(plastic cake decorations) and some coconuts (mini whoopers).  The next island had 2 pirates and a small fire. 

Above the fire was a pot hanging on a triangle stand (these were all toys from Landon's pirate play sets).  I also added a few palm trees and coconuts to this island.  The next island had two palm trees and some coconuts, a large treasure chest candle, lots of candy gems, a pirate hat (candle that I took the wick out of) and a parrot (another candle that I took the wick out of).  The last island was the smallest cake all the way at the top corner.  I made another cake using a small loaf pan.  I placed this cake on the last island and iced it with chocolate icing.  I used red fruit by the foot to make two "leather straps" and a yellow mini M&M for the "lock".  It looked just like a little treasure chest. 

I added lots of gem candy, chocolate gold coins, candy necklaces all around it.  I also added a skull and crossbone candle (without the wick) and a sword candle (without the wick).  In back of the treasure chest I used some cake scraps, iced them brown and made it tall enough to place an number 4 candle right behind the treasure chest, but tall enough to see from the front of the cake.  In the front corner (opposite corner than the treasure chest cake) I added some icing and graham cracker crumbs to look like one more island.  I used Happy Birthday cake decorating candies and then I wrote Landon in the "sand" with a toothpick.  This cake was so cute noone wanted me to cut it and mess it up.

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The table was covered with a red plastic tablecloth with skull confetti strewn all around.  Napkins, cups, forks and plates were black.   Because they're twins I always have 2 cakes. This year I got smart and made one an ice cream cake.  It was in the shape of a pirate face; vanilla ice cream for the face, chocolate ice cream for the head bandana with M & M's polka dots. 

One eye was fruit leather cut into oval shape with a M & M eyeball, other eye covered by peppermint patty eye patch, stubbly beard out of licorice, mouth out of fruit leather.  The other cake was shaped like a treasure chest, frosted in chocolate icing with fruit leather straps. 

The straps had M&M's along them as the nail studs. Jewels, coins and gems (candy necklaces, chocolate coins and M & M's) were spilling out of it. 

Drinks were White or Dark Buccanneer Brew (white or chocolate milk) or Sharks Blood (fruit juice).  Announcing the names of the drinks really got a charge out of the kids.

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I made a pirate ship cake. I made 2 round cakes then cut them in half. I shaved a little off the bottom rounded edge of each so it would stand better. Then I used frosting in between each layer to hold together. I stood it up on the rounded side to look like a ship. Then I covered it in brown chocolate frosting. I then broke about 6 or so Hershey bars into the little rectangles they already come in and set these on the sides to look like wood siding and a plank. Then I used one of my mini Pirate flags to stick out the top and 6 little plastic Pirate cake topper guys I had bought.

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Cake--A took a digital photo of my son in his pirate garb a few days before the party in front of the "Collin's Buccaneer Bash" sign and got a full sheet digital cake (edible photo sticker).  It was neat!  I just purchased ice cream cups so I would not have to deal with scooping ice cream!!  Collin opened his loot after the cake.

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CAKE:  I made the cake using an 11 X 14 pan.  supplies for decorating:  rock candy (chocolate candy with a outer coating that is decorated to look exactly like rocks and I found these at a gourmet candy shop in our local mall) wooden ship (i found this at our local craft store for $1 and I had to assemble and paint it, but this was great because this is where I wrote Happy Birthday JACOB and signed the bottom for him to keep), treasure chest (again bought at our local craft store unfinshed, I pained it and added chocolate foiled coins inside) 

Pretzel palm trees (I took pretzel rods and added a palm tree leaves topper that I just cut out of construction paper and taped around the prezel rod.)  I iced the whole cake with a layer of white icing.  Then for the water I used piping gel (found at my local craft store in the baking section) which I added blue food coloring to and iced about 3/4 of the cake with this swirling it to look like water. 

I then made the shore out of brown sugar, you could also use graham cracker crumbs.  And along the shore I dyed some icing green and using the grass icing tip to make the rest of the cake to look like tall grass.  This is where I placed the pretzel palm trees with the treasure chest underneath. 

I placed the rock candies in clusters to look like rock formations in the water and placed the ship the middle of the water.  My description just cannot do this cake justice. I was proud of how it turned out.  Ahoy Mateys!  AARRGGHH.....       


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