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They then received their pirates bandanas (I cut triangular shapes from  striped elastisised T-shirt fabric, cut a skull and crossbones out of white felt, outlined the skull and bones details in black laundry marker and then used double sided iron on material to stick them onto the bandana). 

They also received their eyepatches, bits of black felt "glued together" with double sided iron on material. I stitched the elastic down on one side before putting the patches together and made a hole on the other side so they could be adjusted.

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We also had a "pirate dressing & craft table".  I used a black table cloth on this table.  This table held pirate hats.  It was really a craft kit, but I made one ahead of time to see how long it would take and it took me quiet a while to finish it so I decided to make all the hats ahead of time.  I also had pirate eye patches, hooks (red or black plastic cups with a pirate sticker and a hole cut in the bottom of the cup, aluminum foil shaped into a hook coming through the hole. 

Once the kids little hands went in the cup to hold on to the extra aluminum foil it looked just like a pirate hook hand. I also had long balloons that are used to make balloon animals.  As the kids arrived they got to pick their color balloon and my husband blew them up and made swords with them instead of animals. 

I also had parrots.  I used toilet paper rolls, painted them green, added googly eyes, feathers, beak (made with orange pipe cleaners).  I glued the eyes and beak on and then added feathers all around and a small feather sticking up from within the roll.  I punched two holes at the bottom and tied elastic string.  When put on the arm the parrot looks like it is standing on your arm.

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They were sent to a helper who dressed them in their pirate garb (eye patch, head bandana, waist sash, tattoo and balloon sword. Mustaches were also painted on).  The kids had been asked to wear a striped t-shirt if they had one, so once dressed they looked very pirate-like! 

An individual Polaroid photo was taken which was put into their treasure chest.  (As the kids arrived half were sent to decorate their treasure chests and half to get their pirate garb and picture.  This helped to keep things moving by keeping everyone busy with no long wait times).

Once all pirates were dressed, a group picture was taken in front of the black cloth with the skull and crossbones.  This was sent out with the thank you cards.

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As participants arrived, we gave them their "swag bags" (gift bags) first. These contained eyepatches, pirate swords, red handkerchiefs, and pirate hats. Guests were urged to don their piratical accessories at once, the better to create the mood.

Thereafter, the empty "swag bags" were used to store dubloons awarded as prizes for games throughout the party.   We offered face-painting services - a scurrilous selection of scars, beards, curling mustaches, and skull-and-crossbone "tattoos" to complete their piratical disguise.

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DRESSUP: As each child arrived I had an assortment of dressup items. We all dressed up as we waited for everyone to arrive and then went downstairs together. I had: 1.Eye Patches 2.Pirate Tattoos 3.Skull Bandanas 4.Pirate Hats. 5.Skull Beads. 6.Lots and Lots of Mardi Gras Beads 7.Blow up Swords. 8.I had bought some silky feeling Red material at Wal-Mart for $1 a yard. I bought 1 yard and then cut 12 strips out of this. They wore them as Red Pirate sashes around their waist. (A couple of the girls tied them around their hair). 9.Black Eyeliner for drawing mustaches and stubble. 

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Once inside the house, each child was greeted by my wife and I who were both dressed up as pirates.  We gave each child a pirate hat and sash, took a picture of them with me (This will be sent to them with the thank you notes) and then directed them to the backyard to play on my son's playground set, which had been decorated like a pirate ship. 

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Another craft is tye dying bandanaas. My sister really wanted authentic dye, so we went to Wall Mart and bought some cheap white material and three colors of dye. At the party, they tye dyed bandandas with my mom and dads help, of course. If you would want to spare the messy dye, buy some fabric markers at Staples and draw designs on the material. We did the crafts as the guests arived, so they didnt have to wait for everyone to come. Once everyone was there and had finished their crafts, we started the games. As the bandannas were drying, we played a few inside games.

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When they came aboard they were given an inflated sword, a pirate hat and an eyepatch, along with a nametag with their pirate name, example Long Tooth Tony,  Peg Leg Pete, Blind Eye Barbara.  The birthday child is of course Captain Frank!


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