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The treasure consisted of a bag made from plain curtain backing fabric with a bit of plastic twine in to draw the top together. I used the same stencil I made for the skull and crossbones for the invitations and stencilled these on with laundry marker, then dyeing the bags a browny colour. Inside were a treasure chest, one of my big successes. A $1.50 10-12 cm long pine chest obtained from a bargain shop. I dyed these with a mixture of beetroot and coffee to give them a mahogany look.

I then used a leather-look brown paper to line the tops and insides and a similar black paper to make pretend iron clasps around the chests. A few gold dots on these completed the look before they were sprayed with clear varnish. These chests contained smarties, gold coins and jellybeans and looked very effective. A few extra lollies were added in the bag including gum sharks and pineapples and "bracelets" made from thin lengths of liquorish with lifesavers and chewy round jellies threaded onto them.

The final gift was one of those elasticised push up toys that flaps around when you push the bottom. I struggled to find anything not too plasticky as a toy and these worked well. I converted some elasticised soldiers to pirates by removing their hats and replacing these with a mini pirate headress in the same fabric as the kids ones. I painted on an eyepatch and converted the original drum to a barrell by painting a bit of black around the edge and pasting on some of the brown leather-look paper (pre-sprayed with varnish)

The final touch was a thank-you with a picture of the children around the pirate table in the ship. All in all a lot of work but the children had a blast and went home with lots of bits to enjoy too!

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After the pinata was done I handed out the treasure chests and the kids played with they goodies or played in the pirate ships until the party ended.  Most of the kids didn't want to leave, but thankfully the parents insisted. 

The guests left with a pirate hat, eye patch, balloon sword, pirate hook, parrot, treasure chest filled with goodies, a bag of pirate loot from them pinata, and hopefully lots of great memories.

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While the hunt had been taking place my husband had filled each of their chests with Pirate Pellets (small baggie filled with Jelly Bellys and I had made the Pirate Pellet label), chocolate gold coins, shined pennies, skeleton, skull ring and skull stickers so when they opened them, they found their loot. 

Each child also got a Pirate Face Sticker Book which was too large to fit in the treasure boxes.  Great relief and hoots as they actually discovered a treasure.

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In advance of the party I had the boys make up honorary pirate names for all their guests.  The more harrowing the better: Scarface Chase, One-Eyed Andrew, Cutlass Katie, Matt the Black, Brian Bones, Dirty Dog Daud ... you get the idea!  

As participants arrived, we gave them their "swag bags" (gift bags) first. These contained eyepatches, pirate swords, red handkerchiefs, and pirate hats.

Guests were urged to don their piratical accessories at once, the better to create the mood. Thereafter, the empty "swag bags" were used to store dubloons awarded as prizes for games throughout the party.

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Goody bags were made simply by using a small, brown paper; with a pirate motive glued on and the child's pirate name.  The goody bags were filed with pirate loot etc.

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FAVORS The children went home with: their tattoos, their Lost Boy or Pirate costume gear; the treasure boxes they decorated and filled at the beginning of the party; their feather swords; and a goodie bag.  For the bags, we spray painted regular lunch bags silver.  We filled the goodie bags with several kinds of candy, a handful of tattoos, some glow-in-the-dark stars, a clothespin crocodile, and a package of flower seeds to plant at home.  Everything was purchased at the Dollar Store.

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GOODIE BAGS: We filled these and put them in the hidden treasure to be found later. I had went to a site that gives you a pirate name and gave each child a name and put a label on each bag so there would be no fighting once the treasure was found. What I stuffed them with: 1.Compasses. 2.Gold Gum Coins 3.Beads 4.Tattoos 5.Pirate pencils 

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Favors- Each child took home their bag of Pirate Garb, their jewel treasure chest filled with jewelry- necklaces, rings, toy watches..., a bag of gold candy and money and a gold and black helium balloon. Since this was a 3 year old party, I wanted win-win activities that the children could do together and surprisingly all the children were able to do each activity.

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The treasure box (a foam cooler painted black with foam pieces for the straps and lock buckle) was located in the living room under our coffee table.  This location was great, because the treasure box fit perfectly under it, the table had to be lifted to get to the box.  The treasure box was filled with plastic bags marked with each of the kids names.  Each bag contained chocolate coins, mini baby food jars (with the lids painted black) gummy sharks and fish, jewelry, long beaded necklaces. 

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So far they had: EYEPATCH, SWORD (I deflated them) PIRATE HAT, CHOCOLATE COINS, TELESCOPE, TREASURE CHEST, PIÑATA LOOT and CAPTAIN HOOK HOOK.  I added a treasure chest bank (M&N a stuffed parrot, a bandana, pirate stickers, a skull & crossbones flag, handful of plastic gold coins, a compass, a handful of bubble gum gold coins, a pirate pencil and a thank you card.   Each brown grocery bag was then tied with natural raffia and all of them had their pirate names on them.


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