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Party food consisted of a piece of pre-crumbed cooked fish (which had a bit of a boat shape) with a straight pretzel for a mast, potato faces with one eye filled with tomato sauce for an eye patch and fruit salad (to prevent scurvy!)

This was served on plastic boat shaped containers  I made a mast for the container using a dowel and a black bead to hold it onto the plate and a couple of triangular sails using black plastic attached to the mast with fishing line top and bottom) 

The meal, served with not too many lollies in advance was also mostly eaten, much to the shock of a few parents! I had also made blue jellies with lolly gum sharks at the bottom……..  We served lemonade from a small keg and mixed it with red cordial to make bubbling sharks blood!

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We had a snack table.  I used a pirate themed table cloth on this table.  I had a red plate and napkin caddy that I used to hold pirate themed plates and napkins, along with red and black forks.  I used a black bowl to hold chips and dip, another black bowl to hold goldfish snacks, and a red bowl to hold Pirates of the Carribbean fruit snacks (individually wrapped).  I cut out the picture on the box of fruit snacks and used double tape to tape it to the back of the red bowl.  It made a cute display for the snacks. 

I then made a center piece for the table.  I used a cardboard pirate treasure chest (matched the table cloth, plates, and napkins), a large skull (halloween decoration), a map(came with party supplies).  I set up these three pieces, added a pirate eye patch to the skull and then added gold, pearl, and colored beaded necklaces (left over from Mardi Gras) around the area.  I also added lots of gold coins, and all different color gems (bought at craft stores near the floral department). 

I hung a pirate themed banner above the table and then anchored two bunches of helium balloons the each side of the table with smaller versions of the big cardboard treasure chest.  I put a balloon wieght in each treasure chest and then tied the ballons to the lid of the chest and closed it.  On the side of the snack table I had the drinks in an ice chest.  We had canned drinks and bottled water for the adults and ocean water (blue juice) and sharks blood (red juice) for the kids.  The kids loved the named of their drinks.

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Cupcake Decorating Station- Plenty of frosting (store bought), chocolate money (kids removed wrappers),  gummy snakes etc.  Each candy item was put into a container with the amount each child could take clearly labeled on the outside.  When finished, the kids put their cupcake along with a gold name tag, on a cookie sheet for easy transport later. 

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FOOD For the children I put together grab bags of goldfish crackers, animal crackers, teddy grahams, pretzels, and M&Ms.  We distributed the bags while the children were just beginning to play on the ship and in the tent about half and hour into the party.  I'm a big believer in having mom food, so I made a spinach and artichoke dip with garlic toast, a cold bean-tomato-avocado dip with tortilla chips, mini-quiche squares, and some delicious crunchy chicken nuggets (recipe at end) with a mustard dipping sauce.  We served the usual juice boxes, iced tea, bottled water, and soft drinks.

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CHICKEN NUGGET RECIPE You'll need: 1 package chicken breast strips, cleaned; about 1 regular box of cheddar cheese Goldfish crackers; 1/3 cup slivered almonds; 1/3 cup parmesan cheese; Italian spice to taste (basil, oregano, etc); 1 egg; 1 stick butter.  Preheat oven to 350.  Melt the butter in a 9x13 pan in the oven.  Cut chicken into large nuggets.  Finely crush the crackers in a food processor or with a rolling pin over the bag.  Finely chop the almonds.  Mix crackers, almonds, cheese, and herbs together.  Beat the egg in a bowl.  Dip large handfuls of the chicken into the egg and then into the cracker-mixture.  Place coated chicken in the buttered baking pan.  When all the chicken is coated, sprinkle any remaining cracker mix into the pan.  Bake at 350 for about 30 minutes, until crackers are slightly browned.

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I purposely had the party at 2 pm so that I wouldn't have to make a huge lunch or dinner for everyone. All the other work I put into this party was more important to me than spending all this time cooking. I did have drinks, however, and snacks like goldfish crackers here and there in bowls. I did serve Sharks Blood with their cake. 1.Shark's Blood I used red fruit punch to freeze into cubes the night before. I then had sprite poured in see through plastic cups and gave each child one and I told them not to drink until I put their surprise in it. I put in the sprite at room temperature so the red ice would melt faster. As I dropped a few cubes in each I told them this was real shark's blood, and as it quickly started to melt, it swirled red in the clear soda. They loved this.

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For lunch, the kids had little black lunch bags with Pirate Patch PB&J sandwiches- circle shaped, peg legs- carrots, goldfish crackers and ocean with sunken treasures- blue Jell-O with diced peaches. I put these in recycled individual applesauce containers and topped them each off with a plastic pirate ship.  The kids loved them! The parents had pirate pinwheel sandwiches, canon balls- grapes, red rubies- strawberries and treasure salad (had dried cranberries, golden raisins and pecans)and everyone had pirate punch.


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