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Back_to_PrincessHeart Cake

I made a heart shaped cake.  I frosted it with pink icing and placed a silver tiara with fuchsia heart shaped gems in the center (minus the headband part) and decorated it with fuchsia and purple candy letters that spelled out - HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSIE. 

We used pink purple and yellow glitter candles.  It was displayed on a footed crystal cake plate.  Josie chose Birthday Bash flavored ice cream.  This was served on the same princess heart shaped plates we had used for lunch. 

After cake and ice cream Josie opened gifts.  I had her open them from the throne and each of her friends stood by her as she opened her gift and we took their pictures.

Back_to_PrincessPrincess Cupcakes

For the girls, I bought dollar store small plastic dolls and stuck them(without clothes) into unfrosted cupcakes with no wrappers on them.  Then I put frosted the cupcakes to look like dresses and added a little frosting to the top front of the doll.  The looked like they were dressed in fancy strapless gowns when I was done.  I dyed the frosting purple before I used it. 

For the boys, I made cupcakes with no wrappers and frosted them in a grey frosting.  Then a took tinfoil and bent it into sword shapes.  I put one sword into each grey cupcake.  It looked like the Sword in the Stone.

Back_to_PrincessCake Table

I baked cupcakes using Disney Princess cupcake liners.  I decorated them with white frosting then put a pink flower on top of each one (with a frosting/tip bag).  The cake table had a blue tablecloth on it and I had strung white lights around it and strung the silver icicles over the lights so the light would shimmer through. 

I placed the cupcakes in a heart shape on the table.  I also had "glass" slippers (wedding section of the craft store, but I found mine much cheaper at the Dollar store)that I placed around the table. 

I had also taken small blue tulle circles and put butter mints in them, tying the tops with silver curling ribbon and attaching the same label I used on the candy bars with the Prince and Cinderella picture on it.  I placed the mints around the cake table also. Then on the left side of the cake table I had the rice kripie treat wands. 

I made a batch of rice kripie treats and then used a star shaped cooking cutter on them.  With some cleaver maneuvering of the cookie cutter and rolling left over scraps back together I got over 19 wands.  I then stuck a bamboo skewer in the bottom of each star, placed a sandwich bag over the rice kripie treat and tied with blue curling ribbon.

Back_to_PrincessPurchased Castle Cake

I love making cakes for my kid's birthdays, but I knew that I would be really busy with this particular party prep, so I opted for Publix's bakery Disney Princess 2-tier castle cake.  It was adorable!  The cool thing about this cake is the plastic pieces that turn it into the castle. 

There is the topper for both layers that have that classic cut top of a castle, the base between the 2-layers and then a crown top with plastic flag.  There were also 6 plastic windows with each of the 6 Disney princess looking out.  I'm saving all these pieces because now making a castle cake will be a cinch AND look great!  The cost is more than a typical half-sheet cake from their bakery, $38. 

I made an awesome castle cake for my son's king party, but it took me two days and lots of supplies, so cost wise, it wasn't all THAT much cheaper to do it on my own!)  Ice cream was the small little vanilla cups (I tried to stay away from chocolate because my dining room chairs and carpet are really light in color).

With all the food I served in the beginning, my husband and I were sure that no one would TOUCH the cake.  We only had one small piece left over!

Back_to_PrincessHomemade Castle Cake

The cake was in the shape of a castle, made from 3 cake mix boxes. two rectangular cakes on the bottom, two circle cakes centered on top, with five cupcakes, one on each corner of the rectangular cake and then one centered on top of the circle cake.

I inverted ice cream cones on top of the cupcakes, and made little mini flags out of left over ribbon from the hats and glued to toothpicks, I stuck them into the top of the ice cream cones.

The cake was decorated with lots of pink icing, the drawbridge and the windows were made out of purple chocolate wafers melted and then piped onto wax paper in the respective shapes. Allow to cool and then flip over and place on icing where ever! I used the pink mini marshmallows as the crennulations along the top edges of the cake. This cake was a big hit! And not too hard to make.

Back_to_PrincessCastle Cake

Cake was a castle made with two square buttercakes.  One was the base and the other was chopped up to give four square pieces on each corner.  On top of each square I put an ice cream cone for turrets secured with a skewer and iced all over with Vienna cream and decorated with smarties.  On the top of the turrets I made little gold flags using cardboard and toothpicks.  We just had one "6" candle and a sparkler on the top.  The girls loved it!

Back_to_PrincessPrincess Cake

The birthday cake was made by my mother, she purchased  one of the Betty Crocker cake pans that lets you fill the inside and used the dome section to make a  half-round cake and created/decorated a 'princess cake" in which the actual cake is the skirt of a  doll that is down through the middle of the cake.  She decorated the skirt cake in pink and purple  frosting--it was so cute!

Back_to_PrincessPrincess Castle

We made a princess castle cake and it was gorgeous!  We made it a little larger and alternated the cake layers with pink and white cake. 

We added a draw bridge by gluing two wafer cookies with frosting and cutting them into an arch shaped door and then added some ribbon to resemble the "chains" that draw the bridge up and down.  We also used sugar cubes spaced apart to resemble the top of a castle.  We added "Happy 4th Birthday" to the flag on the middle turret.

Back_to_PrincessCastle Cake Details

The cake was a two layer castle cake, that actually took 5 cake mixes.  I made a large 9x13 for the base, then stacked (2) 8x8, and a 4x4 to give a castle appearance.  I took four 8x10 sheets of firm tag paper and rolled them into 10" cylinders, placed a sugar cone upside down on each to be the spires, then frosted each lavender and placed small flags using toothpicks out of the top of each cone. 

Each cylinder was a tower at each corner of the 8x8s, poking down into the 9x13.  around the edges of of each layer of the cake, I spaced sugar cubes to give the brick castle look. 

For a doorway and windows, I used gold paper doilies that I just pressed into the frosting.  I made a drawbridge with paper and frosting, and placed the whole cake on a sheet of irredescent blue tagboard to represent water.  I then placed my daughter's dancing Cinderella & Prince on the drawbridge.  On the top of the 4x4, I used    of a paper towel roll, frosted it, and made one last tower with a sugarcone spire and flag. 

I got the idea by looking online at Castle cakes, and used a Castle Wedding cake as a model---mine didn't look nearly as spectacular, but it was impressive to a bunch of 3-year old princesses!

Around the table I had heart confetti and heart shaped dove chocolates.  Because it was near Valentine's day, I was able to get heart napkins and pink/red m&m's.  I stacked heart-print cups in a pyramid, and had my daughter's toy horse-drawn carriage posed as if it was coming from out of the pyramid. 

The icecream was a Princess Ice-cream cake that I made by simply buying a round tub of pink/orange icecream sherbet, turning it upside down on a platter and trimming it to look like the lower part of a gown. 

Then I just took one of her princess Barbie dolls and pushed her down into the cake until only her torso was sticking out, making it look like she was part of the ice-cream cake.  Then I just decorated it with frosting flowers.  Quick and easy!

The punch was served in a large crystal punch bowl, and the candy in crystal bowls to complete the look!

Back_to_PrincessPink Strawberry Cake

Made a pink strawberry cake (2 rectangle cakes from box mix, strawberry jam spread on the middle), frosted in pink, ice cream cones inverted to make the turrets, also frosted. 

Gold and silver balls spread around, drawbridge made from pink wafer cookies and licorice pulls, and finished off with row of gold hershey almond kisses all the way around the castle.  Cake placed on sheet of cardboard that was wrapped in foil.


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