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Back_to_PrincessPrincess Dress-up Runway

Costumes and Accessories:  Glamour gowns, boas, tiaras, costume jewelry, faux fur stoles, hats etc.   Dress up Time:  Bring out your full length mirror and several hand mirrors.  Create stations for dress up time:  \*hair  \*makeup \*clothing / accessories   Body glitter, body jewels, hair jewels, lipstick, lip gloss, nail polish, pink blush (avoid eye makeup for health reasons).  Props:  microphone (make your own) , red carpet runway (could use the red construction paper that comes in rolls) with lights, spot lights (flash lights), fog machine?, bubble machine (for outside your home, not inside) for around the dressing area: magazine pages with large pictures of models with big hair for attaching to wall with removable double sided stick'em or posters of movie stars.

Back_to_PrincessPink Poke-a-dots

Josie wore a pale pink sundress with white poke-a-dots.  It had a white sash that tied around the waist with a pink flower in the center.  She also had on white sandals with pink and fuchsia hearts.  I purchased a silver tiara with pale pink jeweled hearts and a matching wand for her.  Two of her brothers dressed up in knight costumes. 

Her oldest brother was a court jester and wore a red and blue jester hat he already had a red and blue striped long sleeve shirt and blue shorts.  He walked around at the beginnning of the party juggling balls.  My mom was the Queen Mum and wore a queen costume we found at the Salvation Army the day before the party for $2!!!

Back_to_PrincessPrincess Costume 2nd Hand

My daughter had some princess costumes in her dress up clothes but she wanted something different.  I find second hand thrift stores a wonderful resource when it comes to costumes.  It was there we found a beautiful off the shoulder bright pink flower girl dress, complete with full skirt for only $7.00 

We purchased a bag of plastic beads ($5.00) that best resembled diamonds and made a simple tiara, matching choker and dangle earrings to match.  It was not hard to do, all I needed was two shepherd hooks for her pierced ears and a necklace clasp and fine beading wire. 

For the tiara I needed a crafting wire to form the three interconnecting arches over a beaded halo that fit her head. 

We secured the tiara by placing the bun over the halo and securing with bobby pins.  It never moved off of her head all night.  With a pair of pink gloves and tights we already had her costume was complete at only minimal effort and $12.00.

Back_to_PrincessHomemade Princess Costumes

Costumes: I made all the girls princess costumes.  The cost each was only 4 dollars.

I bought cheap crenaline(netted material) at Walmart for 67 cents a yard and then used thin ribbon.  I strung the ribbon through the top holes in the crenaline and then left extra so that the girls could tie it around there waists.  I took floral wire and wrapped it in slightly wider ribbon for the headpieces. 

Then on the back of the headpiece I wrapped 3 small fake flowers and a little of the extra crenaline from the dresses.  I bought cheap men's tank undershirts from the dollar store here and then dyed them a color to match the crenaline.  I had them put the shirts on first(since they were men's, there were long enough to go under the crenaline too!!. 

For the boys I only spent $2.50 each, I bought cheap bath towels and cut a whole out for the heads.  I then used no sew fabric binding to put ribbon on the front's of the towels in the shape of crosses(just use one big piece and one small piece and cross them). I then used some of the thin ribbon from the girls costumes to make ties on the sides of the towels.  I punch a hole in the towels and just tied a ribbon on each side.

Then I took heavy duty paper plates and used poster paint to paint them to match the towels.  I took pipe cleaners and made crosses for the front of the "shields" out of them.  I punched holes in the side of the shields and put a piece of ribbon across the back of the shield so the boys could hold onto them.

Back_to_PrincessThe Royal Family

My husband was dressed in a homemade crown of poster board covered in silver mylar paper, a homemade medalian necklace from a plastic can lid, craft foam, jewels and ribbon, and my 6 year old son's magician cape I made him for school. 

I was dressed as the Queen in a floor length bridesmaid's dress, my long white gloves from my own wedding, pearl jewelry, and my hair up with one of my daughter's toy tiaras.  The girls were both surprised and tickled that I had dressed up, too, so I'm glad I did now. 

My son  dressed up as the prince (we had persuaded him to help). He wore his king's red velvet cape and crown that I had made him three years earlier for his "Old King Cole" party (his name is Cole).

Back_to_PrincessPink Princess & Blue Knight Tunics

I sewed  my daughters medevil princess dress with pink satin. This took a long time for me as I don't really know how to sew well. If I had known halloween costumes were coming out that early ( begining of september) I would have waited and bought one for much cheaper than what I paid for the fabric, not to mention all the time spent sewing! But I made use of all the extra fabric by making the pennents and 8 drawstring purses, to use as their loot bags.

I made princess hats out of white poster board ( one large sheet gets three hats, cut semicircles with the straight sides on the out side edge of the posterboard. fold the straight corners together to form a cone and then hot glue together) I made a small hole in the top of the cone and put two squares of various colors of tulle and three strands of pearlized ribbon thru the top and glued to the inside of the cone. I then had thick ribbon glued to the bottom to tie the hat on ,which matched the color of the tulle used. I had 8 girls coming. The hats were decorated with stick on gems, sparkle glue and fabric paint by the girls. I also had plain silver star wands which I tied and glued pearlized ribbon, strands of tiny pearls and white ribbon.

The birthday girl got a more elaborate wand which I did not decorate and a pink colored hat so she would have something different and special. I bought clear pearlized necklaces and bracelets for all the princesses. All of these things I bought at the dollar store really cheap, and they got to keep as part ( or rather most of ) their loot bags/ party favors.I made a crown for the king (husband) and Queen (mom)out of poster board painted gold and gems painted on with glitter glue in various shapes.

The king also had two sacks made out of gold material given to me.They held in one,chocolate gold coins, and in the other ring pops , candy necklaces, little plastic dragons and extra plastic necklaces and bracelets, to be given out as prizes. I also had 5 boys coming ( four of which were five years old), so I bought discounted blue material, and red felt (by the meter) from wal-mart. using a pattern( halloween costume) I sewed 5 knight tunics complete with a griffin on the front and gold trim around the arms.

I used the left over blue material to make 5 draw string purses for the boys( we called them "pouches" though for them). I was going to use cardboard and cut out shields and have them decorate them, but I end up finding shields at the dollar store for a dollar each! So I bought them instead. As well as a sword each. Again this was theirs to keep, and was their party favor/loot bag. It worked out to about $4-$5(canadian)a child for everthing.

Back_to_PrincessRoyal Costumes

We asked all the kids to come dressed up in royal costumes because they would be playing in the royal gardens.  I made princess hats out of regular party hats, I used a glue gun to put shiny fabric on them, added jewels and had tulle and ribbons handing from the top, I used a thick piece of braid at the bottom of the  hats to cover the seams.  I bought gold crowns and added jewels for the boys.  Each boy got a shield to use and the girls got wands.

Back_to_PrincessLittle Princess Outfits

When the princesses arrived for the party, we met them at the door and commented on how nice they looked…except that we must have forgotten to tell them that the party was only for princesses and we needed to make them look a little more like a princess.   Then my oldest daughter and one of her friends put eye shadow, mascara, blush, and lipstick on the girls and painted their nails and gave them stick on earrings.  

I made purple lace skirts for each of them ($2 a yard at Walmart; I cut the fabric in half lengthwise and just sewed a cylinder and added a casing to the top; since the bottom was finished it didn't need a hem; very quick and easy and looked great!).   I made 7 skirts from 7 1/2  yards of material and had enough left to cut scarves for each girl (I cut them about 7" wide from one end of the fabric to the other so the ends were finished). 

I also made tiaras for them from wired star garland and tulle (I made 3 circles of the garland and wired it together, then took a strip of tulle and kind of braided it in and out between the wires, then tied curling ribbon (pink, silver, and white) in a slip knot to the back and tacked it down with hot glue so it wouldn't slip loose).  

I had the girls put all of this on and then took them to the Queen's Treasure Chest to pick out some jewelry (We have a wooden trunk that says "Jose Quervo" on it; I've no idea where it originally came from but I lined the inside with purple felt and added a crown to the underside of the lid and filled it with Mardi Gras beads, beaded bracelets, rings, and some "beads"

I made by buying gold and silver bead strands meant for a Christmas tree, cutting them into 24" lengths and twisting the beads so they snapped together and formed a circle.   After each one had her ensemble together we took pictures of them.

Back_to_PrincessPrincess Hats

Before the day I made a princess hat for each girl. I used pink cardboard sheet, white tulle and assorted coloured ribbons, and gold sequin string around the base, These were made into the cone shaped damsel type hats. I used hat elastic to secure, which was left undone on one side, and made to measure as each princess arrived. Although time consuming the hats looked fabulous and were a big hit. Each girl took their hat home at the end of the party. I made the birthday girls hat out of gold cardboard so she looked just a little more special.


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