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Back_to_PrincessChocolate Hearts

I used the same treat bags that I had used for the pinata.  I filled them with 3 red and 3 fuchsia chocolate hearts candy bracelets with large heart shaped candy charms ring pops pearl shaped necklaces and my favorite find - notepads that matched our party supplies exactly on clearance!  The girls left with their treat bag crown wand personalized princess heart 2 rings bracelet rose sucker and candy from the pinata.

Back_to_PrincessSilk Bags

I bought beautiful pink draw string bags of translucent silk at a wedding supply section at a craft store.  They were under $1.50 each (that is Canadian money don't forget) These were to give to each guest as they left.  In it I put a foil pack of Disney Princess gummies. (available at your grocer's candy aisle) Some candy hearts with love messages on them (the party was close to Valentines Day) and was to be the final resting place for the bobby pin craft, so it would not get lost and the placecard that was on the table for the dinner.

Back_to_PrincessPrincess Coloring Books

GOODIE BAGS...I had made Princess coloring books for the kids with fabric on the outside and then took them to have a comb binding (about a dollar per book) put in and with letters and puffy paint had put Princess (child's first name) on the outside...and the inside was about 25 princess characters and some activity sheets to color and complete.

Plus, I had personally written a note to each of my daughters friends on the inside color thanking them for sharing her special day with her…. Also each child received in their goodie bag crayons, a princess snack and a baby food jar that I had put glitter in that I labeled "Fairy Princess Dust" and I decorated the top with pink fabric, tulle and a bow with a note attached (I did on the computer) that said must only be sprinkled outside for magic to happen.

Back_to_PrincessPurses Filled with Goodies

Favors I began buying hair barrettes, lipglosses, mini Disney Princess frisbees etc. to fill the goody bags with.  That's when I hit the jackpot at a local discount jewelery store in the mall.  They were having a 10 items for $5.00 sale.  I found exactly ten little purses with fur on them, some had sequins, and they were all filled with stuff from make-up to hair things.  I took them home dumped everything out of them and divided all of the loot equally and placed it in the little purses. 

For the boys I used cellophane loot bags and filled them with small cars, little plastic firefighters (like the green army men, but no guns) candy, bubbles etc.  I also picked up some plush trains and cars for a few of our guests that were only two years old.  I stored all of these goodies in a treasure chest that I made out of a box that cases of paper come in.  The deep lid was great.  I painted the whole thing gold and added some accents with brown paint, punched a hole in the front and hung an old luggage lock on there.  I hooked the lid on the box by punching holes in each and tying with ribbon, so the lid would looked "hinged."  You should have seen the kids when I broke out the treasure chest and opened the lid.

Back_to_PrincessPink or Purple Backpack

Each girl was given a "goodie bag" which was a pink or purple plastic backpack (purchased from Everything for a $1) that I had painted with "Princess _____" and drawn a crown with paint pens.  Each was filled with a plastic tiara, princess sticker sheet,  brush and mirror set, several plastic bracelets, two strings of pink and purple Mardi Gras beads,  hair elastic, set of hair clips,  play make-up lipstick,  ball,  plastic Frisbee with the Disney Princesses on it, it sounds like a lot , but the total was around $4.75 for each one.  They also got to take home their wand, their glass slipper, coloring book and flower pen.   Will hopefully always remember!

Back_to_PrincessDecorated Gift Bags

The goodie bags had been made with some plain white gift bags with handles that had been given out at my work.  We printed prince and princess pictures off Disney's web site (magic artist section--we used the greeting card fronts).  Then my daughter had pasted them onto the bags.  We had a wide variety of characters.  I had the kids write their names on a bag when they first came. 

Throughout the party they had collected their crowns and sand castle art, piñata candy, dragon eggs with jewels, and prize books.  Then as they left we also gave them a homemade coloring book.  We printed coloring pages off the Disney website, and bound them with construction paper covers.  We three-hole punched them and tied the holes with ribbon.  It was another project my daughter had enjoyed helping me with.

Back_to_PrincessCinderella Favors

At the end of the party, the kids took home their goody bags with all of their prizes, their pinata loot bags, their cookie castles and their frames with their photo with Cinderella. 

For prizes for the girls I bought assorted Disney Princess stuff (compact mirrors, lip gloss rings, stationery kits, princess fruit snacks, princess coloring books, bubble wands, etc.)  The boys received 3 juggling balls, the book "The Frog Prince", a coloring book, bubbles, princess fruit snacks, etc. 

For the Kiss The Frog game prize, all of the children were given a small celophane bag with chocolate frogs and a princess lollipop.  I found the chocolate frogs at Cost Plus and couldn't resist them!  They came in a box and were called "Kiss Me Frogs".  The box even had a picture of a frog prince!  Perfect!!

Back_to_PrincessPrincess Accessories

The goodie bags were filled with extra Mardi Gras beads, bracelets, and rings, hair elastics that said "Princess" on them, stick-on earrings, stickers, a book entitled "Fairy Princesses" that came with 20 tattoos, and candy, plus each child got to take home her coloring sheets, skirt, scarf, tiara, and whatever jewelry she had chosen from the Queen's Treasure Chest.

Back_to_PrincessSimple Treat Bags

Our treat bags were just simple white paper lunch sacks that we had written all of their names on..  "Knight Nicholas….Princess Arianna…etc..then we put glue and glitter all over it to make it extra special.  We filled the bags with side walk chalk, princess glitter lip gloss, wands, stickers and princess gummies.

Back_to_PrincessWhite Stamped with Tiaras

I made my own bags out of white paper.  I then used a tiara stamp (michael's $.99)  and stamped pink tiara's on each side.  I put a line of glitter around the top of the bag and swirls on the sides. 

For the girls: I bought flashing tiara's (walmart $.88 each), then got gold cardboard stars (party city $1.79 for a 5 pack) and pencils from there too.  I hot glued the pencils on one side of the star with some pink curling ribbon. There you have a little princess wand.  I bought princess tattoos (party city $2.99 a pack) and princess gummy bracelets (walmart $.98 a bag, candy aisle). 

For the boys:  I went to Burger King and got the crowns there (free), I bought little swords (walmart $.88 for a 2 pack), I got spiderman tattoos (party city $2.99 a pack), they also got the princess bracelets.  Plus they all got 2 pack of smarties.

Back_to_PrincessSilver Ribbon Bags

I filled cellphane bags (from Walmart in the craft section) with silver confetti (dollar store) and various treats.  Then tied with silver ribbon. With a silver pen, I labeled each bag with a child's name (since the prizes varied slightly for boys/girls and by age). 

The treats were chocolate coins (dollar store), candy necklaces (oriental trading), bracelets for girls (dollar store) and flutes (dolllar store) for boys, and frog bath toys (dollar store) for the babies.

Back_to_PrincessTeddy Bear Septors

For the girls, I made teddy bear septors.  I bought the 77 cents bears at Hobby Lobby, and made little pink or purple skirts for them out of felt (just cut circles with another circle in the middle for the body).  We took silver pipe cleaners and made little tiaras for them. 

I spray painted dowels silver and hot glued the bears onto the dowels, and then made them pretty with silver curly ribbon.  The girls seemed to like them.  They also received dress-up earrings I bought at the dollar store, a few gold plastic coins, a princess sticker, a paper crown and "pixie dust" (pixie sticks) candy. 

We also made pink, purple and white necklaces with their names on them we made from pony beads I bought on sale at Hobby Lobby. We put all these things in a silver bag and made them pretty with pink, purple and silver curly ribbon. 

The boys' bags were beige and blue, and they received knights stickers, the pixie sticks, the coins, the paper crowns and glow in the dark yo-yos.  They also got plastic swords we bought at the dollar store (made for bubble play) and spray painted silver to look more regal.


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