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Back_to_PrincessFind the Pea

Then the queen read the story, princess and the pea. Next we found out who was a real princess. Hide a green golf ball under 1 of 4 pillows. The girls faced the castle while hiding the ball under a different pillow each time. Each princess sat on the pillows to find the "pea". When they found it, the Queen said " you must be a real princess." Then they were given a princess necklace and jewel bracelet.

Back_to_PrincessPrincess Dress Race

I divided the girls into two teams for a relay race.  I had purchased two blue graduation gowns at the Salvation Army for $1 we cut them down and decorated them using glue gems and glitter in the shapes of hearts crowns and swirls.  The girls had to run across the yard and put on dress up clothes (the gown a sash a princess hat necklace 2 bracelets and high heels) run to my husband and get their picture taken run back take the clothes off and then tag the next girl until everyone had done it.

Back_to_PrincessRing Relay

We divided the girls into two different teams.  They had to pick up a ring from a tray using a long pen decorated with a frilly crown on top run across the yard and place the ring onto another tray then run back and give the pen to the next girl in line until one team got all of their rings into the tray.  When they were done they got to pick 2 rings to keep.  After this we had cake and ice cream.

Back_to_PrincessPass the Slipper

We used one of Josie's dress-up slippers that is white with hearts and rhinestones to pass around.  We played the Disney Princesses cd.  When the music was going they passed the slipper when it stopped whoever was holding the slipper was out.  I had a vase full of red rose suckers when a child was out they got to pick one.  When the girls realized this they started passing very slowly!

Back_to_PrincessVideo Introductions

I filmed each princess make her grand entrance with a curtsy as I announced each one.  I gave them titles to go with there name such as Princess Rachel of the Pink Rose, or Princess Angie of the Green Forest.  I used the girls favorite color and a natural element to make the title. 

These titles were also on each placecard at the table.  The girls hammed it up all the way.  They sat so straight and ate daintily and discussed kingdom matters with their pinky finger dangling out. 

I recorded them each telling the camera what they would do if they were a real princess.  It was sometimes predictable and most times touching the things they said they would do. 

After the luncheon we gathered around the TV to watch the video we had made.  It was very funny and enjoyable to watch. Later the girls made their crafts while they watched the video "Princess Diaries".

Back_to_PrincessMatching Slipper

The children were given a colored picture of a glass slipper and were given instructions to go into the garden to find the matching glass slipper….and then once they retrieved the match they would receive a prize. (A princess snack).

Back_to_PrincessPin the Heart on the Princess

I used a poster from one of my daughters coloring books with three princesses and each child had a turn trying to stick a heart on one of the princesses.  I had cut the hearts out of construction paper and prepasted masking tape on the back.

Back_to_PrincessPin the Fire on the Dragon

I drew a dragon on a green piece of poster board and then cut out pieces of fire out of orange construction paper.  The kids had to try and put the fire on the mouth.

Back_to_PrincessRoyal Ball Freeze Dance

I played music in the ballroom and everytime the music stopped all of the kids had to freeze.  Originally I was going to make whoever didn't freeze be out, but the kids were all having such a blast that no one every got out.  This was a great last game to play because it just continued with less and less children until everyone was picked up.

Back_to_PrincessDragon Eggs

I made up a simple story and got pictures from Clip Art to illustrate it.  The story basically was that Princess Julielle was loved by everyone, especially the princesses and knights of the kingdom.  The only one that didn't love her was the evil witch.  The evil witch was jealous because everyone hated her so she splashed Princess Julielle (my daughter's name) with a potion that made Princess Julielle invisible. 

The only way to break the spell was to bring the Princess magic dragon eggs.  The dragon didn't like to share his eggs so he always hid them.  Since the knights and princesses loved Princess Julielle so much, they went on a quest for the dragon's eggs.  They looked everywhere and then finally found them.  They brought them to the princess and she was cured. 

She was so happy she threw them all a big party to celebrate.  (I used a few different words and stuff to make it sound better, but that is the basic story.)  I dyed hard boiled eggs blue and hid them outside.  After the story the kids were all excited to find dragon's eggs.  I told them they had to find all of the dragon's eggs to save Princess Julielle.

Back_to_PrincessPass the Frog

I got a small stuffed frog at the dollar store.  I told the kids that in all the stories of princesses and frogs, the princess kisses the frog and he becomes a prince, but something was wrong with our frog and he wouldn't turn into a prince no matter what I did.  Since we didn't want a boring old frog we had to pass it away as quick as we could.  I then played music and kept stopping it.   Everytime I stopped the music the person with the frog was out.  So they wouldn't feel bad, the person that was out got to start and stop the music the next round.

Back_to_PrincessPin the Hands on Cogsworth

I enlarged (poster board size) a picture of Cogsworth (the clock from Beauty and the Beast) then I painted it using craft paints complete with gold shimmer paint for some parts.  I left off the hands of the clock.  I then made pairs of clock hands and cut them out and painted with gold shimmer paint, I put a piece of double stick adhesive on the back of each one then all I had to do at the party was peel the top off and give it to the child to try to "Pin the hands on Cogsworth"

Of course the children were blindfolded and I wrote each child's name on their set of clock hands so we would know the winner.  The closest girl and closest boy got a small goody bag with candy and other little prizes (ie. bracelet, necklace, matchbox car etc.) 

All the other children also got something for playing.  I had taken plain sandwich bags (the ones that aren't ziplock) and placed a sucker, a small candy bar and a few other pieces of candy in them, tied with blue curling ribbon-those were for the boys. 

For the girls I used the same bags, but I had found Disney Princess Gummy bracelets and Disney gummy Mickey Mouse heads that I put in the bags for the girls.  The children were thrilled to get a little treat.  I think they thought that was their "goody bag" but we still had a surprise for them.

Back_to_PrincessKiss the Frog

We played "Kiss the Frog Prince".  I had made a poster again out of light pink posterboard, cut out a neon green frog, glued it on, cut out a mylar silver crown put that on, and then decorated the crown with purple glitter glue. 

I drew, cut out, and glued on a castle from purple construction paper looking at a picture from one of my daughter's coloring books.  Each princess had lipstick applied and was blindfolded with a scarf, spun around and tried to kiss the frog on the lips!  The closest one was the winner. 

This was cute, but for some reason not all the girls wanted to do this one, I think I had 9 do it out of the 13.  The ones who chose not to play continued to play with the tea sets or some of my other daughter's toys that had been put out (play kitchen things, baby doll stuff, etc..)

Back_to_PrincessPass the Teapot

I took by Daughter's plastic play tea pot and filled it with wrapped candy.  The girls sat on the floor in a circle and I played the Disney Princess Tea Party CD music (I also borrowed this from a neighbor).  The girls passed the teapot around and everytime the music stopped, whoever was holding the teapot, took out a piece of candy and proceeded to the next activity, making beaded necklaces. 

This worked out PERFECTLY!  No one got upset leaving and everyone was occupied throughout.  The last one holding the teapot got two pieces of candy(they didn't seem to care who was the winner and I had planned to downplay "winners" for this age group.

Back_to_PrincessDragon Pinata & Egg Hunt

Then I gathered the children together and told them a dragon was threatening the kingdom and we needed to go slay it.  I lead an expedition from the backyard to the front yard to find the dragon.   We had a dragon piñata hung from a front yard tree.  It was actually a dinosaur piñata, as it was available locally and cheaper than any dragons I could find.  My daughter had helped me glue construction paper wings and fire out its mouth.   He looked like one fierce dragon when we were done! 

To make sure every kid got a  chance to whack the dragon, I blindfolded them their first go-round.  I didn't spin them, at this age, the blindfold was enough!  I set them up in front of the dragon and let them swing away.  After everyone's first turn, we took the blindfold off to make things easier.  The kids still couldn't get it broken open, so we relied on Daddy the Dragonslayer to finish it off.  There was plenty of candy for everyone.   

While the kids had been busy with the piñata in the front yard, I had a few parents remain in the back yard and hide magic dragon eggs.  They were left over plastic Easter Eggs filled with dollar store "jewels" and "magic stones".  I spent $2 for a pack each of the pink jewels and smooth colored stones.  They filled two dozen eggs.  In one egg I hid a Barbie shoe.  I told the children, before heading back to the backyard, that a dragon had laid magic eggs and they needed to find them. 

Since they had candy on their minds after the piñata, we made a safety reminder that these were "real" jewels, not to be eaten!  I also mentioned that whoever found Cinderella's lost slipper among their jewels could pick a prize from the treasure box.   It took the kids no time to scour the yard for jewels, and since they all got to take home their finds, really, everyone won!

Back_to_PrincessKiss the Frog

I gathered them all together and asked them what happened in the fairy tale when a beautiful princess kissed the frog. The frog turned into a prince!  I cut out red construction paper lips labeled with each child's name and then drew a frog on green posterboard (It turned out not to be that difficult even for an terrible artist like myself! 

I drew somewhat of a 4-leaf clover, made a fat body, 2 skinny front legs with web toes, and then some back legs.  I made 2 big eyes out of white paper and glued them on.) They enjoyed watched to see where everyone kissed the frog (his eyes and his nose!) We laughed to see that one princess kissed the wall of the house!

Back_to_PrincessPrincess Drawing Race

This game required teams so we picked cards that had hand-drawn wands on them.  We had a purple wand team and an orange wand team.  Each team raced to draw a princess on a large piece of paper (first person draws the head, next person draws an eye, etc, and the last person draws the princess hat).  The game could be repeated by flipping the paper over and drawing again.

Back_to_PrincessPass the Gift Cinderella

I gave them all a little wrapped gift to place on their laps.  Princesses sat in one circle and princes sat in another so that I could have boy and girl prizes.  I read the story Cinderella.  Each time I said her name they had to pass their gift around in the circle.  As I said Happily Ever After they were allowed to open the gift that they ended up with.

Back_to_PrincessPin the Kiss on Sleeping Beauty

Make a poster of Sleeping Beauty sleeping and 6 sets of lips with each princess name on them.  Blindfold (eye mask thing) and spin. Whoever is closest gets to pick from treasure chest first, second closest picks second, etc.  I attached masking tape to back of lips and put on sticker book page so they are ready to go.  (6 bracelet & ring sets in treasure basket)

Back_to_PrincessJasmine's Musical Magic Carpet

We had 6 magic carpets (borrow carpet squares from church or carpet store) each a different color, when the music stops a color is picked from a jar and whoever is on the carpet of that color is out.  When you are out, you remove your carpet square, pick a prize from the treasure chest and then you pick the next color. (Nail polish and jewelry sets in treasure basket)

Back_to_PrincessPass the Poison Apple

Girls pass around an apple as they repeat the Snow White phrase ("Pass the poison apple, don't let it come near to you.  But even the poison apple can't keep your dreams from coming true"). Each girl says a word then passes the apple to the next person.  The person who has to say the last word is out and gets to choose a treasure. (6 jewelry sets in treasure basket)

Back_to_PrincessKnight's Test

My husband stayed with the boys by the castle, and I took the girls to the kitchen to become princesses. The boys were given their tunics and 'pouches' to put on, and told they had to 'earn' their swords and shields like a real knight throught tests of bravery and skill.

Their first test- skill, was to toss three bean bags ( left over red felt cut out in the shape of shields, sewn, and filled with beans) into one of the cut out windows of the castle. can be made more or less difficult by the distance from the castle. once each child completed this they were given their sword with strict instructions not to hurt any one with it ( penalty was to be 5 minutes in the dungeon, but they were all careful with them).

Their next test was one for bravery, they had to defeat a dragon. But this was no ordinary dragon this was bubble breathing dragon. They had to pop all the bubbles with their swords before they landed. They did this until my sister( who was dressed in green and had wings and a dragon mask I made out of green fun foam) was tired then she pretended to die. After that the boys got their shields.

Back_to_PrincessRoyal Games

As my daughter entered the amphitheatre, one Jester played the trumpet to sound her presence and the start of the royal games.

Slay the dragon was about a dragon pinata and inside were small toys, chocolates and candies.

Pin the crown on the princess & pin the shield on the knight (done simultaneously). I drew both of them on big poster boards.

Ariel's fish relay: Two lanes of six kids each played. Each player grabbed a slimy toy fish from Ursula's bucket and ran towards Ariel's bucket, then tag their next member.

Back_to_PrincessPrincess Walk

I photocopied pictures of all of the Disney princesses and taped them onto posterboards (one princess on each board).  Since we had 16 kids, I also used pictures of other Disney characters such as Aladdin, the wicked stepsisters, Cinderella's fairy godmother, etc.  Each child started out by standing on a picture.  Using a CD boombox, we played "Bippidy Boppidy Boo" and the kids paraded around in a circle.  When the music stopped, whoever was standing on Cinderella won a prize.  Of course, by the end of the game, each child won a prize.

Back_to_PrincessPin the Kiss on the Frog

I printed up a picture of a Frog Prince off the Internet and had it enlarged at Kinko's.  I also found some free clip art on the Internet and printed up puckered up red lips for each child.  I wrote each child's name on the lips and attached double sided tape to the back of each one.  The kids took turns being blindfolded and stuck their lips on the poster, trying to come closest to the Frog Prince's lips.  Each child was given a prize at the end.

Back_to_PrincessFind Cinderella's Lost Slipper

We hid their shoes in the family room and put one small glass Cinderella slipper in one of each child's shoes.  The object of the game was for the kids to find their own shoes and whoever found Cinderella's lost slipper would win a prize.  Of course, each child found Cinderella's lost slipper in their own shoe, so they each won a prize.

Back_to_PrincessPrincess and the Pea

Our daughter was so excited and her friends thought they were meeting the REAL Cinderella!  She greeted each child and using an instant Polaroid camera, I took each child's photo with Cinderella.  These were later taped inside of their sticker-decorated frames for a special keepsake.  We all headed down to the family room for a story and game. We had 16 pillows on the ground.  Each child was instructed to choose a pillow and sit on it.  The kids all sat quietly on the pillows and Cinderella read the story of "The Princess And The Pea". 

At its conclusion, the kids were instructed to stand with their eyes closed facing a wall and we hid a tennis ball under one of the pillows.  They all sat back down on their pillows and the child who had the "pea" under their pillow was given a special certificate from Cinderella.  I had printed these up on my computer. 

They had a picture of Cinderella and text that said, "This certifies that <child's name> is a real princess or prince!  Officially signed "Cinderella".  The kids loved this!!!  Of course, each child got a turn having the "pea" under their pillow and each received a special certificate.

Back_to_PrincessKiss the Prince

The idea was to be blindfolded, spun around and to try to kiss the picture of a prince on the mouth with red lipstick on.  The prince was Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid copied from a coloring in book and drawn on cardboard.  We had lucky dip prizes for three girls for closest to the lips, ear and eyebrow but everyone else got something too - stick on earrings.

Back_to_PrincessPuppet Show Treasure Hunt

I borrowed some puppets and we put on a puppet show with lots of activities involved.  This is how the puppet show's long so be prepared.    Well hello boy's and girls, so glad you could come today.  I love to tell wonderful stories about dragons and evil sorcerer's, and of course there is always the tale of Princess ...(daughter's name).  What've never heard the story of the Princess.  Well...have I got a tale for you. 

Once upon a time in a far away land their lived a beautiful Princess named ....  Princess...was very happy in her beautiful castle over looking her fair kingdom.  One day the royal jester, came to tell her that someone had stolen the princess's fortune.  All her jewels, gold coins and various other princess-like treasure had been taken.  The princess was very distressed by this and called all the fair maidens and all the handsome princes to come to her rescue.  The beautiful princess told all the fair maidens and princes to go at once in search of her fortune.  The beautiful princess had but one clue as to the location of her fortune which she gladly shared with her royal public. 

The jester had found a slip of paper at the scene of the crime which showed a map to a secret hiding place.  They would have to.... (At this point we did a simple obstacle course then back for more of the story)  They had finally arrived at the secret hiding place.  The princes and fair maidens ventured inside but to their amazement the secret hiding place was empty.  However, just as they were ready to leave in defeat out jumped a horrible monster (my husband).

The monster jumped out and started to chase all of the fair maidens. (simple game of tag till all were caught.) The beautiful Princess, and her fair maidens had been captured.  They realized that they would have to fight the evil monster to be freed.   (Had two foam swords and the kids took turns fighting with my husband at the end he was wounded and banished from the kingdom)

The evil one now was defeated and knew that he would be banished from the kingdom.  However, he boasted that they would never find the treasure box because the only one that knew of it's where abouts had been put under a magic spell which could only be broken by cracking a secret code.  What would they do now?  At that very moment the princess ....noticed that someone had dropped a clue. (at this point I threw out a princess story book at the feet of my daughter) There was a fairy tale book that had not been there before. 

Princess...being an exceptionally smart princess (must have gotten her intelligence from her mother the queen)realized that this was actually an encoded message.  The princess noticed that the word "princess" appeared often in the book and thought if maybe they counted all the Princess words and came up with the number they could use this to find out who had been under a magic spell which could only be broken by saying this number.    (had the kids count the princess words and then go around and ask all the adults if they knew the magic number.  Had one adult be under a spell and have a key hidden (key made out of cardboard and aluminum foil)  The lovely maiden came out from under the evil spell and remembered that the evil monster had place an evil spell on her. 

The evil monster had been angry that the fair maiden had seen him with the treasure box.  Just before she had been place under the spell she had seen the evil monster drop a large key, which she had slipped into her pocket without him knowing.  On the key were written the words: only the pure of heart may open the door to the castle dungeon.   (had the kids look for the treasure chest in the basement - it was a piñata treasure chest) At last they had found the treasure box.  It was more beautiful then any had imagined, each tried desperately to open the box, using the magic key.  The key however did not fit the box. 

The princess...was very worried that her beautiful jewels and gold might have been stolen out of the treasure box.  She offered to share all her wonderful treasures with all the fair maidens and Princes if only they would help her open the treasure box.  They decided to hang it high in the air and each using their valiant strength try to open it by repeatedly hitting it with a large object.  Would they at last be able to find the treasure?  (Had the kids open the piñata) Finally the treasure box was opened. 

Princess...was so excited that her treasure had been found that she decided to throw a huge feast for all her faithful subjects.  They would have a feast fit for a Princess.  There would be cake and ice cream and of course presents for the princess.  The proclamation was made: "Let's eat".  The kids had a great time with all the different things they got to do...of course the story could be modified to fit what works for your party. 

Back_to_PrincessPass The Teapot

We used a pink plastic tea pot filled with sweets, and passed around the circle. When the music stops whoever is holding the teapot is out and choses a sweet out the teapot.  Winner is whoever is left holding the teapot.

Back_to_PrincessHeart Shape Pinata

We made a heart shaped pianata using paper mache layered over a heart balloon filled with wrapped sweets, and pink and silver metallic heart shaped confetti. The pianata was pink of course with gold hearts drawn on. It looked great.

Back_to_PrincessCinderella Puppet Show

I took a shoebox and made a "traveling puppet theatre" for a Cinderella hand puppet we have.  I simply made a hole in the bottom of the shoebox, large enough for my hand to fit through, made a curtain out of pink felt and used foil doilies and gold shimmery ribbon to decorate.  The Cinderella puppet then gave all the directions for the games and let the kids know what was coming next.

Back_to_PrincessPrincess Bingo

Using Disney Princess Valentines, I made Princess Bingo Cards, using three princesses on each card.  We used Checkers for the markers, since they have crowns on the backside.  The first girl to cover all of her Princess cards won a prize.

Back_to_PrincessFind the Glass Slipper

The kids had to Find the glass slipper that was hidden in the backyard.  The prize was a princess wand like the one matching the cake.  This game was a hit and the girls wanted to continue hiding the slipper over and over which was a great time filler!


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