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Back_to_PrincessKnight Invitation Handmade

I had loads of problems finding suitable invitations, and so I decided to make them myself, I went onto clip art and find suitable princess and knights pictures and printed the off, I then traced the images and put them on to card, water coloured (some of the areas), and put gold gel glue around the framed small princess or knight in the centre of the card, then around the centre box I cut out some fake feathers (which I shredded up) to look like fur, I carried the theme onto the knights card using different shredded feathers and gel glue colours. 

Inside the invite I wrote - Lady Hayley you are invited to attend the fourth birth-year of HRH Princess Chloe Ann, wear your prettiest dress and prepare to dance the day away with some of the handsomest knights in the land - on the opposite side of the cards I put the venue along with time etc.  These were a great hit, all the parents have been asking me to make there invites, some of them thought they were purchased from a shop!

Back_to_PrincessCrown Stamped Invite

The invitations were decorated with a crown stamp embelished with glitter glue. Writen in poem form, the read, "A royal decree for all in the land, A princess party is being planned. Princesses come from far and wide, At 1 o'clock have your carriage arrive. The 10th of June is our special day, At Lagerstedt Castle your mom knows the way. Everyone wear your princess attire, For games cake and climbing the castle spire. We hope you can come to our royal ball, Queen Amber is requesting a call ( phone number)" Signed Princess Ella.

Back_to_PrincessRoyal Crest

I made invitations on my computer.  I drew up a simple crest with a crown and the letters HRH in it (Her Royal Highness) and tendered an invitation that invited the bearer to a Royal time.. With offers of fun, team and treats and movies.  They had to come dressed up as their favorite princess.  To make the invite seem more elaborate I pasted the printed sheet on two layers of card stock, making a double mat to present the invite.

Back_to_PrincessOrder of the King & Queen

The invitations were done in a scroll design that read: Hear Ye, Hear Ye, By order of the King and Queen:  Princess (Guest name) is cordially invited to the (Our last name) Castle to celebrate Princess (our daughter's name) 4th birthday!!! The royal celebration will begin at 2:00 in the afternoon on the 12th of August 2003. The king asked that you come dressed as your favorite princess in your most royal attire….upon your carriage's arrival, princesses will be greeted with royal wands and gems.  Princes will be given royal swords for bravery.

The royal cook has prepared a feast of goodies for the celebration….there shall also be festivities including a royal ball, games, crafts and fun for all….the excitement will heighten during the defeat of the royal pinata…

Have your carriage arrive for you at 4:30 in the afternoon when the celebration commences. Please RSVP with the Queen Mom at (phone#) if you plan to attend this royal gala…The castle needs to plan for your arrival. 

This is a magical celebration not to be missed! (I purchased scrapbook scroll paper from a local craft store and printed each invitation with each childs personalized name and then rolled them up with a special seal and fancy ribbon and my daughter and I hand-delivered each one.

Back_to_PrincessPurple Glass Slipper Cards

The invitations  They were cards with purple "glass" slippers on them detailed with silver glitter (from the Dollar Store) inside they had pre-printed scroll work around the edges so I just typed out the party information on my computer in a fancy font, cut it out with decorative edged scissors and pasted it inside. 

The invites read: Here ye Here ye you are cordially invited to Princess Zoey's 5th Birthday Ball.  Wear your royal attire to this gala.  Pizza and drinks will be provided for all little prince's and princess'. The celebration begins at 1pm at Round Table Pizza.  Please arrange for your coach to arrive for you at 3 pm when the ball commences. RSVP to the Queen mother at 555-5555.

Back_to_PrincessPrincess Card

The invitations were on die-cut 5x7 card of a little curly, blonde haired girl dressed up in pink and purple princess attire. Our daughter picked this one, but we had to buy this paper because it really looked like our Emma! On her gown we printed the wording in hot pink:  "Hear Ye!  Hear Ye!  Your presence is requested!  Princess Emma's 4th Royal Birthday Ball, Saturday, August 13th  The Ball begins at 2pm until the last stroke of 4.   The  ______ Castle, address  RSVP to Queen Renee,  Wear your Princess attire!" Thirteen little girls attended, ranging in age from 2-8.

Back_to_PrincessCastle Background Invitation

Invitations:  To save money, these were done with regular printer paper.  They were quick and easy, yet turned out very cute.  I used editing software to make a castle image semi-transparent.  It filled the whole page. 

Over the castle picture I used a fancy old English font saying:   Hear Ye, Hear Ye!  A royal party is being held to celebrate the 5th birthday of Princess (name).  Princess /(Prince) (invitee name), Princess (name) requests the honor of your royal presence at:  Castle (our last name),  followed by the address and time and date info.    The invitations were then wrapped like scrolls and secured with ribbon.

Back_to_PrincessCastle Powerpoint Invitation

I made the invitations on Powerpoint.  I drew a simple castle by hand using straight lines and some castle turrets at the top.  In the center of the castle I typed in Calligraphy font:  You are cordially invited to attend the 6th Birth-Year Gala of Princess Molly Belle (last name) to be held the 20th day of September in the year 2003 in the castle ballroom in the (last name) Kingdom (address). 

Please arrive at noon in your best royal attire for the Imperial Feast.  Chaperones are welcome if properly attired.  The celebration will continue until 3:00.  Please state your intent in coming to Her Royal Highness Queen Michelle (phone #).  Be prepared for a magical time!  This was printed on parchment paper that I found at the party store.  It had gold decorations scrolled along the top of the paper.  Invitations were rolled in a scroll, tied with a gold ribbon and delivered by hand.

Back_to_PrincessCastle Framed Invitation

We sent royal invitations using a castle frame and saying "Hear Ye! Hear Ye! A royal princess party is being held on Saturday, June 5th to celebrate the 5th birthday of Princess Claire. Princess XXXXX, Princess Claire requests the honor of your royal presence at Fisher Castle.

Please arrive at 1 Oclock dressed in your best princess attire.  Your carriage may arrive at 3 O'clock for your  departure. Please state your intent on coming to the royal staff.Be prepared for a magical time! Fisher Castle, Lititz, PA"

Back_to_PrincessRoyal Scroll & Wax Seal

INVITATIONS were done on yellow parchment paper which I took a wet tea bag and went around the outside edge to darken it more. In old english font I typed "Hear Ye, Hear Ye!, all knights and princesses of the land are invited to a royal celebration in honor of Her Royal Highness Princess Meghan's Third year of birth.

Please join us for feasting and festivities at the _____(last name) castle, (street address), in the township of (city) on (date and time). Please let the Queen Mom know if you will be attending, as she has to prepare the castle for your arrival (phone number)." The paper was rolled up, tied with gold ribbon and I used a red wax seal.

Back_to_PrincessPink Invitation

Invitation: I bought pink card stocks at Tall Mouse(40 in all).  I then typed away in my laptop.."Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Her Royal Highness, Princess Noah(IN PINK LETTERS/BOLD), of the Kingdom of (your last name), requests your presence at the Royal celebration of the third year of her birth on September 25, 2004 from 6:30 in the evening till 9:30 in the evening at her far away from home castle: Monte Verde Park. She will have sugar and spice and everything nice.

So please be there, we will have lots to do and plenty of birthday cheer. Please come in your royal attire, kids…witches, dragons, genies even commoners are also welcome.  This is a royal celebration not to be missed! Be prepared for a magical time! Regrets only: call King (dad) or Queen (mom) by (date), then phone#.

Back_to_PrincessPrincess Castle Paper

For the invitations, I purchased princess/castle themed scrapbooking paper and using my own computer & printer, printed the following:  Hear Ye!  Hear Ye! Princesses, Princes, Knights & Jesters…  Her Royal Highness, Princess Sarah, is turning four years old! In celebration of this joyous occasion, The Princess requests the honour of your presence at the royal gala marking her fourth year.  Come One, Come All, in your finest royal attire to _______________ (our last name) Castle on Saturday, January twenty-second, two thousand and five from one thirty til three thirty in the afternoon.

Follow the red carpet to the castle entrance  where Princess Sarah and her Royal Court  will eagerly be awaiting your arrival!  Please ring King Bret and Queen Shelly  to announce if you will be in attendance:  our phone number  \*Though not mandatory, Fellow Kings and Queens (aka parents)  may also attend, if desired!  I addresses each invitation to "Princess or Prince" and the child's name.

Back_to_PrincessPrincess in a Tower

I found a "Princess in a Tower" party invitation on Home Publishing and wrote the invitations out to say "Princess Jessica of ............ (surname) invites Princes Amy of Smith (guests first and second name) to attend her 6th birthday party to be held in the Ballroom at (your address). 

I made sure to state that it was fancy dress and mentioned that I planned to put a little make up on the girls so that there were no upset mothers.  To pretty the invitations up, I printed them on different colored paper and decorated them with lots of glitter and stars.

Back_to_PrincessScroll Paper Invitation

In order to make this party sound really magical and exciting I did a little extra work on the invitations using my computer.  I found scroll paper at Wal-Mart and printed on them in purple/red ink and Old English font.  This is how we worded the invitation:  

"Hear ye, Hear ye... Calling all Prince and Princesses of the    Kingdom to a Royal Celebration!" By order of the King and Queen, Princess or Prince_______? is cordially invited to the McKnight Castle to celebrate Princes+J15s Brittany's 7th birthday!  The Royal celebration will begin Saturday at 2:00 in the afternoon on the 14th of December.  The King has asked for each lady to come in her favorite princess costume, and the gentlemen are asked to come in their regal finest, fit for a prince.  Upon your carriage's arrival, princesses will be greeted with royal wands and gems.  Each prince will be knighted and shall receive a sword and shield as symbols of bravery. 

The royal cook has prepared a feast of desserts for the celebration, including cake, punch & ice cream.  There shall also be games crafts and fun for all.  Then the excitement will heighten during the defeat of the dreaded piñata dragon. Have your carriage arrive for you at 4:30 in the afternoon when the celebration commences.  Please RSVP with the Queen Mom if you plan to attend this royal gala.  The castle needs to plan for your arrival.  This is to be a magical celebration not to be missed!

Back_to_PrincessTiara and Tea

The invitations had a clip art tiara at the top and then read:   Hear ye, hear ye!   All Princesses of the land are invited to a special tea party in honor of Princess Callahan's 4th birthday.   Then there was a clip art picture of a tea cup and saucer.  

Next came:   Please come join Princess Callahan for tea!   We'll have sugar & spice and everything nice,   There will be food galore & apple tea with ice.  A good time will await for those special princesses on this special date. (Sunday, December 8th)   Two in the afternoon is the time, so please be here,  We'll have lots to do and plenty of birthday cheer!   1508 Elm Street in the Castle (Playhouse).  

Then at the bottom of the page there was a clip art picture of a castle.   All of the wording was centered and printed in Anglican font.   After printing out the invitations, we rolled them up like a scroll and tied them with pink curling ribbons.   We could do this since we hand delivered the invitations.

Back_to_PrincessFairy and Scroll

Invitations I printed up on the computer, into double sided cards. On the front was a fairy and a scroll, with the scroll reading

Hear Ye ! Hear Ye ! All the princesses of the land, Princess <insert childs name> you are invited to a royal tea party to celebrate Princess <birthday girls name> 5th birthyear ! The girls really enjoyed seeing their names ion print being called a princess ! inside the card was a castle on the right hand side. The banner across the top said "The <insert last name> Kingdom, and the center of the castle was all the details of the day: Castle Bolton, Date, followed by adress, then carriages to arrive by <time> and return at <time>.

Then read please be enchanting and wear your best princess dress. All around the card were hearts, with text inside that told of some of the things to look forward to,games, food etc. On the left inside panel there was princess and a teapot and inside the teapot it said that Kings and Queens were welcome to stay for cahmapgne or tea, and watch their little princess play. there were more hearts etc around with teasers.

Along the bottom of the card there were dancing teapots and cups and saucers which looked really cute ! On the back there was a castle banner that read Thankyou, RSVP, parents names, and phone numbers. I cut the cards out using fancy scissors and inside each card place some  metallic heart confetti and a few fake jewels. Envelopes were hand made ( I couldn't get a store one the right size) and I drew gold hearts all over and wrote Princess <name> on the front of each.

The back was sealed with a princess sticker. Along with the invitation I printed of the disney site a cinderall coloring sheet, and wrote on the bottom, please bring to the party to win a prize ! (of course every girl was to receive an award best colouring, most colours, funniest etc) The coloring page was rolled up and tied with pretty ribbon. Everyone commented on how nice the invites were !

Back_to_PrincessGlass Slipper Invitation

I traced one of my high heeled shoes and cut it out to use as a template for a glass slipper.  I cut this shape out of both white paper and plastic laminate.  I glued the two pieces together with silver glitter glue so the glitter would show through the plastic and outline the shoe. 

I glued this to a piece of antique white paper so it would look like parchment.  The invitation was printed on the paper and read:  Her Royal Highness, Princess Amanda, requests your presence at a rotal ball given in honor of her sixth birthday. 

All princesses are asked to wear their finest royal dress-up clothes for a fun filled day at the castle.  Please come and join Princess Amanda for some jewel hunting, frog kissing, dress-up fun.  It included date, time info. 

I rolled the invitations up and tied them with pink and silver curling ribbon, tucked a string of pearls under the ribbon and hand delivered them to the ten little princesses invited.

Back_to_PrincessGolden with a Reply Card

I did my Princess/Prince invitations on the computer.  I used glossy gold paper and wrote, Hear Ye! hear Ye! By the order of the King and Queen Princess (I put the guests name here to personalize) is cordially invited to the (my last name) Castle to celebrate Princess (my daughters name here) 5th Birthday!

The Royal Celebration will begin with a Feast at Half Past Twelve in the Afternoon on the Twentieth of August Two Thousand Five (The Queen asks that you come dressed in your favorite princess attire).  Please return the attached reply card on or before the First of August. 

I mailed my invitations in gold mailing tubes and addressed each one to the child and mother (i.e. Princess Susan Smith and Queen Heather).  This made sure that each mother knew they were invited and didn't drive off.  I also put in map quest directions to eliminate a lot of phone calls. 

I had so many post card stamps left over from my vacation that I included a postcard reply card in the tube (I bought the Avery Post Cards and made them myself).  I provided a self addressed stamp for each child with their name typed in the return address to elimate confusion with the cards were returned to my address.


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