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Back to the Superhero PageMr. Freeze Bubble Photo

We also played Mr. Freeze Bubble game. 

I took a small wadding pool and covered the bottom with water and added dishwashing liquid to it and a little bit of glycerin(can be found at most pharmacies).  I then put a stepping stool in the middle of the pool with a hula hoop around it in the bottom of the pool. 

We then placed a child on the stool and then pulled the hula hoop over them and they were instantly put inside a giant bubble. 

We took pictures of them in the giant bubble with a Polaroid camera and made a keepsake that said "I survived Mr. Freeze Bubble at Stephen Higgins' Birthday and the date.

Back to the Superhero PageIncredible Visor

After they were wearing their "costumes,"  each guest was given a red visor, purchased at a craft store, to decorate. 

I printed clip art of the different members of the Incredibles family  and used spray adhesive to glue them onto colored sheets of sticky-backed craft foam.  I them cut out the images. 

The kids simply peeled the paper backing off of the characters and stuck them on their visors.  They looked really cute in their visors, t-shirts, and masks!

Back to the Superhero PageHow Many Super-Jelly Beans

I put 407 buttered-popcorn flavor jelly-bellies in a jar and let each child write down a guess on a pow shaped piece of paper with their name on it as they arrived. 

Back to the Superhero PageMovie Making

We split the kids up into two groups, one group came to the filming studio and the others played outside with some rocket balloons.  There were only 4 kids in each group and I let them pick a movie that they had all seen and then decide which characters they wanted to be.  We videod two scenes for each group then switched the groups. 

I was so surprised at the range of movies that were suggested.  Everything from The Last Samauri to Fantasia.  It was really hard to find a movie that they all had seen and considered "cool" enough. 

After both groups had done their filming, we brought them all in and let them watch the homemade movies.  It was fun and will be a nice keepsake of the party.  We showed the movie outside on our patio using a laptop, an LCD projector, and a sheet hung up on the house for the screen. 

It worked out excellently, it was a beautiful night and felt just like being at the drive in movies.

Back to the Superhero PageSpiderman Hats

Our party begin with a craft, which girls love. We made Spiderman (Birthday)Hats! That were just adorable, fun and great for pictures!

We took blue foam sheets and cut out strips of about 2 inches to fit each child's head. We stapled the strips together to fit snug and make a crown/head band.

Then we took red construction paper (11 x 14 size) and cut them in two inch strips, eight for each hat. The children at this age really enjoyed using scissors (superviserd of course). Then each strip was folded back and forth like an accordion for the spider legs.

Then each of the eight strips were stapled to the top of the blue foam crown/headband so they dangle over the top. Then we purchased the movable eyes and glued them on. The parents loved them almost as much as the kids.

Back to the Superhero PagePicture with Spiderman

Then we took pictures with Spiderman!

We had a dark blue backdrop set up over the fence. We put together PVC pipes with elbows to make a frame that would stand up and weaved our own spider web with white rope.

We had a pillow of Spiderman in a crawling position. We hung him up on the spider web.

The kids stood next to him behind the spider web and we took photos of each child.

We put these in the thank you cards.

Back to the Superhero PagePicture with Spiderman

I rented a Spiderman costume from a Costume Shop and had my nephew to dress up like Spiderman. 

I played the Spiderman theme music when he entered the room and had the children take pictures with Spiderman.

Back to the Superhero PageSpiderman Placemats

We first made placemats with spiderman stickers, cutouts from extra invitations and from spiderman valentines which the kids glued onto red construction paper. 

I had written each childs name in glitter glue on clear contact paper a few days earlier so that it was dry and could be adhered to the red construction paper without smearing. 

The kids and their parents decorated their paper and then their parents "laminated" their construction paper placemat in clear contact paper which I had cut to size.

Back to the Superhero PageBat Craft

We had a BAT craft, Black foam paper precut into bat shape.

The boys glued on googley eyes and a popsicle stick (they dried during party).

Back to the Superhero PageDecorate a Mask

Once the kids arrived at the party, they were allowed to decorate their own masks (white paper masks found online) with stickers (letters, superhero, stars, etc.), markers, etc.

After their masks were complete, they received their cape (made from knit material that did not have to be hemmed with ribbon ties sewn on, I made them all one color, but in retrospect would have probably opted for some more variety).

Back to the Superhero PageIncredibles T-shirt

We bought 14 white T-shirts for sizes 8 - 10 (one size bigger because we knew they would shrink). 

We also bought special markers for T-Shirts and computer paper. We went online and on the Disney website we found Incredible Iron ons.  We printed the Incredible Iron ons on the white T-shirts. 

They had so much fun seeing the Iron On Mr. Incredible t-shirts and they wrote their own names on the t-shirts and decorated them with those special markers. 

It was such a hit.  All the boys wore them at the party.(they put them over their own shirts)


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