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This was the hit of the party!   Basically what you do is bake 2- 10" cakes and 2- 9" cakes (I also baked a sheet cake for this to sit on so that it would feed more people).

Ice in crusting buttercream.  Take one of the 9 cakes and fourth it.  Stack these together (secure with toothpicks) to form the shoulder and then attach them to the left side of the 10 cake using buttercream as glue.  Do the same with the other 9 cake and attach to the right side to form the other shoulder.  Ice the shoulders in buttercream also. 

Now for the head:  purchase a Styrofoam head (that holds wigs) from a beauty supply store (bought mine for only $2.99 at Sallys Beauty Supply).  Stick a skewer or craft/popsicle stick (I actually used a plastic butter knife) into the bottom of the head and then push the head down into the 10 cake using the skewer (or whatever you used) to secure the head to the cake.  I also added toothpicks around the side of the head to better secure it to the cake.  Then ice the head as well. 

After the icing crusts, smooth out the buttercream icing and then using red spray food color in the cans, cover the entire cake until it is the desired shade of Spiderman red.  It took me about 3 bottles to accomplish this. 

Now to decorate the cake with a head to look like Spiderman:  I used Printmaster again and found a picture of Spidermans eyes and enlarged them to lifelike size, printed this out and then cut them out.  I then pushed them into the Styrofoam head and then removed them so that there was an imprint that I could use to outline his eyes in black icing (from a tube that looks like toothpaste) and then fill with more white buttercream.  I then used the same black tube icing to form the webs all over Spiderman (using pictures and a Spiderman plush toy as a guide). 

Boy, was that aggravating and nerve-racking!  But with much prayer, I got it done (thank you, Lord).  Everyone at the party loved this cake!  Especially my birthday boy who kept sneaking a peek at what was supposed to be a surprise cake!  And my 2-year-old daughter who kept saying Mama, hes looking at me (and then proceeded to play peek-a-boo with Spidey).

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The cake look like a popcorn bucket.  We did a circle layer cake with white icing and put red icing stripes vertically all around the sides.  We also put a red icing rim along the top of the sides. 

Next we cut up white mini marshmallows and put them all over the top to look like popcorn.  I painted on a little bit of yellow food coloring to look like butter.  The kids thought it looked sweet.  Ice cream was the pre-portioned sundae cups- so easy.

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I made big sugar and chocolate chip cookies the kids decorated with icing and sprinkles and we stuck 4 candles in my son's and sang to him. 

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I made the cake using the Wilton Spider-man pan, and since it was covered with mostly red and black icing which stains and tastes bad, I used the cake for decoration and blowing out the candles and served cupcakes frosted in blue with a web design piped on them. 

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I made the cake myself.  I made a 11x20 sheet cake.  I divided it into three length wise strips.  I cut out a few inches of the middle section and inverted onto one of the other strips, so that I had three different size sections.  I frosted each one a different color, blue, green and yellow and outlined them in black and then added windows all the way up so they looked like skyscrapers. 

I then put a colorflow candy spiderman swinging that I traced out of a book onto the cake.  I had never used colorflow before, so I made several practices before hand.  Once I got the hang of it, it was very easy and made a wonderfully detailed sugar piece for the cake. 

I laid that on the buldings and piped white web from the spiderman onto the cake, and wrote Happy Birthday Name on it.  It was probably the best cake I have ever done.

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At the cake table, I had a cupcake decorating station where the kids made their own spider cupcake.  The sign I made read "Add your spider to the web". I embellished the sign with drawn on spiders and webs (etc.)  I made a sheet cake with white icing, and drew a web with black icing.  The cupcakes had loads of icing to help the pcs. stick. 

For the spider heads I bought large jujube type candies (bulk barn), red string licorice for legs, and small icing tubes for putting on eyes (or whatever they wanted).  I also used the icing tubes to write the child's name under their spider after it was put onto the web cake.  The kids want to eat their creations right away, so have plenty.  One to eat, one to add to the cake!

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I made a Flash cake - a round cake, iced white.  Then with a square cake, I cut two jagged pieces to look like the top and bottom of a lightening bolt.  I set them up against the circle cake, at the top and bottom, they were also iced white.  I used yellow sprinkles to color the lightening bolt yellow. 

I made a lighting bolt on a piece of paper and cut it in half, to create a stencil.  The paper covered up the edges of the round cake, so I could make the lightening bolt with yellow sprinkles through the center of the cake.  I outlined the bolt in black gel-type icing.


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