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When each guest arrived,  they were given a Incredibles t-shirt to wear, which I had made.  I bought plain t-shirts and blank  iron-on paper for my printer at a craft store.  I downloaded images of the Incredibles along with the logo (it even prints out backwards, so it's ready to iron on.) 

Each guest also received a paper mask to wear and as many Incredibles tatoos as they wished.  I purchased these  items from a party store.  After they were wearing their "costumes,"  each guest was given a red visor, purchased at a craft store, to decorate. 

I printed clip art of the different members of the Incredibles family  and used spray adhesive to glue them onto colored sheets of sticky-backed craft foam.  I them cut out the images.  The kids simply peeled the paper backing off of the characters and stuck them on their visors.  They looked really cute in their visors, t-shirts, and masks!

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Once all of the kids had an opportunity to use all the pieces of equipment we left Gotham City and went back into the party room where batman and robin awarded all of the children with a superhero certificate of achievement and a bat cape. 

The bat capes were easy to make and a cheap party favor.  Again, batman and robin reminded the kids that we still did not have the birthday cape.

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I had people dress up as Penguin (tux, top hat, monacle and umbrellla), Catwoman (all black w/ears and tail), Riddler (green scrub bottoms, a green t-shirt w/a purple question mark on it and a green derby from the party store), Two-face (bought a black t-shirt and a white t-shirt, cut them both in half vertically and sewed a black and white half together. pants w/one black and one white leg, 1 black shoe and one white shoe) and Mr. Freeze (I do karate and wore my puffy sparring gear and helmet).

I purposely didn't use the Joker because I thought his look and his bio/crimes were too scary. I had pictures of these same character on the walls and a skyline of Gotham City.

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My wife and I got some plain cotton material in the favorite colors of the children.  She made capes for each child. 

We ordered those narrow hairband sunglasses for masks (or girls hairbands if they wanted), diamond reflective snap bracelets, and plastic gem rings --all in assorted colors so we could match everything up (e.g., red cape, red snap bracelet, and red gem ring). 

We put everything in a solid, matching color loot bag.  When they came to the party, they were all issued their cape, power band, and power ring.

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Also, before the party, I got seven different color lunch type paper bags and put the following in them.  A cape made out of cotton fabric, foam board (half sheet), two strips of cotton fabric, compass with whistle, rings, bracelets, headbands ALL in matching color of the bag. 

As each child arrived, I gave them the bag (their favorite color) and they set to work on creating and decorating their superhero costume.  I provided self stick letters and stars (big hit and easy), also provided markers and scissors so that the kids could decorate and design their capes anyway they wanted. 

Once everyone was done making their costumes, I advised the kids that they may look like super heroes, but they could not become OFFICIAL Super Heroes until they completed SUPER HERO Training.

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We then said we had a special guest.  I had rented a batman suit at a costume shop for $40.00.  The shop was not located in our city so I was not sure what it would look like.  I thought it would probably be one like you get at Halloween at Walmart.  It turned out to be like the movies.  It had a large rubber batman mask and heavy vinyl cape, etc.  My husband was batman. 

We did not tell our son it was his daddy.  He had to shave his mustache off, and I do not think our son has ever seen him without it.  Because the mask came over his nose, and he had to breath through his mouth, he sounded different. 

Our son still thinks the real Batman was at the party.


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