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We decorated with red, black, and orange streamers in the house along with baloons that had images of The Incredibles printed on them. 

In the front yard, we put up signs, cut into pointed- edge shapes with words like "POW!" or "WHAM" on them as decorations.

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On the inside of our main party room (our dining room) I bought a foil Happy Banner that featured Spider-man and hung it up on the wall. 

On the dining room table, I had a blue tablecloth and of course, the Spiderman cake in the center.  I had another table against a wall in this room (again with the blue tablecloth) that I put the food and drinks on in a buffet style. 

Above the food table I hung a black fish net and shaped it into a spider web (octagon). In the center of the web I hung a plush Spiderman that is posed in a web-shooting stance. 

On another wall in the room, I hung a framed poster of Spiderman that I borrowed from Ryans room (it is also decked out in Spider-man).  In one corner of the room, I hung my sons Spiderman throw blanket. 

I ran out of time, but I had planned to create a giant web on my porch between the columns using black streamer.

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Once inside the party all of the tables were decorated with bat confetti (picked up during Halloween) and bouquets of black, royal blue, silver and yellow balloons.  I used several of the batman centerpieces (that can be purchased at your local party supply) scattered around on the food and drink tables. 

On the other side of the room my husband stretched several sections of lattice to separate the main room from the back section and labeled this closed off section as "Gotham City".  Little did the kids know Gotham City was actually be used later for a SuperHero training course.

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As the kids entered we had a sign that said "Entering Restricted Area, please proceed to handprint recognition and retinal scanning."

We had two boxes that my brother rigged up with flashlights to check handprints and retinas.

There was a sign in our dining room that said "Welcome to the CRIME FIGHTING SUPER HERO LEAGUE TRAINING FACILITY."

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We printed off an Incredibles poster from the Disney website and using black posterboard and a print out in a very large font size of the words "now playing" made a theater looking piece to hang in the party room.  We found another poster in an Incredibles coloring book we had and also used some of the birthday boy's own original Incredibles artwork. 

We bought the incredibles table cloth for the pizza/cake table and a 2 black table cloths - one for the craft table and one for the concession stand.   The partyware was a mix between incredibles and plain colored yellow, orange and red.  We used the incredibles happy meal toys for additional decorations on the party table.  It looked great.   

We had the Incredibles sound track playing during the party and had a Jack-Jack bubble blower toy going in the back yard as the guests arrived.

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I located a picture of spiderman, and drew/painted him on 24x 30 foam core board which we hung as a themed decoration in our patio area where the party took place.

On another outside wall, I hung a giant spider web {which we use for halloween} and a spiderman glove and assorted webshooter toys. 

I made balloon centerpieces with mylar and colored balloons which we ordered, using lots of curling ribbon to hide the ugly brick bases used to weight the balloons.

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Using black crepe streamers, I connected four streamers together on the ceiling in the corner and fanned them out down to the floor where I tacked them to the carpet.  I attached short strips of streamer horizontally between the long vertical streamers to look like a spider web. 

At the top of the "web", I attached a cluster of red and blue balloons.   On the large picture window, I made a web-like design from red and blue streamers and placed a Spider-man poster in the center.  The window was framed with red and blue balloons. 

On a large piece of white plastic tablecloth, I drew a large spider web and hung it on the wall(this was to be used for a game).  I tied thread to the arm of one of my son's Spider-man action figures and hung it from the center light fixture above the table.

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I have to say that my husband did a wonderful job on the table decoration. 

He just took black yarn, taped it over the table so that it looked like a star burst. 

Then he started in the middle and wrapped it around each of the strings until the whole table looked like a spider web.

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For decorations I used red and blue streamers from the Dollar store and I made spiders out of paper hanging down intermittenly from twine.  I also made a huge spiderweb 4'X 5' out of twine behind the food table with a large spider made from black poster board in the center and a red tablecloth for the backgdrop.  I made half spider webs out of twine in door frame corners used the backs of paper plates to draw more spiders in webs to decorate around the house. 

I made treat bags out of brown paper bags with the spiderman emblem on the front and used Spiderman party cups, napkins, blowers, plates and tablecloths that we bought on clearence at Party City. Instead of party hats I bought the Spiderman masks that are offered with the party supplies so that the kids could pretend they are Spiderman. 

We posed my son's large Doctor Octupus action figure on the table to add to the table decor.

We bought 20 red, blue and yellow helium balloons from our local party store and let them float freely around the house which effortlessly entertains the children as they try to jump and reach for the balloons of their joice. Every year we make a main decoration out of refridgerator boxes and this year was no different. 

We made a "city" out of a refridgerator box and oven box in which we cut out doors so the kids could play inside like a fort.  These creations are always a big hit.  We used gray paper and adhesive spray to wrap the boxes and black construction paper cut into rectangles for windows to paste all over the sides. 

We bought blackboard paper with a night sky to paste behind the entire city and we also pasted a large moon on this for added effect.  Trying to get the sky secure to the wall to cover the fireplace was a bit tricky but we managed with staples and heavy duty tape.

On top of the shorter building we posed and taped my son's large Spiderman action figure so that it looked like he was shooting a web on top of the skyscraper. To help with this effect we attached twine to his wrist and attached it again to the top of the skyscraper.

The supplies for this project came from the teacher supplies store and because my mom is a teacher most of the paper was reused in her classroom so it wasn't wasted.



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