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Back to the Superhero PageMr. Freeze Dance

The first game we played was "MR. Freeze Dance".  I played Batman music and when I paused the music they had to Freeze. My daughters(3) were dressed as catwoman will never forget it.

Back to the Superhero PageElastigirl Stretchy Hand

I went through an abbreviated version of the movie.  First, I explained how "Supers" used to save the world and catch the bad guys.  I told them about Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, and Frozone.  I told them that a bank robber had broken into a bank vault, but while Mr. Incredible was chasing him, he spilled the money all over the street. 

I told the kids that they were going to pretend to be Elastigirl and collect all the money to return to the bank.  The kids sat in a circle and I gave each a large stretchy, sticky hand (the kind  attached to long stretchy "strings.")  Then, I sprinkeld play money in the middle of the circle.  The kids had to "fling" their stretch hands into the circle and try to pull in as much money as they could.  

Back to the Superhero PageStickey Spiders

I purchased sticky spiders (spiders on a long string that stick to everything).  I created pictures of Spiderman's villains, Doc Oct and the Green Goblin on small pieces of paper.  The kids took turns using their sticky spiders to give Spiderman a hand at sticking it to the bad guys. 

I also made large printouts of the villains that could be hung up (maybe outside on a window).  The kids could then take turns using a water gun to practice shooting the villains with their water webs.

Back to the Superhero PageSuperhero Gymnastics

After the kids ate dinner the real party began.  I had arranged in advanced for one of our local police officers to come and send a message from Police Commissioner Gordon.  When the officer walked in he told the kids that Commissioner Gordon had sent him to wish Landon a Happy Birthday and that he had Batman and Robin on the job of finding the birthday cake. 

The police officer told the kids that they were about to be trained as superhero's so they too could help find the missing birthday cake.  The officer said that he was sent to talk to the kids about how a superhero should act, things like obeying, sharing, being respectful, etc.  When he finished his talk, much to the kids surprise in came Batman and Robin running in.  They called Landon to the front of the room and said that they were here to train the party goers to a special superhero training so they to could help find the cake. 

At this point the kids walked through the Gotham City entrance and found a room lit with black lights and clouded with a light fog (provided by a time delayed fog machine).  Prior to the party I had arranged with a local toddler gymnastics teacher to borrow several pieces of her gymnastics equipment (mainly mats, wedges,a mini trampoline, etc) to lay out in Gotham City to use for our superhero training.  Under the black lights the gymnastics equipment glowed in the dark and made the room really look like a cave. 

My husband used a small garage spotlight with a bat taped over the lense and shined it on the wall to look like the bat signal was being shown in the sky.  Once inside Gotham City, my husband had cut from large sheets of card board the city sky line and painted it black, them outlined it with Christmas lights.  Entering Gotham City was the highlight of the party!! 

At this point Batman and Robin proceeded to show the little superhero's using the gymnastics equipment what kinds of things a superhero should.  They covered things like rolling, jumping, climbing up wedges, scooting through a mesh tunnel- it was great fun and the kids loved climbing around with batman and robin. 

Once all of the kids had an opportunity to use all the pieces of equipment we left Gotham City and went back into the party room where batman and robin awarded all of the children with a superhero certificate of achievement and a bat cape.

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The beginning was acquiring necessary training.  There were 5 stations and the kids were divided into 5 teams.  Each started at one station, were there for 5 minutes or so and then rotated:

Station 1: LEARN TO DRIVE THE BATMOBILE- I have a battery operated car that I decorated like the Batmobile. Kids got to drive it.

Station 2: VISIT THE BATCAVE - set up a tent with weird stuff in it.  Could easily have used a pop-up play-hut instead.

Station 3: LEARN TO THROW THE BATARANG -  I bought batarang favors and made each of the 5 villians standing on a piece of foam board.  The kids had to stand behind a line on the floor knock down the figures w/ the batarang.  

Station 4: Board breaking - Since Batman was a master of the martial arts, the kids had to be able to break a board with a kick and a punch.  I got the styrofoam trays that meat comes packaged on (local grocery gave them to me free). Parent held the "board" and each kid got to break 2 boards.  

Station 5: BUILD YOUR OWN GADGET - had a table with legos.

Back to the Superhero PagePhone Booth Dress-up Race

First, the children had to change into costumes in a telephone booth while I played superhero TV theme songs in the background. 

I made two phone booths from large cardboard boxes used for moving clothes.  I cut out a door and a window and painted one red, the other blue, and painted "phone booth" on each.

Back to the Superhero PageSave the Kittens

The second event was saving kittens from trees.  We have 2 trees in our back yard, a small apple tree and a larger red maple.  We lined up the smaller kids with the apple tree and the bigger kids with the maple. 

We had 2 toy kittens, and an parent stood by the tree to put the kitten in it.  To our surprise, the kids got back in line and wanted to do it again.  We played this for about 10 minutes, putting the kittens higher in the tree with each turn...the kids couldn't get enough.  Again, I had the superhero and TV theme songs playing in the background.

Back to the Superhero PageRiddle Me This

I set up the last thing--a scavenger hunt.  But not just any scavenger hunt, a hunt for riddle bombs set up by The Riddler. 

A week prior to the party, I dressed up as The Riddler and made a digital video of The Riddler setting up the rules of the hunt.  I did the video using my new digital camera and my laptop which came with movie maker software. 

At the party, I alerted the new superheroes that The Riddler was on the loose.  I then played this movie from the laptop right to our large-screen TV.  The Riddler put 6 Riddle Bombs somewhere and 10 villains left clues (special cards).  Each child had to find a specific card, of which there were 10 (10 kids, 10 cards).  One side of the card had a picture of a Batman villian.  Other side had part of a larger picture--a puzzle with a riddle written on it. 

Find all the cards, and they have all the puzzle pieces to make the riddle.  Solve the riddle, and they find the Riddle Bombs.  The riddle was "What do you eat that is on fire, but is covered with things that are cold?"  The answer is a birthday cake (candles are the fire, but it is covered with "frost"ing and "ice"ing). The parents helped with solving the puzzle of course. 

To make the cards, I used a sheet of homemade business cards and printed the villains on one side and the riddle puzzle on the other.  Then I just separated the cards.  To give a hint for the answer for the riddle, I printed a watermark of a birthday cake behind the riddle text.   

When the riddle was solved (which was pretty quick), the kids went up to the cake which had a superhero picture silk screened on it and the 6 Riddle Bombs (dunkin donuts munchkins with candles)--for my son's 6th birthday.  Only my son's super-breath could stop the bombs and save the day.

Back to the Superhero PageSuperhero Training Relays

I advised the kids that they may look like super heroes, but they could not become OFFICIAL Super Heroes until they completed SUPER HERO Training.  I had three events for this. 

The first event is Over and Under Relay.  I had the kids form two lines and gave each of them a small ball.  In each row, the first kid would pass the ball between his legs and the second kid had to pass the ball over his head, they continued to do this until they got to the end of the line and then had to do this in reverse until the ball returned to the front of the line. Which ever group completed this first, won this event. 

I told them that this event was going to test their coordination and speed as part of the super hero training.  This went well, recommend for this age group that you have a parent on each team coach as the ball is making its way down the line. 

The second event was Web Blasting.  I had all the kids form a circle and tied the end of a ball of string around the birthday boy.  He then threw across the circle to another child who then wrapped it around his waste and this continued until a web was formed in the center.  The kids loved this!  They enjoyed being all tied up.  I then placed two spiders in the web and the kids had to jump around and try to knock the spiders off.  They wanted to do this over and over again.   

The third event was Pass the Kryptonite.  All the kids sat in a circle.  They were told what kcryptonite was and if they ever came in contact with it, they should get rid of it as fast as they could!  I then turned on some music and threw the ball to a child and they passed the ball until the music stopped.  Whoever was holding the ball was out and the game continued until only one was left.

Back to the Superhero PageEndurance Training

When all kids arrived, I handed out their "Crime Fighting Super Hero League Training Manual." I made them in Print Shop using the 1/4 card template. Inside there was three sections: Endurance, Agility, and Marksmanship.

We first went to test the kids' endurance. I had an obstancle course set up. I read the manual for them before each event. \*Endurance\* Under the headline was the definition and a description of the event: "The obstance course is designed to test and strengthen your endurance, a vital component of the ultimate Super Hero. In order to pass this test, you must finish the course in less than five minutes. Time:___" If they passed (they all did, of course), they received a super hero sticker to place on the page.

Next we did agility.  \*Agility\* I had set up two pillows hanging from the rafters of our loft. The manual stated,"When a Super Hero is under attack, the ability to move quickly and nimbly will be extremely valuable in preserving his life and enhancing his ability to counter-attack. You must not be hit more than 5 times out of 10 if you want to become a Super Hero. Successful dodges: _/10." I would swing one pillow and they would have to dodge it and then run over to the other pillow and give it a good karate chop or kick. We did this one a million times. They loved it.

After they all received their stickers we moved to the last event: marksmanship. \*Marksmanship\* I had 50 water balloons ready and a piece of plywood covered in plastic with a bullseye. The manual stated, "Hitting the target you are aiming for is an essential skill to fight crime. Your archenemy can be incapacitated by a direct hit from your weapon of choice. To pass this skill test, you must hit the target five times. __Five Successful Hits." The boys took turns throwing one water balloon at a time at the target. It was raining so we set up the target off our back porch and they stood at the back door and threw them out at the target. We handed out their stickers for their training manuals when they had used up all the balloons.

When they finished all the events we went back to the "Welcome Center" and had a graduation party. I would call each one's name and they would hand me their Training Manual. If it had been completely filled with stickers (they all were, of course) then they received their Certificate of Completion that stated they were now Super Heroes! After the ceremony we had a reception in which I brought in cupcakes decorated with the emblems of Spiderman, Batman and Superman.

Back to the Superhero PageIncredibles Challenges

The first challenge was INCREDIBLE ACTING. The kids had to act out (without speaking) the secret word drawn from a hat and their team mates had to guess what the secret word was. The easy challengers got to act out easy things like a ballet dancer but the hard challengers had to act out hard things like a banana! I have never laughed so hard as when I watched a very bemused child try to peel herself so her friends would guess she was a banana!! 

The second contest was the Incredible Walk. Each child stood on a colouring page taped to the floor. They had to hop from picture to picture while they sang various songs like happy birthday etc. When the song stopped, they had to stop on the page they were on. The matching picture was drawn out of a hat and whichever child was on that picture was out of the game. The winner won her team the easy challenge of course! 

The second challenge was INCREDIBLE DRAWING. The kids had to draw a secret word and their team mates had to guess what it is. Easy? No way, the kids were blind folded and one at a time they drew the most incredible pictures. They had their teammates howling that the picture did not look like a flower (easy challenge) or their teacher (hard challenge)!

Back to the Superhero PagePower Ranger Training

With the training camp idea I drew a Power Ranger symbol on poster board and wrote "Welcome to Training Camp".  We put some balloons around the sign and put it at the top of the driveway.  When the guests arrived we made walkie talkies out of foam (blocks of florist foam) cut into little rectangles and wrapped in aluminum foil.  I did this ahead of time.  The kids decorated them with sparkle pipe cleaners for antennea and foam stickers.  They loved this! 

The parents who stayed jumped in and helped out which was wonderful!   Once everyone was here- we started the camp.  I gathered the 7 kids together and explained that Power Rangers needed special training and by the end of the party they would be Official Power Rangers!  Camp had 5 stations each with a Power Ranger theme-

1.  "Careful"- walk on a bridge over an alligator river (2x4 over blue table cloth with alligator cut-outs)

2. "Teamwork" - Work together to clean up a big rock slide-(pile of Mega Blocks with Laundry baskets labeled with different colors.  The kids work together to seperate the blocks into the correct basket)

3.  "Help the Good Guys" - a tidal wave/tornado wiped out a town and covered it in sand- save the people and bring them to the hospital and give first aid (I hid little people/characters in the sand box and provided an ambulance/dump truck the kids used to push the little people in to the hospital which was a table with stethescopes and band aids! They each had to find 3 people take them to the hospital and fix them up- A big hit!) 

4.  "Defeat the Bad Guys"- knock out stuffed animals with bean bags (preferable more scary looking stuffed animals.  I put bandanas around the mouths of a couple to look like bandits! 

5.  "Strong"- See who could throw the water balloon the furthest- they enjoyed this too but the balloons wouldn't break so we took them up to our 2nd level deck and they threw them off to break them-giggles galore! 

After each station they received a wrapped prize (very small items-bubbles crayons coloring book 2 small toys) that they put in a goodie bag with their name on (I found larger goodie bags at the dollar store and printed power ranger picture with their name on it and glued onto the bag).

Back to the Superhero PageSpiderwalk

We played SpiderWalk. We made octagon shaped siderwebs, in the middle we put a number (one for each child playing) placed them randmonly all over the deck. Played music and when the music stopped each child stands on a web.

We didn't do the traditional circle because we wanted to let them move freely and create a tangled web effect with kids going different directions. A number is drawn out of the bucket and the child standing on that number gets to pick out of a bag with corresponding numbers with the web.

We used pencils, stickers, candy, rubber balls, spiderman whistles, sticky hands, etc… The kids enjoyed this game and it lasted awhile, we made sure that every kid got the same amount of prizes.

Back to the Superhero PageSpider Web Relay

We also played a Spider Web Relay Race. We divided the children up in even numbers and used octagon shaped spiderwebs each team had two each. We made two cities out of refridgerator boxes from a local appliance store.

We made it like a sky line, set up a course and had each child take their webs and travel to their city by placing the webs on the ground and stepping on them, the trick is to not touch the green goblin ground or you have to start over. The webs were fairly good size so they wouldn't step off too easily.

Once each child makes it around the city with their webs, the next child in line goes and the first team finished wins. To make this more difficult for older children you could make the webs smaller and you could make them rescue a victim and carry the victim back from the city, without dropping them (stuffed animal/barbie doll/etc…) or stepping off the web into the green goblin ground.

Back to the Superhero PagePin the Spider on Spiderman

I had two games in which the children played which was pin the spider on Spiderman's chest and the SpideyWalk.  For the SpideyWalk game, I purchased the Spidey and Friends CD and played music as the children walked in a circle. 

I placed pictures of Spiderman on the floor with the numbers 1 through 3.  When the music stopped and a child landed on that number, they could reach into the basket and get a prize that was labled 1 through 3. 

I purchased spiderman keychains, spiderman puzzles, spiderman bubble bath, spiderman playing cards, spiderman cars, spiderman books, spiderman pencils and spiderman 5X7 notebooks and wrapped them in Spiderman wrapping paper and used these items for the prizes.

Back to the Superhero PageSpiderweb of Gifts

For each guest in attendance, I wrapped a toy, wrote the childs name on it, and attached about 20' of yarn to the toy.  We then attached a tape to the end of the yarn with the same child's name.  We hid the toy, wrapped the yarn around everything in a corner of our patio thereby creating a giant "web" which the kids untangled.

Back to the Superhero PageSuperhero Puzzle Hunt

I scanned and printed a large picture of spiderman on my computer, mounted it on posterboard and cut it into as many segments as the number of guests.  I hid the "puzzle" and each kid found a piece and they worked together to put the puzzle together.

Back to the Superhero PageSuperhero Cakewalk

We did a superhero cake walk.  I scanned, colored and printed each of the heros from the coloring book and mounted them on posterboard squares.  I then made a spinner with matching smaller pictures. 

The kids got on the squares and walked around in the circle to a spiderman and friends CD that I found.  When the music stopped, I spun the spinner and the child on the matching square got to pick a prize.  I had bought a bunch of small spiderman toys from the dollar store.  I collected them for several months to have a wide selection.

Back to the Superhero PageBatman Visit

I hired an actor to dress as spiderman.  He came and dressed in our garage, and then climbed up onto our roof and jumped down onto the deck outside the party room.  When this happened, all the kids screamed in excitement and ran out onto the deck. 

Spiderman greeted my son and wished him happy birthday.   He took them out into the yard, and did superhero training that we had planned out before hand.  He did web slinging practice. 

I purchased each child a can of silly string, and he set up targets for them to shoot at.  This was a little hard, as some of the kids could not push the button hard enough to shoot the string.  Spiderman then did wrestling practice. 

I purchased inflatables of spiderman, hulk, and wolverine that were each about three feet tall and the children wrestled with them while Spiderman game them tips.  Then he led them through the yard in a obstical course.  The actor was great with the children.

Back to the Superhero PageMusical Bats

We played "musical bats".  I taped a bat with a number onto each chair.  When the music stopped, I called out a number and whoever was sitting in that chair got a sticker.  We played until everyone got a sticker.

Back to the Superhero PageBatman and Robin Bowling!

Each child had two turns, the first was Batman the second robin. On each of the ten pins there were villains to catch, or knock down.

Back to the Superhero PageKryptonite Toss

Kryptonite Toss We had six buckets covered in tinfoil for our planets.  The "kryptonite" were ping pong balls painted a bright green.  They threw the "krpytonite" into the "planets".

Back to the Superhero PageVillian Cards

We had a Buzz table, a Spiderman table, a superman table, a Batman table and a power puff girls table.  We set up different game stations (Joker's Basketball Jam, Hobhgoblin's Horseshoes, Lex Luthor's Bowling Lane, Catwoman's Tricycle Course, Zurg's Water Zap, and Mojo Jojo's cardboard maze). 

Upon completing each game, each child received a computer generated "baseball card" of the villain they had just defeated.  After completing all the games and getting all the "baseball cards".

Back to the Superhero PageSuperhero Bingo

To entertain the kids while we waited for the parents we played HEROS (BINGO). I printed up card that has different characters on them.  All card had the same picture in different orders.  I then printed out all the pictures. 

The kids were given a playing card and a pile of pennies.  The Birthday kid started the game by pulling a picture card.  The kids covered with pennies.  The winner of that game got to pull for the next game.  The kids had a blast.


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