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I made the invitations on the computer that said Stephen is having a batty birthday. 

Inside said the typical party information, but the party was at the batcave (our address). 

We did have a batcave.

Back to the Superhero PageMr. Incredible Breaks Bricks

I decided to make our own invitations.  I used a home print/art program to create the invitation. 

The front of the invitation looked like a brick wall.  In the center was a jagged-edged black cirle with individual bricks flying off in all directions.  We attached an image of Mr. Incredible, from a web site, to  the center of the black space with a thin wire, wound into a spiral around a pencil.  So, the front of  the invitation looked like Mr. Incredible was bursting through a brick wall. 

We printed up and cut out brick-shaped confetti, which we put into the envelope, to complete this efect.  On the inside of  the invitation I used another piece of clip art, of the entire Incredible family.  

The wording was:  You're Invited!  Come help the INCREDIBLES save the world from Syndrom & other bad guys!  This was followed by the party information (my son's name, location, time, etc.)

Back to the Superhero PageSpiderman Postcard

I created the invitations on the computer using Printmaster.

First, I found high-resolution graphics of Spiderman online using google or yahoo image search.  Then I went to work.  I always make postcard invitations, mainly for two reasons: they do not require an envelope and they have cheaper postage. 

On the front of the invitation there was a picture of Spiderman swinging from his web and it read: Swing on over...for web-slinging fun at Ryan's Spiderman party.  Then on the back of the invitation it is set up like a postcard with a dividing line that separates the party info and the TO address. 

On the left-hand side it read: Join us (then list date/time) at our "web-site" (then list address) Say you'll hang out with us (then list telephone #).  Then I put a picture of Spiderman hanging up side down from his web.  Our address was on the left side at the top in a small font.  Then they were addressed to the guests on the right side in a large font.

Back to the Superhero PageHoly Cake & Ice Cream

I used metallic blue card stock with a piece of vellum as an overlay with batman cut-outs and silver stars placed all around. 

The message on the invitation read, "Holy Cake and Ice Cream Batman, Landon's turning four and the Joker has just stolen his birthday cake.  Come dressed as your favorite superhero and help Batman put an end to the Joker's dasterdly plan". 

Then I listed the essestial information with Bat Date, Bat Time, and Bat Place.  Excitement from those who had been invited to the party grew as all the boys and girls anxiously began talking about which superhero they would come dressed as.

Back to the Superhero PageBatman Wants You Comic Book Cover

I copied a batman comic book cover.  The inside of the invitation was "Batman wants you" (like the uncle sam picture) with a picture of Batman. 

The uniting idea of the party was to earn your batcape and the party revolved around 5 Batman villains.

Back to the Superhero PageReport to Superhero Training

I started with invitations which said "ALL NEW SUPERHEROES, REPORT TO SUPERHERO TRAINING."  Inside, the invitations had the date, time, and location (Hall of Justice Training Center) and clipart of superheroes. 

All RSVPs had to come back with 5 pieces of information:  true identity, special superpower, favorite color, favorite food, and favorite superhero.  All this information was to be used later on.  No costumes were necessary.  Instead, we said in the invitation that capes and masks will be provided.  

Both the parents and kids seemed to enjoy coming up with this personal information.  Some kids responded by themselves which was great.

Back to the Superhero PageTop Secret Dossier

I called each of the parents and asked them questions about their sons: weight, height, distinguishing features, brief personal history, enemies, etc. I then wrote up a dossier on each kid, with TOP SECRET watermarked on the paper. I paper-clipped the dossier, a headshot of the boy, and a cover letter into a manilla folder marked "Top Secret" on the outside. We hand delivered the invitations.

The cover letter stated:  "We here at the CRIME FIGHTING SUPER HERO LEAGUE have noticed you and your special skills. Skills that are necessary and vital to crime fighters. Do you think you have what it takes to be a Super Hero? <Bithday Boy> seems to think so. He has invited you to our SUPER SECRET SUPER HERO TRAINING FACILITY at <our address>. Training begins at 1300 hours on the first day of October. Please come in your Super Hero uniform and be prepared to work hard.

Becoming a Super Hero is not for everyone, but it could be for you. We hope you decide to become a part of the…CRIME FIGHTING SUPER HERO LEAGUE.  Regards, Justice Forall"

Back to the Superhero PageNewspaper Headlines

We made the invitations by scanning our local paper into the computer which was my husband's idea.  We took out some of the headlines and inserted "Villains are taking over the city" and in another spot we put "Calling all Superheroes". 

On the inside, we scanned a picture of the Justice League and put a poem about the party.  It said something about come for supper, crimefighting and so much more.

Back to the Superhero PageMovie Invite

I made the invitations on Publisher, made a black rectangle with white circles along the top and bottom to look like filmstrip with a big yellow oval announcing Jason's Super Incredible Movie Party in red. 

The inside was orange with a yellow "pow" shape where all the details were printed.  The party time was 6-10pm. 

We decorated with yellow, red, incredibles green and orange crepe paper.  I let me son get involved in the decorating and he came up with some completely new ideas that looked great.

Back to the Superhero PageSpiderman Photo Invite

For invitations, we purchased our daughter a Spiderman outfit online. We took a variety of pictures to choose from and then ordered customized birthday cards ($1/ea) with her as Spiderman on the front in his infamous pose.

The invitation reads, (front of card) "An Invitation from"(inside of card) Your friendly neighborhood wall-crawling, crime-fighting Super Hero...Spiderman! A.K.A. (our daughter's name) and birthday details followed.

This turned out to be fun because the parents couldn't figure out if it was really our daughter in the Spiderman outfit or not.

Back to the Superhero PageSuperhero Comicbook

For his invitations, I shrunk and copied several pictures from a Spider-man coloring book and used them to create a "comic book" on a folded sheet of 8 1/2 x 14" paper.  The cover had a picture of Spider-man(of course) and was titled "The Amazing Spider-Man: The Birthday invitation". 

Inside were seven frames with the following narration/dialogue:

1(picture of Spider-man jumping)-- "Hey Spidey-fans! Get ready for another spine-tingling, action-packed adventure with your favorite wall-crawling super hero.  Today, we find Spider-man on a mission to let Joshua's friends know they are invited to his 4th birthday celebration."

2(Spider-man and little boy) "Be careful Spider-man. I've heard reports that Scorpion's been sighted in the area!"  "Don't you worry, Josh!  Nothing's going to stop me.  I'll make sure your friends get the invitation. 

3(Spider-man crawling up a wall) "I'd better hurry!  I haven't got much time!  The party's in less than two weeks!" 

4(Scorpion and Spider-man)  "Hey, Spider-man! Where do you think you're going?!"  "Wouldn't you like to know Scorpion! I've got an important job to do - A special friend's happiness is at stake - and not even you are going to get in the way." 

5(Spider-man swinging between buildings)  "I'm on my way again thanks to my trusty web-slinger!"  

6(Scorpion) "Drat!  Spider-man got away again!"

7(Spider-man) "I made it! I've got a special message for you!  Joshua wants you to join him on (day, date, time) at his house for some web-slinging, wall-crawling birthday fun! 

Call his Mom at (phone number) to RSVP as soon as possible!  Hope to see you there!"

Back to the Superhero PageColoring Book Scan

For the invitation, I picked a picture from a Spiderman and Friends coloring book that had Spiderman, Hulk, Wolverine, and Captain America (all my son's favorites)in Spiderman's clubhouse.  I scanned the picture and colored it in on my computer. 

I then added all the party information.  I said, "Calling all Superheros, an evil villian has stolen the cake for son's 4th birthday party!  Spiderman needs your help to find the cake and save the party. 

Report to Spiderman's club house on date and time of party for superhero training.  I then included the address and a map on the back of the card. 

These looked very nice, and set up the theme for the party very well.

Back to the Superhero PageBatman Mask Invite

The invitations were a Batman shaped mask.  I traced a mask(that my son had) on black construction paper. 

I cut out the eyes and glued yellow paper behind the eyes, and cut out the mouth and glued white paper (and I put the guest's name on the white paper, written really cool). 

On the back of the invitation the party information was written.

Back to the Superhero PageBatman Mask Photo

I photographed him wearing a batman mask that covered the top half of his face (he was still recognizable).  I used the picture as the background of the invite. 

The invite read something like: Top Secret: [child's name] thinks you have what it takes to be a super hero, we'd like to invite you to our super hero training camp located at [address, date & time].  RSVP to Super-Mom" and Super food & combat gear will be provided.


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