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For the Fairy Princesses, I made cone hats out of pink and light blue felt.  I stitched sequined braid around the base and coordinating ribbon for ties.  The tops of the hats were left open to string bridal netting and ribbons through. 

I made play clothes for the girls with camisole undershirts and inexpensive fabric.  I gathered the skirts and attached them to the camisoles.  Using metallic braid and sequins, I embellished the waists of the dressed.  

The girls used fabric paints and sponge stamps to embellish their princess hats.

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I ended up with 9 girls (including my 2) and 5 moms attending.  When the girls and mother's arrived, they walked through the kitchen and  oohed and aahed at the decorations and then dropped off their gifts in the family room before heading back to the living room to decorate hats (where I had put the kitchen table, which worked great for a work surface). 

I had plastic woven hats from the Dollar Store which I lined with a little bit of felt because they were scratchy.  I had cut flower blossoms off of bunches of artificial flowers (I put a little hot glue at the end so the blossoms wouldn't pop off) and had them in baskets by color, as well as a basket of ribbon to match the flowers.  

Each girl picked a hat, flowers and ribbon and when they got the flowers arranged on the hat, I hot glued them and the ribbon (tied in a bow with long ends to hang down their back).  Those that were done or waiting made beaded bracelets with pipecleaners (a favorite activity of my girls) so they weren't just standing.     

As soon as all the hats were done, we went back in the family room and took pictures in front of our ficus tree, which made a nice background.  My husband was the photographer and he took mother & daughter pictures, and then one of each guest with the two birthday girls.   

We stayed in the dining room to decorate picture frames.  I had cut a 5x7 frame and opening out of foam sheets and had foam stickers (pack of 200 from Dollar Store) that they could use to decorate.  I had originally come up with a more complicated design for the frame involving Popsicle sticks, but ended up with just the foam frame and some adhesive magnetic strips. 

We will send the pictures from the party with the Thank You notes and they can put it in their frame and put it on their refrigerator!

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The main one will be creating a flower bed. The girls design what it will look like. You should purchase many flowers from the nursery that they can transplant decoratively. They pick exactly what it will look like and can also plant seeds that you provide.

They also design their own terra cotta pots with paints, and each choose one flower that they would particularly like to have. They transplant this into their terra cotta pot.

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I had the girls put all of this on and then took them to the Queen's Treasure Chest to pick out some jewelry (We have a wooden trunk that says "Jose Quervo" on it; I've no idea where it originally came from but I lined the inside with purple felt and added a crown to the underside of the lid and filled it with Mardi Gras beads, beaded bracelets, rings, and some "beads" I made by buying gold and silver bead strands meant for a Christmas tree, cutting them into 24" lengths and twisting the beads so they snapped together and formed a circle.   After each one had her ensemble together we took pictures of them.

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While they were busy I printed each child a photo I took when they at the table drinking tea, they pose with a teacup in their hands.  These photos I put with their party pack that where were taking home.

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We decorated straw hats. Each girl got 4 beautiful felt flowers, two butterflies and one dragon fly. The child designed it and then I hot glued it all in place.

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I set up our garden love seat to take picture of the ladies dressed in their prettiest of dresses. We spent about 10 minutes just posing for the camera. I took individual photos as well as group shots. They loved posing for the camera. We took pictures before we did anything messy.

As the ladies arrived, they started to work on their crafts. I had a card table set up in the living room without chairs. Each guest had a placemat that had activities on the back. The first craft was to decorate a tiara for their teddy bear. I bought a kit from the party store. All they had to do was glue jewels onto the tiara. We did this first so that the glue would have time to dry.

They then worked on tea bag sachets. This was a very easy activity for the young guest to complete. Each guest was given a pink sachet normally used at weddings. They took a tea bag and put it in the sachet. They then took a mulberry potpourri mix and began stuffing the sachet with the mix. When they were done, they pulled on the string and tied it up. I also had doilies to color and pink paper to make paper fans.

After the official tea party and birthday cake eating, we sang the long version of I'm a little tea pot. We also read a Tea Party book. I always had pretty music playing quietly in the background. We were going to do a tea bag toss into a pretty bowl, but we ran out of time.

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As the little ladies sat down to dine, I explained to them that they were the princesses and the mommies would serve them.  Each girl had a gold bell with a sheer and satin white ribbon tied to it (they also kept these as a party favor). 

I placed them in the china bowls (which were placed atop the main china plate).  Boy, did they have fun summoning us!  It was sooo cute hearing the little chimes (instead of "Mommy! I want more!")

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For a craft I gave each guest a small inexpensive watering can and I supplied glitter, paint, and sequins and the kids decorated these to their liking.

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We had 12 girls, ranging in age from 4-6.  We set up three stations, with an adult supervising each station and split the girls into groups of 4.   Station 1 was the hat making station.  I bought hats (bonnets)after Easter at 90% off original price at Target. 

I also bought silk flowers at the dollar store, as well as various ribbons.  The girls picked out their ribbon and flowers and the adult supervising the station hot glued the flower and ribbon to the hat.  We put a sticker on the inside of each hat with the girl's name on it. (Total price of hat $1) Station 2 was the purse making station.  I ordered 6"x6" canvas handbags with satin lining in assorted colors from ($5.95 per dozen). 

I also ordered small silk flowers with pearl centers from the same site.  After I knew who was coming to the party, I wrote each girl's name on each handbag in pearl white glitter fabric paint.  I thought this would eliminate girls fighting over a particular color of the handbag, since there were six different colors.  The girls picked out their flowers, as many as they wanted, and handed them to the adult supervising the station to hotglue onto the purse. 

At that same station, after the purse was ready, the girls got to choose a ring pop and candy necklaces to put in their purse.  (Total price of purse and candy $1) Station 3 was the necklace making craft.  I had 4 bowls full of assorted beads and cord and each girl got to string a necklace and/or bracelet to wear.

The adult supervising the craft tied a strong knot once the girls were done. Pony beads were bought at Walmart.(Total price of jewelry making $.50) Once the girls were outfitted, they went to the family room. 

While we were waiting for everyone to finish, the girls posed for the camera, all dressed up in their hats and jewelry, holding their purses.


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