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I made a 2 tier heart shaped chocolate birthday cake (bottom pink), with the top heart (purple) smaller, and had a miniture china tea set placed around the edge.

The cake was edged with pink and purple sparkly ribbons, and from the centre of the cake were red pink white and purple hearts on wires and more bows which was easy and very specatcular looking !

I used sparklers when it was time to sing happy birthday, followed by real candles due to popluar demand.

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The cake. I took a fancy round cake pan (made two of them). Iced the layers together. Then using fondant, I rolled it out to 16 inches and used a stamp which made it look like lace. This was placed over the cake.

I had a kelly doll set in which she was serving tea to teddy bears. It had the doll and a table with two chairs as well as the little tea set and food items. I took one other doll from a Kelly doll dress up set I had. I assembled the toy tea set on top of the cake. Making it appear that the dolls were having tea on top of a cake that looked like a table.   The girls just ate it up!!!!"

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For the cake I made several round cakes. One cake I frosted it in just plain chocolate frosting.

The other cakes I cut into the shapes of sunflower petals and I placed these around the chocolate cake I then frosted these with bright yellow frosting.

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The cake was the best part.  I made it in the shape of a tea pot.  

Cake.  Bake two cakes in two bowls and one cupcake.  After the cake cools, level the tops and put the cakes together, holding them together with frosting. Level the cupcake- this will be the lid of the teapot. Shape a handle and spout and a round lid top out of marzapan(almond paste) and with food coloring, tint to desired color. 

Once the cake is frosted with desired color, attach handle and spout and lid top with toothpicks.  Decorate the cake with candy.  (We used pink, red and white M&M's to make flowers and green fruit roll ups to cut out stems and leaves)  (the total price of the cake was $10)


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