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When the princesses arrived for the party, we met them at the door and commented on how nice they looked…except that we must have forgotten to tell them that the party was only for princesses and we needed to make them look a little more like a princess.   Then my oldest daughter and one of her friends put eye shadow, mascara, blush, and lipstick on the girls and painted their nails and gave them stick on earrings.  

I made purple lace skirts for each of them ($2 a yard at Walmart; I cut the fabric in half lengthwise and just sewed a cylinder and added a casing to the top; since the bottom was finished it didn't need a hem; very quick and easy and looked great!).   I made 7 skirts from 7 1/2  yards of material and had enough left to cut scarves for each girl (I cut them about 7" wide from one end of the fabric to the other so the ends were finished). 

I also made tiaras for them from wired star garland and tulle (I made 3 circles of the garland and wired it together, then took a strip of tulle and kind of braided it in and out between the wires, then tied curling ribbon (pink, silver, and white) in a slip knot to the back and tacked it down with hot glue so it wouldn't slip loose).

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Before the day I made a princess hat for each girl. I used pink cardboard sheet, white tulle and assorted coloured ribbons, and gold sequin string around the base, These were made into the cone shaped damsel type hats.

I used hat elastic to secure, which was left undone on one side, and made to measure as each princess arrived. Although time consuming the hats looked fabulous and were a big hit. Each girl took their hat home at the end of the party.

I made the birthday girls hat out of gold cardboard so she looked just a little more special.

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Glamour gowns, boas, tiaras, costume jewelry, faux fur stoles, hats etc.   Dress up Time:  Bring out your full length mirror and several hand mirrors. 

Create stations for dress up time:  \*hair  \*makeup \*clothing / accessories   Body glitter, body jewels, hair jewels, lipstick, lip gloss, nail polish, pink blush (avoid eye makeup for health reasons).

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As the girls ate, I had the mommies fill out a form for the upcoming Tea Party Fashion Show.  I asked each mom to describe their daughters outfit as if she were walking down a runway.  I also asked simple questions about their girls, such as hair and eye color, favorite Disney princess and what they liked best about coming to the tea party. 

After the meal, we went to the formal living room and put on some classical music (wedding style).  I was the emcee and read aloud from each girl's form. As I did this, every girl was video taped coming into the room, did a twirl, posed for a still picture and took a bow.  The mommies were the audience, seated on the sofa.

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My daughter has two trunks full of inexpensive dress up clothes.  Before the party, she and I put complete outfits in ziplock bags.  We included accesories and shoes.  this would make it easy for the girls to choose what they wanted without having to fight over skirts, tops, necklaces, etc. 

My daughter's room had several stations: dress up, hair, make up, and nails.  On the door we taped a sign that said "Beauty Parlor" and an "Open" sign.  I leaned a full-length mirror (sideways) on my daughter's dresser and put a row of chairs in front of it, grouped to mark the different stations. 

The dress up station:  two trunks filled with their choice of clothes, shoes and accesories. 

The Hair Station: my 15 and 16 year old nieces fixed up  everyone beautifully.  Each girl was allowed to keep the comb and hair accessories. 

The Make Up Station: I made up each little girl using light eye shadow, tinted lip gloss, and face and body glitter. Each girl was given thier own lip gloss and packet of body glitter. 

Nail station:  My sister and my best friend painted their nails using light colors.  When the girls were almost done, we called in the boys.  We had fancy top hats, bow ties and ties, jackets, as well as, a cowboy outfit, a fireman costume, and a policeman costume.  We drew a mustache on those who let us, using an eyeliner.

Finally everyone lined up for a fashion show.  One of my nieces made sure they stayed in line, while the other talked to the audience about what each guest was wearing.  After the fasion show we gave awards.

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I sent out elegant invitations, and when they RSVP --- I took the 'Princesses' a real tiara to their house. The girls arrived with their dresses and tiara, and their moms wore nice dresses. I hired a professional photographer to come and take mother/daughter pictures.

My father, husband, son and nephew wore Tuxes, seated and served the princesses and ladies, I wanted everyone to be pampered and show the girls how they needed to be treated. The girls sat at a long banquet table with a buffet and mirror behind them and faced the moms. The mothers sat at smaller tables and faced the girls.


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