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I had favor bags for both the girls and their moms.  The girls had a little cupcake bag that I had gotten on clearance for 25 cents, and I had a pack of princess gummies, a fancy hankerchief (3/$1 at the Dollar Store) and a tiny princess teaset (my big splurge at $2 each at Walmart in the Easter aisle). 

They also took home their decorated hats, the beaded bracelets they made, the decorated picture frames, the candy from bingo and the favor cup from the table. 

The moms had gift bags (3/$1 at the Dollar Store) with a small baggie of Dove chocolates, two scented tealight candles, a bath fizzy (10/$1 at the Dollar Store) and a pack of tea.    I think everyone had a fun time and it was really nice to spend time with some of the mom's that I had only met once or twice at school, and to spend time with the girls too. 

One mom suggested that we have a tea party every so often just to be able to use good china and fancy dishes!  It was a good amount of work, but it was fun work and from the initial idea, the planning and preparation time was less than 2 weeks. 

My girls said that they want boys at their party next year, so I think it was good to do the tea party when I did!  Many thanks to this website for a lot of good ideas  I hope you can use some of mine!

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For the goodie bags I used some cellophane bags from the Dollar Tree that had pink hearts and white daisies on them.  

For each one I printed a tag with a clip art tiara on it and then the child's name (Princess Cassidy, Princess Allison, etc.).  I punched a hole in each tag and after filling the goodie bags I attached the tag to the wire used to close them with.  

The goodie bags were filled with extra Mardi Gras beads, bracelets, and rings, hair elastics that said "Princess" on them, stick-on earrings, stickers, a book entitled "Fairy Princesses" that came with 20 tattoos, and candy, plus each child got to take home her coloring sheets, skirt, scarf, tiara, and whatever jewelry she had chosen from the Queen's Treasure Chest.  

After the party we sent thank you notes.   I printed 4 different pictures of each girl and cut them out and used rubber cement to glue them on the front of a piece of cardstock and inside I wrote: "From one princess to another.   Thanks for coming to the castle.   We had a royal good time.   Thank you ever so much for _________" and had my daughter sign each one.

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I printed out thankyou goody bags from the disney site which looked faulous and used fluffy chenelle pipecleaners in pink and purple for handles. Heart stickers, red white and pink candy, a packet of heart candy with little sayings on them, and a pink braclet were the favours.

They also got a bag of pink fairy floss (cotton candy). So were pretty loaded up with those, plus hat, book and other prizes.

The prize basket had things like heart candles, icecream cone shaped sidewalk chalk, bead sets in it.

Back to the Tea Party PagePink Polkadot Purses

For me this is highlight of the party so I went crazy.  I made paper purses from pink polkadot cardstock and filled them with candy necklaces, jewel ring pops, bead bracelets, hair clips and bands, etc. all purchased from the Dollar Store.  Each purse had a pipe cleaner handle and daisy button closure. 

Each child got a pair of lace gloves and a placecard which I'd actually made from little bottles of wedding bubbles.  On those I hot glued a small silk flower to the top, cut out a tag shape and tied it to the bottle in matching ribbon.  I used stickers to put names on tags.  The favors also doubled as decorations.

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I really lucked out with the PARTING GIFTS and almost didn't give them away.  I found 8 demitasse cups on Ebay for $8.  They were beautiful, pale pink and white with a thin silver stripe and silver handles. 

Inside I included a few sugar cubes and a bag of peach tea.  I removed the tag on the tea bag and made one of pink cardstock outlined in silver to match the cup.  On one side I wrote, "Many Thanks," and on the other "Love, Claire" in swirly cursive. 

I wrapped these in clear cellophane and tied them with iredescent pink ribbons.  I got white paper gift bags from Target and wrote each girl's name in big silver pen so they had something to hold all their goodies in.

Back to the Tea Party PageMiniture Tea Set

The guests were given a brown bag filled with all their crafts, a real miniature tea set with Teddy Bears on it, a tea cup shaped note pad, bracelet and ring, their menu and name plate. I stapled a gold ribbon to a photo of the guest and typed a note on theTea Bag with their name.

Right before they left, I rolled up the bag and stapled it shut. The end product looked like a giant tea bag party favor.

Back to the Tea Party PageBath Soaps

As each girl left the party, we gave her little flower & heart bath soap gift set that came from the dollar store (it was in a purse styled package - perfect for a tea party princess).


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