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Next was Birthday Bingo in the dining room (with a big table  since the table in the kitchen was already set).  I was going to do Tea Party Bingo but couldn't find enough clipart of tea party things, so ended up using clip art for spring, birthdays, my girls initials, the number 5, flowers, etc. 

I printed out 12 different cards on regular 8.5 x 11 paper, and printed an additional one that I cut up and used for drawing and calling the pictures.  I went through all the pictures first to make sure everyone was familiar with all the different pictures. 

We used Necco wafers for markers, which they could eat at the end, although I passed out ziplock bags for the extras that they didn't eat.  When they got bingo, they picked out a pair of plastic sunglasses (pack of 10 for less than $2 at Walmart). 

We played until everyone got one Bingo.

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Finally, it was time for presents.  Rather than have the girls just grab them and open them, we played Pass the Teapot  - just like Hot Potato, but it wasn't fast (I said it wasn't a hot teapot and we didn't want to spill the tea!) and whoever had the teapot when the music stopped gave their gift to the girls. 

My husband had the remote for the CD player so he could make it stop on those who had not yet given them gifts.  One mom commented that this was a good idea as it kept everyone calm during present-opening!

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For games we had princess pass the parcel, where before you could open the layer there was a card stuck on that had a princess question. i.e Name the princess who lives under the sea etc.

There were some layers that required them to act like a princess, eg bow like a princess, skip like a princess. This just gave the game a bit more flavour and last a bit longer.

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We played kiss the frog prince, this is where I had drawn a frog on green card, cut out and stuck him onto white card.  Made a gold crown with jewels so he was a froggy prince. The girls took turns in putting on lipstick, blindfolded then had to try and kiss him on the lips. Closest to lips was the winner, the prize being a glittery beanie frog !

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At this point things were getting quite full on so to break it up we went outside to do the pinata. We made a heart shaped pianata, ( paper mache over a heart balloon) filled with wrapped sweets, and pink and silver metallic heart shaped confetti. The pinata was pink of course with gold hearts drawn on.

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We then played walking like a princess with a game of walking with a book balanced on your head. See who could go the furthest. I bought a book for each child about a princess, and wrapped it in pink paper with ribbons so each girls prize was the book itself.

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We played pass the teapot, where a pink plastic tea pot was filled with sweets, and passed around the circle.  When the music stops whoever is holding the teapot is out and choses a sweet out the teapot. Winner is whoever is left holding the teapot.

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1-"Tea Party Tag" - Which was musical chairs version. the music we played was glamour music used on runways for modeling, to go with the kids being dressed up.

2-"Pretty in Pink Pinata" -  Which was a pink lipstick pinata that was made for the party.

3-"Elegant Egg Toss"  - Hard boiled eggs dyed pretty colors. one child tosses the other catches with her hat, switch.

4- "Pin the Earring on Miss Erin" -  Which was a blown up size picture of our daughter on the wall and i had little plastic dress up earings with double sided tape for the kids to pin up. use the blindfold and spin and let 'em loose! funny to see where they end up! 

5-"Pass the Present" -  I had prior to the party wrapped up candy and small toys in the tube of toilet paper holder.   Put in prize and wrap it with 3 different colors of tissue paper and tie the ends with lots of ribbon and curl the ends of the ribbon.

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I let them have some free time while I set the next game out which was musical teapots, similar to musical chairs.  I had different color teapot on the paving outside, while the music played the children danced on the grass, and when the music stopped they had to jump on a teapot till one teapot was left and one winner.

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Then we played stick your tea cup on the saucer. I cut a tea pot out of victorian type paper. Then I drew and cut out 2 tea cups and 3 saucers and pasted all these items on hard foam board.  The saucer with no tea cup was where the girls had to place their cut out tea cups, which each had a saying which read its time for tea .. then the childs name. Who ever got their tea cup closest won a simple prize like a ring or bracelet.

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Next we played tea bag toss. I had the tea pot from disney .. the big plastic one that the princess plastic tea sets come in. I purchased small white scachet bags (resembled tea bags) and filled them with red beans (resembled tea). I tied and knoted them tight and then the girls used them to try to toss into the pot.  Each girl was given three bags. The best of three was their score.

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We then enjoyed a game of sugar cube relay race.  Sugar cubes were placed on spoons two teams were formed and the first team to load up their sugar bowls which was across the room on a table and cover it wins!

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The GAMES were Hot Teapot (Hot Potato) we used a cloth teapot toy, but any tea item that won't break if dropped will work. 

The second game was Pin the Butterfly on the flower.  This game was very cute.  I cut a vase and some flowers out of colored construction paper and mounted them on white posterboard.  I ordered the feather butterflies from OT and cut the wire stem off.  I stuck a Glue Dot on the back of each before each girl's turn. This game was great because it wasn't totally obvious if the kid really missed the mark.  Just looked like floating butterflies! 

For PRIZES I cut little cellophane bags (Michael's) down to size, filled them with Skittles Smoothie Mix (pretty pastel colors), tied them with an iredescent pink bow and affixed a little pink tag with CANDY written in cute letters. 

The prize for the second game was my favorite.  I'd found orange, pink and yellow flower-shaped bath flakes on clearance at Mervyns.  I folded strips of see-thru vellum like actual tea bags and filled them with the flakes, folded and stapled them and tied on a little tag with three tiny flowers punched out of cardstock in matching colors.  On one side of the tag I wrote "Bath Confetti" and on the other I wrote the directions.

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I purchased individual sunflowers and the bottom of one flower I painted the stem white and the guest that picked that flower won a prize - nice easy & fast game.

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Hot Tea (played like hot potato except with a tea cup)  I bought a huge ceramic tea cup with pink flowers and we made a tape of all of my daugter's favorite music.  The girls sat in a circle and passed the tea cup around.  When the music stopped, whoever was holding the cup, was out.  The one girl left got to keep the cup. (cost of large ceramic cup $1)


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