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I didn't have a lot of time to plan, so while I would normally stamp the cards myself, the invitations were store bought (10/$1 at the Dollar Store).  They were a single 4 x 6 page, pink with a pink plaid border, spaces for the party details and a piece of two sided foam to attach a little piece of wedding art, presumably after running it through a printer. 

I replaced the wedding picture with a stamped picture of a teapot and wasn't able to get them to feed through my printer so wrote them out by hand.  I invited 8 mothers and their girls and included notes that fancy dress was optional but requested that moms bring a hat (the girls would decorate one at the party) and to bring a favorite teacup and a story about it to share. 

I also noted that a light lunch would be served for both girls and moms. The party was held on a Saturday morning from 10 am to 12 noon.

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The invitations had a clip art tiara at the top and then read:   Hear ye, hear ye!   All Princesses of the land are invited to a special tea party in honor of Princess Callahan's 4th birthday.   Then there was a clip art picture of a tea cup and saucer.  

Next came:   Please come join Princess Callahan for tea!   We'll have sugar & spice and everything nice,   There will be food galore & apple tea with ice.  A good time will await for those special princesses on this special date. (Sunday, December 8th)   Two in the afternoon is the time, so please be here,  We'll have lots to do and plenty of birthday cheer!   1508 Elm Street in the Castle (Playhouse).  

Then at the bottom of the page there was a clip art picture of a castle.   All of the wording was centered and printed in Anglican font.   After printing out the invitations, we rolled them up like a scroll and tied them with pink curling ribbons.   We could do this since we hand delivered the invitations.

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Invitations I printed up on the computer, into double sided cards. On the front was a fairy and a scroll, with the scroll reading Hear Ye ! Hear Ye ! All the princesses of the land, Princess <insert childs name> you are invited to a royal tea party to celebrate Princess <birthday girls name> 5th birthyear ! The girls really enjoyed seeing their names in print being called a princess !

Inside the card was a castle on the right hand side. The banner across the top said "The <insert last name> Kingdom, and the center of the castle was all the details of the day: Castle Bolton, Date, followed by adress, then carriages to arrive by <time> and return at <time>. Then read please be enchanting and wear your best princess dress. All around the card were hearts, with text inside that told of some of the things to look forward to,games, food etc.

On the left inside panel there was princess and a teapot and inside the teapot it said that Kings and Queens were welcome to stay for cahmapgne or tea, and watch their little princess play. there were more hearts etc around with teasers. Along the bottom of the card there were dancing teapots and cups and saucers which looked really cute !

On the back there was a castle banner that read Thankyou, RSVP, parents names, and phone numbers. I cut the cards out using fancy scissors and inside each card place some  metallic heart confetti and a few fake jewels. Envelopes were hand made ( I couldn't get a store one the right size) and I drew gold hearts all over and wrote Princess <name> on the front of each. The back was sealed with a princess sticker.

Along with the invitation I printed off the disney site a cinderall coloring sheet, and wrote on the bottom, please bring to the party to win a prize ! (of course every girl was to receive an award best colouring, most colours, funniest etc) The coloring page was rolled up and tied with pretty ribbon. Everyone commented on how nice the invites were !

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A Glamorous and Dazzling Dress-up Gala ! Do join us for a Faab-ulous, Red Runway fashion show!

Arrive in Style at : the home of our Star Arielle! 123 Rodeo Drive, Hollywood  Fashion Designer on location  with all of the latest styles on hand!  Dress up, makeup, manicures . . . simply maa-velous !  

No paparazzi Please!   Reservations ~ 555-1234 See you at the event of the year!  Along with the invitation you could include a ticket for admission to this special event.

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For her invite I decide to do it rather fancy, I used cream cardboard and typed using script writing,  Miss, and the name of each child, You are cordially invited to Miss Jessica's Tea Party in celebrating her eighth birthday. Come and join her for scones and tea and lots of other tasty treats.

Dress up in pretty skirts and hats, even if you have to borrow your mom's high heels. There will be lots of fun things to do On the back of the invite, which is an A4, I printed a picture of two girls dress up drinking tea.  

I folded the invite and sealed it with red candle wax, I tied pink ribbon around and put a tag that said Dress up tea party with a picture of play shoes and a hat on the back of the tag I wrote the child's name.

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For the invites I dressed Claire up in tea clothes (floppy hat, gloves, fancy dress) and set her up at a "tea table" outside and took photos of her serving tea.  I cut the photos to fit on the right side of a 5X7 piece of cardstock. 

I printed up the info on plain see-thru vellum on the left side and cut it to fit over entire piece of cardstock.  I cut a rectangle of vellum out over the photo leaving a 1/4" border around the pic.  At the bottom I wrote "Please feel free to wear a very special dress.  Additional tea finery will be provided."

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The invitation read: Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Please come join Cassidy for tea! We'll have sugar and spice and everything nice, there will be food galore & pink lemonade with ice. 

A pretty dress will await for that special girl on this special date. (the date next) Six is the time, so please be here, we'll have a good time & a birthday cheer!  After this I put the address and the RSVP phone number.

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I purchased a sunflower stamp stencil and yellow, brown & green stencil paints at Wal-Mart and my daughter (with my help) stamped a sunflower on the front of a blank computer card stock.

After the paint had dried I used the computer to finish the invitations.

The invitations read: (On the cover) "A Sunny Party Awaits You….. (On the inside) You are cordially invited to join Amanda as she turns 8 years old for a tea party.

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I found some very pretty ceramic tea pots at the dollar store.  I printed this poem on some nice paper, cut it out and  attached it to the handles of the tea pots: "I'm having a tea party, it's just for fun!  So, Dahling, if you can make it ... I would love for you to come. 

Just throw on a frilly dress and gobs of jewelry galore-- We'll have snacks, play games and there's so much more!  I'd like to know you better, and for you to know me...So, have your Mom call my Mom and we'll do tea!" The party info was on the back of these cards. 

I then wrapped the  tea pots in layers of pink tulle, white tissue and a pretty printed cellophane paper.  I tied it with a pink organza ribbon.  All the little girls LOVED their tea pots!

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Bright pink 5"x7" stock paper with a 4"x6" picture of the birthday girl serving tea to her teddy bears glued to the stock paper.  5"x7" vellum paper on top with the essential information written in pink ink, inviting the girls to Afternoon Tea at Hanna's Garden Cafe. 

I lined up the vellum and the stock paper and hole punched together, stringing a bright pink ribbon through and tied a bow on top.

The invitations looked professionally done.  When parents called to RSVP, I suggested that the girls dress up in party dresses.


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