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The girls had fishy crackers in their glass cups and we served them tiny PB&J and ham & cheese sandwiches cut out with mini cookie cutters.  I made fruit kabobs by breaking a wooden skewer in half and putting on a grape, a piece of pineapple, a half of a strawberry and a fancy spring marshmallow.  I was going to try and find some real tea that the girls might like but ended up just going with pink lemonade.  They used the plastic teacups that I handed them while we were practicing. 

The moms were served open-faced ham and egg salad sandwiches.  The egg salad sandwiches were cut out with a butterfly cookie cutter and the ham salad sandwiches were hearts, so the yellow and pink looked nice on a glass platter.  The moms had the same fruit kabobs but with another grape instead of the marshmallow.  I had cut brownies into 1 squares and made petit fours out of pound cake cubes drizzled with icing and decorated with icing flowers (thanks, again, to this website for that idea!) and had these on the 3-tiered dessert tray. 

The top tier had a tiny teapot and teacup and I had pink flowers in amongst the brownies and cakes too.  The moms had real tea out of my good china cups!  The girls had homemade cupcakes for dessert and I put a tall skinny candle in all of them and after singing Happy Birthday, they all blew out the candles. 

  Before everyone left, we took a group picture of the girls, and then a group picture with all the moms too.  The timing turned out good  I was only over about 15 minutes while the girls finished their cupcakes and we took pictures.

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Food and cake-Serve finger sandwiches: watercress, cucumber, or cream cheese. These should be petite and delicate.  Serve tea of course, herbal and Earl Gray, with milk, cream, lemon, and cubed sugar to make them feel like ladies. Also have cocoa. Teach the girls proper tea-serving etiquette. Also have a selection of pastries. The cake should be as dressed-up as possible: sugar roses, frills, icing swirls, the works. Make it in pastel colors and place it on a cake stand surrounded by flowers.

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For 'tea' we served apple juice in the silver tea pitcher (My daughter and her friend kept busy refilling the cups as they were only good for a sip!), mini Ritz crackers with peanut butter, mini Ritz crackers with cheese, slices of ham and cheese rolled up and sliced into 1" rolls with a frilly toothpick stuck in each roll, and mini chocolate chip cookies.   These were all served from small crystal serving dishes I had picked up at garage sales.

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The food was all white red and pink. Mostly various pretty biscuits, jam tarts, and sweets. I tried not to over do it so the girls had room for cake. In tea pots we had chocolate and strawberry milk, which the girls drank out of their china tea cups.

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I had two smaller tables against the wall, one which had a tray of pink and white cupcakes, biscuits, butterfly marshmallows, round rice krispie treats and animal meringues. I had a teapot of tea and a jug of peach ice tea.  I also had a jug of fruit juice just in case any child did not want to have tea.

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For the girls, I made flower shaped p&j sandwhiches. I also made mini heart, round, and diamond shaped, ham and cheese and turkey and cheese finger sandwhiches.  I made mini fruit kabobs using those fancy plastic sandwich sticks.  I used the juice from marachino cherries and mixed it in cream cheese.

I then made mini flower shaped sandwhiches with this.  Then I dipped the actual cherries in chocolate and served them on the dessert tray. This tray also consisted of mini cakes that I made.  I used pound cake (brown part cut off) and cut it in rectangles then I drizzled pastel colored royal icing over them and used those pretty edible flowers to decorate them.  They were my petite fours! 

I also put the mini sugar flowers on top of some of the sugar cubes which the girls used to put in their tea cups. Drinks were assortments of tea (peach ice tea, an apple pear mango flavored juice and bubble tea which I got in disney). 

The sandwiches and choice of teas were served by daddy and two brothers who were the butlers!   Adults were served sandwhich wraps, fruit salad, veggies and dip, assorted chocolates and of course flavored teas.

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The FOOD was just my daughter's favorites, cucumber sandwiches without crusts, PBJ cut with flower cookie cutters and deviled ham.  I made miniature scones served with clotted cream and strawberry jam, mini blueberry muffins, and rasberry tarts (cut pre-rolled pie into circles and pressed into mini muffin pans.  Filling was rasberry jello mixed with Cool Whip and topped with a rasberry). 

A tip:  Just put food on the plates and let the kids sample.  I gave them choices and they just wanted the PBJ.  It took some coaxing to get them to try the other stuff (they liked most of it once they'd tasted it).  Same thing with the tea. 

We had a pot of peach tea and a pot of apple juice.  I wish I had just poured them all tea so they could have had the experience of taking cream and sugar, THEN given juice to those who wanted it.  Instead I gave the choice first and only my daughter wanted the tea.  I wore a frilly white apron and gave a very short run-down on the history of the tea party and tea party manners.

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MENU: My son and his friend, age 6, were the official servers of the tea party. They wore white collared shirts and kaki pants. They did such a nice job taking care of the ladies. They started off serving, pigs in the blanket, veggies with dip, heart shaped finger sandwiches, heart shaped cheese and crackers.  The pigs in a blanket were the favorite menu choice. The drinks that were offered were raspberry tea, pink lemonade and water. They loved drinking out of the tiny tea cups.

After they finished eating and drinking, we then cleared the table and passed out cupcakes that looked like real cups of tea. We then sang happy birthday and blew out the candles on the tea kettle cake. Each child ate their own tea cup cupcake. We then washed up and played games for the rest of the party.

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The menu started off with "soup" as all fancy dinners do... but we substituted a really yummy jello smoothie and cool whip concoction with sliced strawberries to look like hearts.  (This was sooo easy... I purchased the little pre-made jello strawberry & banana flavored smoothies in the refrigerated jello section and topped with cool whip.) 

The "salad" was potato chips and the main course was tiny sandwiches cut into shapes (we kept it simple for this 4 year old crowd... PB&J, baloney and butter -yes, just butter- sandwiches).  For dessert, we offered mini scones (from the grocery store) and pink sugar wafer cookies. 

While all this was going on, the mommies were enjoying quiche, fresh fruit and a cheese tray in the kitchen.  It was so much fun that I had a ton of help from the mommies, because everyone wanted to serve the tea (pink lemonade) to the little girls from the fancy china tea pot… remember, those little bells were a ringing!!

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Since the party started at 2:00, I didn't plan a big menu.  I made sandwiches (ham salad, egg salad, chicken salad, PBJ), brownies, and mini muffins.  I also bought different kinds of cookies and cheesecake, which I cut into bite sized pieces, chocolate dipped strawberries, and fruit salad.   Of course we had tea (iced), lemonade, and punch.  I made a teapot cake and tea cup cupcakes.  I also make a sheet cake and put a  tiara and some candy jewelry and make up on it.


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