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Medieval Times -4yr- Limo and Pizza



Sept. 2000


Linda in Diamond Bar, CA, USA

Honorable Mention

Theme Restaurant Party

My 4th grade daughter had $245 cash from Christmas gifts.  Her birthday was in January and I wasn't fit to organize a birthday party for her due to a very complicated pregnancy.  For $135 for 3 hours, a white, late model stretch limo picked her up at home. 

She began to pick up 1 best friend from the girl scouts, 1 best picked classmate, 1 all-time best friend, her only cousin one at a time from their houses.  They drove around while watching a movie and drinking Martinelli sparkling cider in wine glasses.  Ordered pizza from the limo and picked up at Pizza Hut. 

Opened gifts, picture taking, then, the limo dropped me and my husband at home to pick up our car.  We followed the limo by car on a 25 minute trip to Medieval Times (the final drop off).  The kids were on their own in the limo and they were allowed to play, goof, whatever they want to do without parent supervision. 

Tournament and show with dinner at Medieval Times.  $245 covered everything including Limo excluding my husband's and my dinner.

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