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Little Sweetheart -2yr- Picture Placemats



June 2000


Ellen G. in Temecula, California, USA


Theme Restaurant Party

Little Sweetheart Birthday Party: (Perfect for first or second birthday) My daughter just turned two in May, and since she is "my little sweetheart," that became the theme for her second birthday. 

After Valentines Day, I bought decorations and conversation heart candy (a lot of it) on sale and put it away for the party.  I also bought some pretty tablecloths, some pink, some pink with hearts.  I was able to coordinate blowers and hats that also had hearts on them. 

The party was in a restaurant and I replace the restaurant's tacky plaid tablecloths with my own.  Then I sprinkled assorted size conversation heart candy on all the tables for edible confetti.  I also put individual boxes of conversation hearts, personalized with each person's names, on the tables used as placecard. 

My husband made beautiful placemats with our daughter's picture and some cute graphics, which made her look like an Angel flying in the air!  Although the party was in May, Costco let us order the Valentine's Day Cake -- the best buy ever $12.99 for a half sheet cake. 

The goody bags were also a Valentine's design filled with journals, gell pens and Valentine's tootsie rolls with messages on the wrappers.  In addition to the decor and party favors, I also had activities, which fit the theme. 

The girls strung heart and bead necklaces in pretty colors, and the boys strung soccer and baseball beads on cord necklaces.  The guests also stamped Valentine Messages for our daughter on white glossy hearts using my rubber stampers, which we will save and put in our daughter's scrapbook.

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