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Restaurant Party - Indiana Restaurant & Bedroom Remodel



October 2005


Yazmin in England


Theme Restaurant Party

Well my Birthday is in January just after Christmas so i just couldn't think of anything for my Mum and Dad to get me! One day I was out shopping when i came across this beutiful shop, full of all Indian fabrics ect. I fell in love and decided to have my room redecorated Indian style.

My walls were deep purple and my bed was covered in georgous fabrics and cushions. Now I had the difficulty of deciding a party I was in my newly decorated room when I thought of having an Indian style party to go with my room. I told my mum and got right on it. I made the invitations on the PC and had borders that were like grapevines and the writing was curly and and peacock blue and deep purple to match my room.

My actuall birthday intinary was this: I ivnited all my close friends (which was five)and they all came around before so that we could all get ready together. We had face masks and washed straightened or curled our hair had manicures and we all got into our outfits (which we had all gone out shopping to get before the party). Everyone coming around before was really good fun and I would deffinatly recommend it!!!  

So we were now all ready and my close family had also come with us. We went to the nearest Indian Restraunt and all enjoyed a lovely spicy Indian meal Me and my friends all ordered REALLY spicy meal for a laugh(We also got a giant drink to go with it!!!) .Later on what I didn't now was that my friends had asked the waiters to sing 'Happy Birthday' to me.

They got me to stand on a chair and the whole restraunt sang Happy Birthday, I was so embarresed but now I look back it was quiet funny. Later on my family went home and us girls decided to get get changed into our new Pj's (which we had bought with our outfits). We bought up all the drinks and snacks and when I stepped into my room my Mum had hung up a Happy Bithday sign with ballons everywhere!! We stayed up long into the night playing dares and giving prank calls (even though you shouldn't!)

The next morning we all had crousents and juice and watched Saturday morning TV. The party bags had a pack of bangles and lot's of sweets and of course birthday cake wrapped in deep purple serviets. All in all I had a BRILLIANT birthday and all my friends and family really enjoyed it. Oh and if your wondering about the priceit only came to about (Maximum)£70.

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