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Planet Hollywood -14yr- A Star?



January 2005


Ashley in Petal, MS

Honorable Mention

Theme Restaurant Party

MY daughters 14th birthday party was a "PLANET HOLLYWOOD" birthday bash. The invites were done on Metallic stars that were cut up poster board and spray painted silver and gold.  The title, Planet Hollywood invites a new star to the Walk of Fame. The party information was hand written on the back side of the Star and the invites were hand delivered by my 3 yr old son dressed in a suit.  WE could have mailed them but all her friends played with her little brother and they thought it cute that for once he was in a suit not a batman costume.

The decorations for the multipurpose room were easily created and my daughter had a big hand in the pictures to be used for the huge card board boxes that were painted black to display the artifacts of the STAR.

I had collected many photos over the years of my daughters close friends so I took the opportunity to color copy them and use them on the display boxes. I encased her first shoes in an arcylic container and labled it Cassidy's first shoes and the date. I used things of hers that she had shown interest in over the years, like music,(her first sheet music with a picture of her plyaing at a recital when she was 7), a leotard for the dance years, her softballglove, her first x-ray, her first collection of acorns in a jar.  Each item was accompanied with a photo and labled. Pictures of her friends also accompanied the dates of these happenings and those especially got lots of giggles.

I set up a table for the centerpiece, which was a blue spraypainted ball and I added a cardboard ring around it to make it look like the Planet Hollwood logo. Glow in the dark planets and stars were used to dress the tables over blue plastic table cloths. I got napkins printed up for the special event, CASSIDY"S BIRTHDAY on yellow and blue napkins. I had huge bowls of candy, gum, chips and a batch of her favorite m & m cookies that her grandmother makes instead of a cake all of which were the STARS favorites.

I used one of the display coolers from a little store in our neighborhood that advertised a soda product and filled it to the brim with can drinks along with a photo of the STAR drinking that beverage. It was like a product endorsements table. I put a plastic table cloth on the walland labled it "AUTOGRAPHS" and the kids used a sharpie to sign their autographs as a keepsake for my daughter.  

For entertainment, I hired a local DJ to play music and hype up the kids to dance. The only regret I have on the party was handing out disposable cameras to the kids to let them snap photos.  When I had them developed, several had to be thrown away due to the immaturity of some of the guests. I should have gotten a parent to walk around and snap candids of the kids. I was surprised at how many parents came in just to see the displays and it was fun seeing the kids faces light up when they saw a picture of themselves on display. 

As a party favor, we took a polaroid of the each guest with the Star and let her autograph it. I had typed up a keepsake program too to hand out that explained the folktale(ok, bold face lie) about how she got her name from the outlaw Butch Cassidy and made copies.I had her write out how much her friends meant to her and enclosed that into the program.  The sad part was taking it all down and putting all those things back in storage.  From then on, she's been called Hollywood at school.

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