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To Infinity And Beyond Party - Lightyear Snowglobe



January 2011


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Toy Story Party

We wanted to celebrate our son's birthday that was not only fun for him but also fun for everyone else! The theme was all Toy Story.  

INVITATION: I created Toy Story invitations that were super cool and had his picture on them. I made my own, but you can purchase custom cards through Etsy.  

COSTUME: Each family member was dressed up. I was Jesse, my husband was Buzz Lightyear, Rhys was Woody and Olivia was BoPeep. I bought all of our costumes online. 

DECORATIONS: We had lots of balloons blown up and hanging throughout the house. We made a fun balloon arch for the birthday boy's chair. Signs were posted throughout the house in Andy's handwriting to guide people where to go.  

ACTIVITIES: As each guest arrived they got to pick out a colored cowboy hat, sheriff badge, and handmade Toy Story bandana scarf. I had different craft stations set up for them to go through. The first one was to make a Mr. or Mrs. Potato Head goody bag. This was done by using a brown paper bag and cutouts of all the pieces I had done the night before. Kids got to pick and choose what pieces to use and create their very own character. 

The next craft station was to make a Buzz Lightyear Snowglobe Rocket! I used water bottles filled with water and several drops of glycerin. The kids were able to sprinkle confetti inside the water and then decorate the outside with rocket cutouts. I found this idea on the disney website. So when they shook it, it was like a snowglobe. 

The next craft station was to make Woody Picture frames. I premade the picture frames with popsicle sticks the night before and glued a piece of cardstock on the back and left a slit at the top. The kids used all sorts of crafts to decorate their picture frame.  After they were done with all the crafts we did a Green Army Men hunt.

There were army men hidden all over the place and the kids went out to search for them. Prizes were given out.  The living room was set up as ANDY's Room. The room was filled with Discovery Toys for the kids to play with. There was also a jump house in the back.  

PARTY SNACKS:  Slink Hot Dogs, cutout slinks head and tail and attached them to tooth picks and stuck them in the hot dogs. Pizza Planet Pizza Buzz Burgers Green Alien Punch  I made Green Alien Cupcakes for the kids and a Toy Story Cake for the birthday boy to smash into.

The cake was white with blue clouds all over. On the top it said Happy Birthday Rhys. I bought small Toy Story characters and put them on the cake.  Before the birthday song and cake we had a very special visit from Buzz Lightyear (My husband). He sat down with each of the kids and took a picture. I printed them off right away and had them ready to go in the picture frames the kids made. 

FAVORS: As the kids were leaving I gave them their Mr./Mrs. Potato Goody bag they made. Inside they had their rockets, picture frame and toy story snacks. So it was really fun for the kids to make all of their goody bag stuff!  It was definitely a Great Party!

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