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Buzz Lightyear Party -3yr- Slinky Dogs



July 2010


Rachel in Sacramento, CA USA

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Toy Story Party

Our son has always loved Toy Story, and with Toy Story 3 being released, it made shopping that much easier.  Since I usually avoid the store-bought" look I used off-the-shelf items and altered them to create a custom-made party for our 3 year old Corey. 

INVITATIONS: I purchased Buzz & Woody birthday blowers and removed the blower so that I could use the cardstock graphic as the image on the invitations.  The invitations were printed on lime green card stock (half sheets) and read: "Calling All Space Rangers!  Come celebrate Corey's 3rd Birthday  Saturday July 10th  1600 hours  (our street name) Sector RSVP to Star Command Be Prepared for Water Battle!" 

I attached the Buzz & Woody graphic (removed from the birthday blowers)with puffy scrapbook adhesive dots for a dimensional look.  On the outside of the envelopes we added a Toy Story sticker to each purchased from WalMart. 

DECORATIONS:  Since Buzz is our son's favorite I used color cues from Buzz Lightyear.  Lime green and royal blue was our main color theme found throughout the house and backyard in helium balloon groupings as well as crepe paper streamers.  I purchased 4 plastic Toy Story birthday banners from Wal-Mart to hang from our patio cover and EZ-Up tent as I knew our misters would be running to keep guests cool and decorations in those areas would need to withstand water. 

The plastic party banners were dressed up with loads of cascading curling ribbon in lime green & royal blue.  I borrowed a butcher paper banner from my neighbor on which she had painted the Pizza Planet logo and then laminated; we hung this 4ftx8ft banner outside in the yard. 

I gathered our many Toy Story themed toys & books and staged them throughout the party area even the guest bathroom.  The front door was decorated with a Mylar balloon (Toy Story 2 themed purchased months earlier at a closing party store) and lime & blue latex balloons as well as a homemade Buzz & Woody sign that read "Come In and Play!" 

All of the outside tables had a Toy Story fabric square on the center topped with a small $1 Toy Story bucket filled with sand.  Into the sand I poked tall straws with additional Buzz & Woody cut-outs from the birthday blowers (also used on invitations). 

PARTY SNACKS: I set up a huge spread on our kitchen peninsula with a big sign made from the computer titled "Buzz's Birthday Buffet."  Each food dish had a little Toy Story character-themed sign (made on business card stock embellished with stickers and cut-outs). 

We served Slinky Dogs (hot dogs for the kids) Hamm's Pulled Pork Rex's Ramen Salad (a ramen noodle coleslaw) Alien's Avocado Salad (green salad with avocado) Mr. Potato Head's Kettle Chips and Woody's Watermelon. 

CAKE:  For dessert we ordered an ice cream cake to which I added small 3" Buzz & Woody action figures.  For adults I also served Pizza Planet Squares (fruit pizza on sugar cookie dough).  I purchased Toy Story themed napkins (for both dinner and dessert) and stuck to budget-friendly solid colored plates and cups in lime green and royal blue.

Ahead of time I wrapped plastic utensils in the napkins tied with lime & blue curling ribbon to which I attached a paper Buzz Lightyear hanging tag (made from an online image and cut in circle by a scrapbooking circle punch). 

ACTIVITIES: I planned open-ended activities as it would be more age-appropriate for preschoolers.  We purchased a Buzz Lightyear slip-and-slide had our little kiddie pool set-up a tub of Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head toys a tub a of army men waterguns sidewalk chalk cowboy hats & stick ponies and Toy Story tattoos.  The kids splashed played and created for hours! 

Overall this was an incredibly low-cost party as I used toys that we already had and purchased inexpensive items (birthday blowers stickers party banners ribbon etc.) that I could make into my own decorations.  The other moms commented on all the little details and the kids had a blast!!  A crowd-pleasing party!!"

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